Sunday, 19 February 2012

Better Than Her (4)

She looked at me. Those big hazel eyes are really pretty. But I’m not gonna say anything about my problems to a total stranger. But, she looked like somehow who is willing to listen. “Well?” she asked me, waiting patiently. I shrugged, not knowing what to say. “There’s really nothing going on actually. I mean, I don’t even know you”. Gina just smiled to that remark and stated out “Well, I’ve already know you and I think we are officially friends, Elena” she gave out her hand to confirm the friendship. Elena? She had already given me a nickname, and I actually liked it. Elena; I never thought of that. I smile broadly, feeling quite happy as in she was my very FIRST friend. I shook her hand and I felt really thrilled. For 17 years, I had no other friends but my mum. “But, Gina, I’m not a rich person, I’m rather a poor person”
“Well, I’m an orphan and I don’t even mind” she said without hesitating. There is actually somebody out there in this school who didn’t mind my presence or bothered that I’m from a very poor family. She looked really clean and she smelt really nice. She had the looks of a rich daughter. 
“Oh, wait, you have to meet my friend, this person also helps out at the library!” she pulled my arm towards the library. Another girl to meet? I think one friend was rather enough. As I stepped in the library, a sweet Lavender mist stirred around my nostril. It was chilly in there and everything looked really organized. The books were stacked neatly in order on their racks and the decorations were beautiful. “You did I really good job here, it’s a beautiful library.” I complimented. “Well it has always been like this actually. Have you ever stepped into one?” I blushed in embarrassment and undo my bun. As I sway my hair down to relieve to tense in my hair, I looked around for one more time.

“Actually, I’m not the only one who works here. You know, my other friend. Ashley is a really kind person, you two will go along very well.” She said. “I think Ashley is organising the Lecture Books section. I’ll go and call Ashley to meet you.”
“You don’t have to anyway, I be bothering her and her job” I didn’t want to meet this girl. I don’t want to make things difficult for me. It’s my first time having a friend and I don’t know how to make a second friend.
Gina stopped checking the list and looked at me. She stood up and pushed down her skirt so it won’t look crumpled. She fixed her glasses position and said “Who said Ashley was a she?” she smiled and went to the lecture section.
What, Ashley is a he? I mean, which guy has the name of a girl’s? “Ashley! I got somebody for you to meet.” Gina shouted out loud. I quickly pretend to take something out from my bag so I won’t need to see his face. “Ssh, we’re in a library Gina. Who is it?” Ashley stated out as he gets out from the Lecture corner. “It’s only the three of us here, Ashley.” Gina giggled. “Well, a library is a library. No noise is allowed here.” He smiled. “So, who is this somebody?” “Meet Angelina Carter”
Ashley was confused. “So, where is she anyway?” Gina sighed and pulled me up. “Elena, meet Ashley.” I spun around slowly, playing around with nails, something that I’ll do when I get nervous.  Slowly, looking at him gave me a startle.
He was gorgeous, only that I couldn’t describe how handsome he was.
He had short brownish-gold hair, it wasn’t really short, but it was in the middle between think and quite long. He had blue eyes, same shade as mine but darker and a shy sort of smile.
“Have I met you before?” he scratched his forehead. “I know your-“
“I’m the one who people keep saying that I look like Carolina Jones, I’m I not right” I interrupted. He smile, but it didn’t show his teethes. “No, I’ve seen you at that diner; you know... um... what is it called again? Yeah, Georgia’s Chicken and Stu.” He said without hesitation knowing that he was correct at his statement. “Oh, yeah, my mum works there. Sometimes, I stop by and wait till my mum finishes her shift.” I said, feeling quite red and embarrassed.  My cheeks were glowing pink and it looked obvious. “Look Ashley, you made my friend rosy red.” Gina said, tugging Ashley on his arm. They looked almost as if they were brothers and sisters as they go along very well. It made me feel really envious toward them two.“Well, back to work Ashley, Mrs Nolan will be here any minute soon.” Gina went back to her ‘work station’. Before sitting down, she said one final question to ask. “Do you want to stay here with us” she said. I couldn’t but I somehow wanted to. I needed to go home and do some simple chores since they are much at home. I wanted to know Gina more, but Ashley even more.
“I can’t, but see you tomorrow?” I asked her. “Yeah, sure. Can’t wait to see you.” She said merrily and went on with her work.I turn to Ashley, and he stood there like he was waiting a conversation betwen=en him and me. “So Ashley, is that your real name?” I asked him softly, not wanting to hurt his feelings.
“Haha, of course not, Gina calls me that, my real name is Ashton Hay.” He gave his hand out and shook those soft tender hands. “See you tomorrow Elena?” “Yes, tomorrow. Can I call you Ashton instead of Ashley?” he scrathed hi cheeks while chuckling underneath his breath. He seemed to love everything I say and it made me feel liked. "Yeah sure thing, that would be nicer than Ashley, tomorrow?" I noded and I walked out of the Library. I felt firework bursting out from me. It was a nice feeling, making two  really new friends and having that sort of I-kinda-like-you feelings towards Ashton aka Ashley.

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