Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Letters From Him (4)

Biology class ended at 11.30 a.m. which meant lunch was next. I felt so excited because it was the first time I have ever been talked to someone who is really cool and popular. I’m very flattered that there is someone who really notices me.
As I stepped out from class, Zie wasn’t waiting for me at our usual meeting spot. I looked around and there was no blond girl with a pink ribbon on her pony tail. I sigh, expecting her to be in the library, (a place where she loves to go... weird), and then across the hall there she was – with somebody familiar from social studies class.
Zie was all blushed and smiling with Harold. All I could see was him moving his hands all over the place. A part of me felt disgusted, because of the way he looked at me when I walked to Zie to sit down, while the other part of me felt happy; not for Harold, of course, but for my best friend who never been seen with a dude.
They headed to the cafeteria and then I realized that Darren must have been waiting for a while. I looked at my Casio and it was already 11.40. I shrieked and ran to the cafeteria. As I head into the cafeteria with no hesitation, there was a pull from my arm.
I prayed, hoping it wasn’t the school prefect, but instead it was that guy who had beautiful curls and gorgeous smile.
“So you entered the marathon? All sweaty and fast.” He let go of my arm and folded both of his arms, breathing deeply and eyebrows high.
That sense of humour made me blush bloody red.
“Um, no. Sorry for making you wait. I was... um... looking for Zie”
“Well Zie is over there with my best friend.” He pointed at a table near the soda vending machine. And there sat only two people; Zie and Harold.
“We’re gonna sit next to them. You don’t mind, don’t you? It was Harold suggestion”
I look over at Harold. That creep, I thought to myself.
“Yeah, that’s cool.”
“So, um.. let’s get lunch” he said in a funny tone. I laughed. I never thought he could have such sense of humour.
 As we lined up, people started staring. They started to whisper and continuously staring. I felt uneasy. Darren saw me shrugging.
“Hay, what’s up?” He took a blueberry muffin and I took one too.
“Nothing, it’s just people are staring. I never had people staring at me like that”, which was true, since nobody noticed me. And when I’m with Darren, I somehow became a headline of a story.
“Let them be. They are just jealous that I’m with a pretty girl like you” Pretty? I blushed again. Darren smiled. Why have we not talked since day one? This couldn’t be for real. It felt like every girls dream come true.
I moved my hair away from my eyes. “Um, thanks.”  I took the rest of the food I wanted to eat.
Darren offered to pay my school lunch.
I intended not to but he insisted. It was pretty much peach yogurt, a muffin, pasta and orange juice. While he had a fruit salad, a muffin, a sloppy Joe’s and orange juice.
We head to Zie’s table. Zie sat next to Harold, munching away her pizza while the creep threw his grapes in the air into his mouth. I sat in front of Harold and Darren in front of Zie.
Harold smiled at me, which shivered my whole body. Zie gave a broken smile to me too but not to Darren.
Darren sat down next to me and now there was all four of us at the table.
He finally asked a question to Zie. It suddenly startled her.

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