Thursday, 16 February 2012

Better than Her -2

I wrapped the earrings in paper and placed them in my locker. I can't have something like that that is so precious to be exposed at Rainview Eagle High. That place is dangerous, many people don't used 70% of their brain and about 24 students out of 638 well grown teenagers used their brain power fully. It's kind of sad when you think about it. R.E.H has weekly assembly every Wednesday at nine sharp. I wasn't looking for it, the fact that we have to listen to dreading speeches and sit next to completely stranger. Sitting next to students that I barely knew isn't all that bad, as I don't have any friends of my own. I tried to go along with people but it was never successful as other students wanted to keep their distance far, very far away from a poor kid like me.

Pretty much, this school is packed with rich kids, from the ones who goes to school with different types of fancy cars every day to the ones who made their locker as their personalized closet. I didn't have all of those, nor did I ever taste what it was like to be rich for a day. I'm used to go hungry for several days because mum doesn't have the money to by us bread to eat or go to school wearing the same old thing as it was getting harder to find affordable cloths at the salary of my mother.
Students hurry to the hall, for somewhat people are going on and on about CJ. They would be like “did you know that they just found a stand of Carolina's hair” or “17 years already?” She is dead and she's still the highlight of the world?”. I too want to know all the latest gossip, but what was the point? It has already been eleven years and there was no sign of CJ's existence. I bet her body has already rot somewhere by the river.

Everybody gathered at the hall. Principle Glenn showed up on center stage to calm down the students. She looked rather smart in the light green blazer with a silky flowery scarf tied around her neck. The gold necklace really stand out and that smile just followed behind.
“Students of Rainview Eagle High, please calm down and sit down quietly. Today, we have a really special guest, and-” she smiled widely “- and everyone knows who is Carolina Jones is right?”
The hall suddenly was filled with curious whispers. I just sat there feeling quite exhausted about this whole Carolina thing. It sicken me. What sickened me the most was that the two guys behind me where cracking dumb jokes and laughing as though it was so damn funny.
Minutes later, a tough man in his early 50's came out behind the red curtains. He looked like some serial killer but also a softy at somewhat. He wore a black suit and tie. His balding on the top oh his head was rather clear from the view where I sat. He loosen up his tie and coughed to clear his throat. The he finally spoken up.
“Good morning students. I guess you are all wondering who I am. Your lovely principle invited me here to give you all a talk about something that you all would be eager to hear, not one person will want to miss this out.” He cleared his throat and rubbed his button nose.

“I am detective, and would anyone guess where I came from?”, he asked all of us. Everyone sat there quiet. Not one peep came out from their mouth. “The Himalayas?” The dude behind me blurted out. The entire hall laughed, as if it was rather funny. But some how stupid to me. The detective just gave out a smirk and he stood their with his serious face one. Everyone stopped laughing, feeling quiet intimated by this old man. He gripped upon his belt and took out his gun.
“Whoa, dude, it was just a joke” Jeremy said with his hands in the air like he was surrendering. the detective just said nothing and placed the gun down on the floor next to him. He looked up at Jeremy and smiled broadly, “Yes, I am a generation from the Himalayas. You're correct.” The entire hall laughed once more, but this time it was deeper laugh. Jeremy sat there feeling embarrassed. Served him right. “Actually, I am from New York. I am a detective in New York, working on Carolina Jones case. And my name is Lionel Warner” he said to all of us in a serious tone. Everybody started to whisper again. “And today, I am going to talk about this famous missing girl, CJ”.

“Everybody knows who is CJ right? The daughter of the millionaire, the man who design Jones Jewels Hotel all over the world. The girl who became an actress at the age of 5, loved by everyone in Hollywood. And also..” he took another deep breath and continued “...the young lady who went missing and never came back.” He walked to the other side of the stage. “And the big question is this, WHERE is she now?”

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