Friday, 27 January 2012

Letters From Him (6)

Dear Sunshine,

Your face glow from afar, the only thing that keeps me distracted.
Waves of golden sea fall down till your chest.
Those green close set eyes with a hint of blue mesmerize me.
And those lips, luscious pink lips, dazzle me.

That is how I see you, something I don’t think people have notice that you’re...beautiful.
Love from,

I hold the letter, not wanting to think. I was speechless, the fact that somebody thinks I’m beautiful blew my mind away.  One paragraph about how I looked stunned me. Was I that beautiful to somebody? I look at the small mirror that was hung on my locker.
I’m really positive that there is no way the face I had on would make somebody fall for me.

I tremble, wanting to know who ‘Him’ could be. Clutching onto the paper, clueless to what I was supposed to do after reading something so ridiculous. I looked around me.
Everybody walked pass me; like usual, I’m invisible. Who is ‘Him’? I feel so desperate to find out whom. No, this could all be a joke.
 Maybe somebody is fooling around me. I sighed, folded the purple vanilla scented paper into my pockets and shut my locker.
Argh! Who is fooling around with me?, I thought to myself. I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs. My heart hasn’t stop pounding fast.
I rubbed my face with my hands. And once that was over, there was a person in front of me all of the sudden. I became startled and furious at the same time.

“What do you want?” I asked him, disgusted by the looks of his face.
“Um, nothing really.” He shrugged his shoulders with his hands in his pockets, then he took of his glasses and clipped them on his tee.
“I just wanted to know what class you have on first period, Jena.”He asked.
“History, why?” I replied sharply.
“Awesome, same here. Hey, why don’t we walk together to class?”
Was he out of his mind? The History class was like three doors away from my locker.

“Well?” He waited for an answer.
I wanted to say no right at his face, but somehow the twin of ‘no’ fluttered out from my mouth.
“Yes!” Arghh, damn it.
“Great! Lemme take my books out of my locker.” He said ever so merrily.
And guess what? Out of 753 lockers in this school, he had one of the most annoying locker position located anywhere in H.G. High.
 Yup, right in front of mine. Opposite from my locker. Directly five foot away from me.
Great. Now, his face won’t be missed in my presence.

The bell rang, which meant that school has started for the first period.
“Hey, the bell just rang. Better get going to Mr. Kennel class”
“Yup, let’s go” I replied feeling quite disappointed.
So, there I was, walking to class with Harold Bridge.

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