Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Almost there - chapter 2

“I’m off Sarah!” As I slurped down my last spoon of cheerio’s, I kissed Sarah goodbye. She was needed to go to the station early too, so we head off to our daily route at the same time.
  Sarah packed her sandwiches and grapes in an air-tight bag and places a ring on top of them so she could carry them easily. She poured her coffee in a mini blue thermos and then she was ready to go. “Alright, remember tonight going out. So come back before four” she told me quickly after I’d gotten out of the apartment. “Yeah, yeah. You told me that already” I shook my hand in the air, in a way to show her I understood. She smiled and fixed her short hair.
       School wasn’t far from the apartment. Just a ten minutes walk if I walk fast and twenty minutes if I took my time. I rather take my time today because school won’t start for another forty-five minutes. As I wondered around the same road to school, it felt quite different. The streets were as noisy as ever. People had to go to their offices early in the morning. Birds were chirping loudly, dogs were barking and waging their tail while cats just continued to take a snooze.
     But today seems a bit strange. It’s like I could feel something tingling on my fingertips. I feel light as ever and I don’t know why. Maybe something fabulous was going to happen at school today.
 Ten minutes had past, and I’m already half way to school. On the way, there was a delightful smell that struck into my nostrils. Well, it has been a while since I had street’s hotdog. I fixed my scarf and ordered a hotdog. There’s time. Remember? I could reach school if I walk fast within ten minutes. So, since I’m half way there, five minutes will do.
    The hotdog sizzled on the hot oil along with onions. My eyes were just fixed on the piece of fatty meat.
 “One dog please, extra onions; no mustard” A voice came shooting behind me. I looked around and it surprised me. I quickly turned, feeling quite awkward looking at this gorgeous looking kid.
“Hey, aren’t you that girl in social studies?” He tapped on my shoulders. He knew me? I barely knew him.  I turned around and he gave me a heart melting smile. “Uh, umm I don’t know. I don’t think so...” I said feeling really uneasy. “Oh well, wrong girl maybe. Haha, that seemed weird.” He scratched his forehead with embarrassment. “Um, where are you heading to anyway?” He asked me. Now I feel rather uncomfortable.
     “Well, school. You?” I asked as I pulled my hair aside. “Yup, school too. Wait, so you go to Rusty Eagles? If you do, you must be that girl that made a fool of yourselflast Thursday!” I felt really embarrass. Okay, maybe I was that girl who had toilet paper stuck on my pants while doing a long boring speech. I thought they were all eager and excited to hear my speech because they were giggling and smiling at the time. He saw me with the uneasy look. “Hey, I didn’t mean anything. Sorry.” I shrugged.
“Here’s your hotdog miss. And here is yours” The man handed us our hotdog. I paid for it and walked recklessly away from that stranger who somehow goes to same school as me in one of the same class. But, he eventually caught up. Great, what away to start a day. I thought today was going to fantastic.
“Hey, I’m Nolan Dash by the way.” He took a bit of his hotdog. I can’t be rude to anybody, so I jsut simply said “Scarlett Hart.” And then began talking and telling really funny stuff. I couldn’t help but smile all the way to school because it was just damn funny. Okay, maybe he was a good guy. I don’t know, I just feel easy around him, even though he made me feel quiet uneasy this morning.

As I open my locker, a sudden scream emerge. It was Megan Neil, my nerdy best friend. “Ahhhh!! OMG, OMG Scarlett, look what I found near the girl’s bathroom today!” She all hyper, not giving herself a chance to breath oxygen.
“Calm down Meg. Remember, breathe, that’s it; breathe.” Meg took a soothing deep breath. “Okay, okay, oh my God, Just look at this!” She showed me a flyer.

Welcome for every students.
Students may sign up for the contest. Starts on 8th June 2012 at Rusty Eagles Halls.
Special judge will be judging and select the winner.
5000 dollars prize.
Band or solo is welcomed.

It was a singing contest. My eyes widen. “Who’s the special judge?” I asked Meg. “Rumours has it, it is Maykela Sparks.” She told me. “What? Really?!” I was getting excited. Maykela Sparks was my Idol.  “Yeah, you should join the contest.” Meg told me. “Umm I don’t know. I mean 5000 dollars is quite huge. And I don’t think my voice would win anyway.” I told her, feeling quite numb. “Of course you do. You sing every day, your voice is awesome. Come on, let’s do it together!” She had those puppy eyes on.
Then, a familiar green dazzling eyes came to me. “Are you going to compete too? I f you are let’s be in a band.” Nolan said smiling broadly. “Who is he Scarlett?” Meg whispered to me. “Nobody, just somebody who I met this morning. Umm, maybe I won’t. I don’t want to anyway.” I said and shut my locker close.
“Oh come on, honey” he joked around. “Honey?” Megan whispered in my ears again. “No, that’s it. I’m not competing in some contest. I walked away. Not wanting to deal with it.
“Hi, I’m Meg. Scarlett’s best friend. Are you her boyfriend?” She asked him without hesitation. “Maybe...” He said and walked off smiling to himself.

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