Thursday, 19 January 2012

Letters from him (1)

Walking down the halls of Heaven’s Gate High had always made me feel powerful and prevailing. Watchful eyes pleasure me as they look down upon the bitter ground I rule. Breathing the air that was once shared by others had now come to mine only. 
 Nobody dared to speak back, nobody dared to fight for what was once there’s. I’m proud what I have achieved, and I’m keeping things just as they were meant to be before I came and control the grounds of the Heaven’s.
Makeup and fashionable clothing is a must to me. Without it, I’m unnoticeable and ordinary. I can’t let that happen, not when I have everything out the way I want them to be. But, it’s him that I got to get rid of; then my presence will be fully alert by others.  The ‘him’ is the sophomore that has been on my nerve every since he moved here. Good looking and smart. What is it people see in him? He is just another distraction to my teenager life-
“Jena cut it out! We’re going be late for social studies” Mackenzie tapped my shoulder as I lay my head upon my locker.
Okay, maybe what I said earlier was quite bizarre. Let me introduce myself, the name is Naomi Jena Green and I'm going on 16 within 4 months. The truth is, I’m not ‘powerful’.
I’m just an ordinary teenager who lived at the other side of the street with a father who worked as a real estate agent. He got the job after 3 weeks of Hanna Green funeral, my mom. So I live with dad in a neighborhood near the shores of North Carolina. Dad misses mom, but he kept himself busy so there won't be an interruption going on with his emotion.
People do look down, in a way that they don’t realize my presence.
Nobody dared to speak back, nobody dared to fight for what was once there’s was really because I am pretty much invisible. I’m not proud with myself but I like the unnoticeable me. But at times I feel, lonely, very lonely.
Everything that I just describe about the-person-that-I'll-never-be was Kailey Sanders, the hottest yet meanest girl in Heaven's Gate High. Sadly, she shares about four classes as me.
The fact that every boy go goo-goo over her makes me sick. But, honestly, she hadn't done any harm to me. Maybe it was because she has many more important stuff to do like being the head of cheerleaders, applying makeup, flirting while twirling her blond hair.  Damn, I just wish I could be that cute and beautiful like her.

Technically, you could say that I am, well..urmm...a Loser. Yup, with a capital L.

and one more thing, do you remember 'him'? The handsome looking and smart guy? The distraction?
The ‘him’  is Darren Knight, the distraction; and ultimate crush.

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