Friday, 20 January 2012

Letters From Him (2)

“Alright, gee, can’t a girl fantasized for a while?” I asked her with my hands gripping on my waist. Zie stared at me in disbelief. She pulled my hand and stomped to Mrs. Holland’s class.
“Come on, get in. We’re late. You get in first.” 
“Fine, since I’m the one that made us late” I said sarcastically, waving my hands in the air. Zie rolled her turquoise eyes.
As I stepped in the class, Mrs. Holland wasn’t there. It was a relief.  Not one student was doing their work. It was loud in there, like it was some kind of midnight disco. “Phew, see, weren’t late at all” I raised my eyebrows and gave her a smirk. Zie breathe in deeply “Whatever, we still have to finish our assignment.”
“Urgh, assignment. Who on earth created homework?"
  Then a voice quite unusual to me spoke; “Well, it has been going on for centuries and no one seems to ban them from schools”
“Ahh, I see” I turned around, and there was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. It was Darren Knight. “Hi” I replied, shyly.  I never felt this shy in my life, but, he is not just somebody. He’s like one of the popular kids at school and he just moved here a month ago. Since then, I got an ultimate crush on him, besides Johnny Depp and Logan Lerman.
“Hi” he replied back and ran his hands through his dark curls. His brown eyes stared at me for a while, which made me blush, and finally said, “Um, I’ve seen you around here before, but I never had the chance to say ‘Hi’ to you”. Oh my god, my heart pounded. Butterflies flew around inside me. He noticed me?
I snapped out from the excitement once I realize he was waiting for an answer. “Oh um... really? Well, I’ve been busy” busy hiding I guess “and helping my dad with stuff at home” more like looking at my reflection at home, “but I guess, you finally said ‘Hi’ to me”

“Yeah, I guess I did” he gave out a small laugh. Man, it was so cute. The way he laughed by covering his mouth. I blushed once again. “So, do you have a name?” he asked me with no rush. “Naomi Jena Green, Zie calls me Jena”
“Zie? Who’s that?” I pointed at the beautiful blond who was doing her assignment. “Oh, Mackenzie! She’s my cousin; she’s more into books than introducing me to you”
My eyes widen. Mackenzie Knight is Darren Knight cousin?! Why didn’t she tell me that?
Oh, no wonder she didn’t go all crazy for him. She has family connection to him, but I don’t get why she didn’t tell me.
Darren spoke “Well, I guess she didn’t want to” “Yeah, maybe” feeling quite disappointed.  “The name is Darren Knight” he gave out his hand and shook that tender hand.  “I know, you’re like popular” “Well, I don’t consider myself popular” he said, scratching his forehead. “Recess together? If Zie doesn’t mind” I look over at Zie. “I don’t know”

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