Saturday, 11 February 2012

Her Own Script -1

The orange autumn leaves fell upon the shoulders of Renee Knight, a small southern girl. As she walked step by step, through the dark oak trees, fingerling around the old bark; she scented the cold mist in the air. Winter was coming, and old Grandpa Willis was heading out in the woods to find heat that will be needed to keep them both warm through the winter breeze. As Renee picked up every assorted colour of the Oakland tree leaves, the sound of shooting could be hear from miles away. A flock of partridge flew over head, sadly one came diving down.
“Oh these damn birds.” Minutes later, a scruffy hunter came out form the mist, picking up the dead bird. His figure looked serious, not somebody people would be friends with. He took of his hat and wiped of the sweat that streamed all over his nearly bald head.
“Ah, what a waste of my time.” He grunted again. Renee looked over. The other partridges flew freely, maybe heading somewhere farther from that old man.
“Sir, maybe you might had a bag full of them, if you just waited patiently”, Renee told him sarcastically.
“Well, miss, I ain’t able to get any if it wasn’t for that old blasted man. Damn, what a loss today.”
“Sir that was my grandpa you were talking about just now. If you wouldn’t mind, shut your yappy mouth and deal with what you have already.” Renee started to get ticked off by this stranger.
The man looked at young Renee as if she was some kind of lunatic for talking like that to him.
He grunted and walked away with one good-for- nothing bird. “Serve you right for talking like that about grandpa” she sneered, and continue to pick up the leaves.
Grandpa Willis came minutes later, his shoulder carrying heavy numbers of firewood.
“What a lot! We shall be all tucked and warm throughout this winter.” Renee cheerfully said once seeing her one and only family relation. Grandpa Willis smiled broadly. Feeling quite pleased with himself. He laid them down on the ground, besides the large boulder. He sat down, gasping for oxygen, feeling quite worn off.
Renee sat next to him, laying down her head slowly on his shoulders.  Moments later, he breathed in heavier. Then, he started to pant, looked as if it was difficult to breath.
“Grandpa, are you alright? Grandpa?”
Grandpa Willis clutch upon his chest. Wheezy sounds started to perform. The heavy breathing started to reduce. It didn’t stop there; it stopped till there was no more. And slowly, Grandpa Willis collapsed on the cold bitter ground; dead.

“And cut! Great job everyone, scene 27 is completed. Take fifteen everyone!” John Philippe announced proudly.
“Come over here Ileana” He called for Daniela Dutch, a talented young actress at the age of 15. Ileana is her stage name, used that since her acting career.
“You did awesome kid, keep up the effort and Autumn Season’s will be a hit! And you my friend will be the ultimate star.” He patted Ella from behind proudly. Ella was proud with herself too, the fact that she is only 15 and to be able to work for one of the top Directors in Hollywood is pretty much remarkable. Ella scoffed off to her trailer. She wanted to take a short rest, feeling quiet tired after 27 hardship scenes. She laid her head down on her duck feather filled pillow and shut her eyes slowly, yawning.
Before she could start her dream, her manager came right in rather rudely. Lynette Dutch was her busy manager, keeping all her schedule right in pace and also the person who gave birth to her.
“Oh, darling, we have breaking news. Oh my, oh my.” She came fluttering everywhere in the trailer, moving back and forth, red hair dangling over her baby faced figure.  “What is it Lynette? Calm down will you. It’s not the end of the world”
The petite red headed woman stopped acting like Donald Duck, and breathed in deeply. “Oh darling, I have very bad news indeed, this is very bad”
“Oh well, come on, hurry up.” The British accent of hers started to get scruffy. “Well, it not be the end of the world, but it might be the end of yours” Lynette told her directly into her eyes.
“Stop speaking funny and get on with it.” Ella laid down back and covered her face with the pillow.
“Fredrick Summons is dead”
“What?” Eyes widen as she pushed the pillow away from her delicate face. “Yes darling he is dead, he is really dead” Lynette came across a chair at the dresser and sat down, fanning her face with her hands. “And that means you got to go to school”,
“But Lynette, I haven’t once been to school in my life, not even to nursery!” “Well, doll, now you’ll feel what high school is.” She took out a cigar, lighting it up and taking every deep puff to release the stress.

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