Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Letters From Him (5)

“What are you talking about?” Zie asked him. “I didn’t think it was necessary. Anyway, I was...busy, that’s all”
“Busy? You were busy? Right, you were busy at the library” I told her sarcastically but hurtful.
“You know that’s not the reason why I’m always in there. My dad has business to do, so I stay there till dad comes and pick me up” she said, almost as if she wanted to cry.
Darren spoke up, not wanting things to get ugly. “Well, it’s okay Mackenzie. Anyway, I finally get to speak with Jena, and hay, you finally spoke to Harold.”
Zie looked at Harold, and smiled at herself. “Well yeah, since you two started to talk, so did I and Harold”
“Zie, you don’t mind if I steal your friend away, don’t you?” Harold asked me as if it was supposed to be funny. “Whatever, do what you want” I munch on my muffin, not wanting to look at the creep’s face.  The school bell rang, as in for recess was over and I felt bummed. Things didn’t go as I plan it to be with Darren. Stupid Harold, I thought to myself. “So, nice to meet ya Jena. What about after school?” he shook my hand, which felt tender as always. I shrugged and looked over at Zie. “Um, I don’t know. Me and Zie always walk home together” Zie overheard but didn’t seem to care. She walked out with Harold; who gave Darren a bro hug  and smiled at me, urghh.
“Well, next time?”
“Yeah, why not” and we leaved the cafeteria.
The next day, I didn’t walk with Zie as usual. Her dad said she left with a guy who had short blond hair and blue eyes. Harold, it got to be him. I didn’t think that they would be close quickly. As I walk slowly and talking to myself, a guy in a blue tee and black jeans walked up to me. Darren tapped my shoulders and smiled.
“Hay, you live nearby?” he asked me while we head to Heaven’s Gate High. I kicked a pebble and answered him simply saying ‘yes’.
“Zie has been with Harold within a short period. Wow...”
Darren placed both hands in his pockets. “I know; Harold is like that. Quiet but out going with others.” “I see, are you friends with Kaitey Sanders? Because I’ve seen you with her quite often”
Darren suddenly placed his hands around my neck. “Well Jena, it’s only you and me now. So are we friends?” I smiled, giving out a pink glow. “Umm, I guess so”
“Cool” he simply said. Our journey to school had been nothing but chit chat and blushing. I never knew that my ultimate crush would be walking with me with his hands around me.
We finally reached the school grounds, but before Darren could talk to me any longer; Kaitey Sanders pulled his arm and gave me a snobbish look. Oh well, he’s popular anyway.
 “Catch ya later okay?” I nodded and then he was gone away with Kaitey.
  I opened my locker to take out my history books. Zie came up to me by surprised. “Here, take it” she hands me a letter that was in a purple vintage envelope sealed tightly. “Somebody mistakenly put this in my locker. I guess it was for you” I took it and read behind the envelope. It simply says
‘Naomi .J. Green’. I thanked her, but somehow she didn’t want the thank you, Zie tightened her lips and walked away.
 I slowly opened the envelope. It gave out a sweet mist and the paper was also in purple but lighter in colour. I looked around; making sure no one was looking. Unfolding it made me nervous.  Once it was fully unfolded, it said one of the most heart racing words.

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