Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Va-ca:)

Happy Va-Ca everybody ^^ keep safe k? Don't want to come back to school with missing fingers.. haha. Do you guys like the song? It's so so so nice, I'm addicted to it! There is no need to say who is the singer, I guess we all know who he is :)
My best friend birthday is coming up soon and I've told her I'm gonna buy her a watch. The price doesn't matter, as long we give it sincerely. So within one week, it'll be a one year anniversary staying here in Sintok and I've meet one of three great friends which I adore so much. 
Aliah is that birthday girl on Wednesday. She's so wonderful and positive in everything. Great at talking, adorable and a good friend. But, yes, I still miss my old friends back in Jitra, there still the world to me :)

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