Sunday, 18 March 2012


Assalamualaikum and hi guys :)
The song is Brian Adam from The Notebook cover.
What a day to start the first day after a week of va-ca :(
Ha, everyday I'm always reaching school late >_< It's so embarrassing. This morning was the worst. Oh gosh, it was like I'm gonna have a heart attack. WE ALL woke up at 7.13. Damn, I almost cried this morning. I felt like dying waking up late, arghh..
We gotten out like at 7.28.
I ran like i was chased by animals, and once i reached the gate,it was close. That moment I felt like crying.
But, the abang pengawas was kind enough to allow me in. How nice :D not sweet.. that's just- ew. -_-
And thank God, at that moment, everybody just began to gather so I could blend in easily.
kwa kwa kwa XD

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