Sunday, 29 January 2012

Letters From Him (7)

“Hey dad, how was high school for you back then?” I asked my dad who was busy plating the plates on the long marble counter near the family television. We eat there most of the time. We have a round dinner table with six chairs, but barely use them because we are a family of three. My dad, little brother Jamie and I all have dinner together on that counter while watching TV. We don’t really have much to talk about, so our eyes are pretty much glued on the TV screen.

 Jamie was at his friend house, George Stewart, a fat chubby kid with brown hair and blue eyes; same height as Jamie, but somehow he looks extremely adorable. Around 8.30, George would come over for a sleepover at our house. Jamie, the skinny eight year old brat had been friends with George since pre-school. George was still chubby back then and so was Jamie; as thin as stick.

Dad stopped plating and scratched his forehead. “Well honey, back then I was in the football team; positioned as a quarter-back” He looked at me. “Why do you ask?”
“Just wanted to ask. Was mom in the cheerleader squat?” Dad eyes seemed to light out. He still hadn’t gotten over with mom who passed away two years ago. He sneered and coughed a little bit. “No she wasn’t. She was in the mathematic club. You could call her a nerd. She was so smart, but we barely knew each other back then.” He said, regaining back a smile and continued to plate everything. I smiled too since he looked as if he was happy.

“So, how did you guys meet?” I took out the beef in the oven and place them near the stove. The mash potatoes were almost done. I added a dash of salt and paper and turned down the heat and stirred the greens. Minutes later it was all done and the food was on the counter.
“So, how did you meet her?”
Dad sat down on the chair. “I was walking down the hall with some of my buddies. Your mom was walking all by herself holding three textbooks. She didn’t look up while walking." He took another deep breath and continued,
“One of my friend's, Sean, accidentally pushed her down, and she fell to the floor. Sean was a hot heat. The guy can’t control his temper. He got all mad and said stuff like ‘Look where you’re going next time’ and ‘You should apologize.’ At that moment, she shivered and reached out for her books.”
Taking a napkin and wiping his sweat that was all over his forehead.

“She looked terrified and I told him to back off since it was such a small thing to be fussy about. I knelt down and helped her. I hand them to her but she didn’t even show her face. She thanked me and walk off”
“Oh, and then what happen?” I asked him.
“I felt annoyed by that, so I ran over to her. Hold her shoulder and she spun around. And I was surprise once I saw how she looked like. It startled me. Her hair was long and golden brown. Her eyes were big and sky blue. The lashes were pretty two. The cheeks were rosy pink and lips were just stunning. She was beautiful.”
“I was speechless for a moment. She asked me what was wrong. I came to my senses and finally said something I won’t say to a girl on a first meeting.”
“And what was it dad?”
“Beautiful, you are so beautiful; I told her that but she kept quiet and ran off”
“Really? Was that what she did? She seemed so confidant and straight forward in everything, like that time when Mrs. Drew walked that scabby dog and it was like destroying all mom’s gardening. She got all mad and told quite horrible things. She didn’t regret it at all.”

“Yeah I know, but she wasn’t like that when it was in High School years.” Dad explained.
“Okay, carry on” The food was getting cold, but I wanted to hear more of dad’s story.
Dad sliced the beef and added the mash next to it along with the veggies.
He took a bite and continued, “I let her go. But I was desperate to talk to her, and I finally did. It was three days after the incident. I asked one of her friends to tell her to meet me under the historical tree of that school while recess. She eventually showed up, but I didn’t wait under there, I hid behind the gatekeepers hut.  I observed her, and she was like no other girl I had met.”
“Why?!” I felt kind of excited for a moment. Dad smiled, “She just simply took out a book and read it and then make notes. She had no intention to go searching for me and get all nervous like other girls. I turned up and walked behind her, tapping her shoulders, she turned around calmly.”

“Ah, yes, mom was a calm type of person too. Not rushing into things.”
“Yes, exactly. She didn’t go all gooey like other girls. She acted like I was already her friend. I said ‘hi’ and she’ll reply ‘hello’.  We talked till recess finished. She did all the talking. I realized that she was incredibly smart and beautiful. I couldn’t have enough of her voice. It soothed me somehow. Her laugh was just adorable. She was free spirited, but shy at the same time. She never complained about anything eventhough I knew she was facing quite a tough time. I even joined the mathematic club for her. I asked her out on a real date on prom night. Nobody wanted her except me. She was different from the others. She was being herself. She acted naturally. And the thing I loved about her, was that she didn't lie to herself. She believed that everything will come true and it all did. That made me fall in love with her. One of her dream was to travel around europe with the love of her life, and she did, with me.“
 My mouth drooled.
"Wow," I simply said.
"ha, eat your dinner before your brother comes back home with George. You don't want George to go and eat everything on your plate don't you?"
It was a pretty story about how dad met mom. My food was cold, but I eat it anyway. The doorbell rang, I expected it to be Jamie and George.
“I’ll take it dad”
“Thanks honey”
 I slowly walked to the door. I made myself look proper and turned the handle.I froze once I saw who was at the door. It wasn’t two odd kids, but one handsome 16 year old at the door. His eyes were filled with sorrow, he needed a friend. And I was that friend to him.
"Can we talk?"
"Yeah sure, come-"
"In private please"

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