Sunday, 18 March 2012

Almost there - chapter 3

“You haven’t even taste your food” Sarah looked at me twirling around the spaghetti. “I just don’t feel like eating” I told her, I didn’t feel quite well at that moment. “Well, at least take a bite. This is no fun.” She said as she took a bite of her smoky venice. I sighed and took half a bite of the spaghetti. It was delicious and all that but I didn’t have the urge to eat.
   “What if I join that singing contest, the one I told you earlier on?” I told her in a sudden tone. She looked at me with a do-what-you-want-to-do look to me. “I thought you didn’t want to compete. You said it was ‘pathetic’.” She replied back. “Well, umm I don’t know. I just thought it might be a breakthrough into becoming a .... “
“Become what?”
“ you know, a singer” I said in a soft voice. “Never mind, it’s kinda stupid. Being a singer and everything” I said and took another bite of my cold food, hoping she won’t say anything to what I just stated. “Go for it, why not. I mean, I became a police after watching crime documentaries and since then, being a cop was all I wanted.” She gave me a sweet smile. I felt quite warm inside by that. “Let’s see” I said smiling quite shyly.
“Scarlett, there’s somebody at the door!” Sarah shouted for me from the apartment door. I was busy tying my hair into a perfect pony tail and applying eyeliner. “Is it Meg?” I shouted back. I took my bag that was on the desk and the books that was scattered on the floor; then I place it all in my bag neatly; since I’m a neat freak; and zip it all up. I looked into the mirror. It was all perfect. My hair, my not-so-thick makeup and outfit were all in order and perfect. Just PERFECT.  “Scarlett, your friend has been waiting for quite a while now!” Sarah shouted even louder. “Ok ok” I took my bag and hung it over by one shoulder.
      “Meg, hold on. Just a few sec” I told her. I took a banana so I could eat it along the way to school. It was rear for Megan to come and wait for me to go to school. She liked to go to school extra early so she could do some studying.
“Thanks for calling her” a voice said to Sarah. “No problem. You must have been new friends. I’ve never seen you before.” Sarah asked in concern. “Well, we met yesterday. We are pretty much close now” the person replied back. “Oh I see, ah, here is Scarlett.” I walked in to living room confused. That wasn’t Meg. It was – him. I frowned. How did he knew where I lived?
“Oh, it’s you” I smile sarcastically. Nolan smiled proudly back at me. Urgh, my whole body react weirdly to his awkward smile.
I kissed Sarah goodbye, like I always do every morning to school. “Walk safely” Sarah said and gave a faint wave. “Yes, yes, ok” I replied back. Sarah closed the door behind us. It was awkward walking with a stranger whom I just met yesterday. Now he’s acting like we are great friends.
“Your mom is awesome. I mean, I never seen such mom like her” he told me just to start a conversation. “Yeah whatever, she’s not really- never mind. How did you know where I lived anyway? Was it Meg?” I demanded for an answer.
“Who?” He was confused. “You know, the girl with gold-ish hair, round spectacles, talk a lot?”
He snapped his fingers. “Oh that girl. Yeah, I asked for your address from her. She gave it to me just like that yesterday. So I just took it.” He shrugged his shoulders.  “So umm, I was wondering, are you going to enter the competition? I heard that you are an awesome singer. You’re in the glee club right?” He asked me softly while walking slowly.
I walked faster down the stairs and rushed out the building.  But, like always, he caught up. “So?”
I shrugged, I still don’t know. I mean, being a singer so badly was what that caused my parents death.

“Why did you give him my address? Are you mad girl?” I shook Meg, freaking out. “Calm down, he was the one who asked for it anyway.  He’s your boyfriend right?” Meg said to me while placing her pen behind her ears. “What? Where did you get that from?” I was furious. At that moment, Nolan was with his buddies. All four of them laughing and chatting away. One had curly brown hair, the other one had blond hair with glasses on, while the one next to the curly haired dude was Jake, Meg’s older brother and then there was Nolan.
I went up to him. “Wait, Scarlett, no...” Meg called out to me. I didn’t want to listen, I was furious with this stranger.
Nolan turned around once I was behind his presence. “Hey..” he smiled, and open up his arm like he was going to give out a hug.
“Don’t you even think of touching me, listen; there is no way on earth I’m ever going to talk or look at a person like you. We just met!” I stomped off leaving him clueless.

“What’s up with her dude?” Tyler asked me as he hit me arm. “I don’t know, maybe it’s a girl thing. You know how girls are” I replied back, still confused to what had happen. It wall too fast. Yeah, what if I just met her yesterday. I kinda like her. I mean, I only asked whether she’s going to be in our band, that’s it.
“Isn’t that Scarlett?” Jake asked me. “Yeah, what’s up with that?”
“Nothing, it’s just that she’s my sis best friend. She has a very weird personality.” Jake said, sneering to himself. “I don’t think so,” my voice drifted as the bell just rang. “Just forget about her dude, let’s go” Jake said as he put his arm around me and dodged me head.

I liked the way she smiles, it’s beautiful. It heals my heart. And the way she plays with her nails, just makes her unique. She’s so intelligent and on top of that, she’s pretty. How her hair smells like apples and her lavender scented neck could be scented miles away. She’s just so different from the other girls. She's open minded and constantly worrying whether she’ll make the wrong move. It just makes me want to get nearer to her. I think I like her.

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