Saturday, 31 March 2012

A touch of Light - Chapter One

I was in a stranger’s town. Somewhere far to the coast. We arrived about twenty minutes ago, maybe less. I didn’t bother to track time. I was mad and upset. I didn’t want to move my small butt away from the seat. What’s the point anyway? I felt ruffled just being here. It sickens me. My hair was all over the place. My makeup has been smudged by watery eyes. And my used-to-be perfect manicure was ruin. Was I that bad of a person? 
“Come one Lorraine, it’s not like you’re going to sulk in there forever.” Andrew knocked on the window, “This place is awesome, jeez, and will you just get out before dad gets mad?” He was getting uneasy with the fact I’m making myself moody in the car.
  “Lorraine?” he continued to tap the window.  I couldn’t stand the knocking and tapping, and urgh, especially the word LORRAINE, LORRAINE, LORRAINE continuously being called as my name.  “Just shut will you?! Just leave me alone Andrew” I felt angry at him for no actual reason.
He sighed, trying to keep cool inside. “Fine, whatever” he leaved the car and walked to the house, going back in helping mum and dad to unpack the things. I was just tired with the whole thing. Moving everywhere, trying to find the right place for my messed up ‘illness’.
New York was the best thing I ever had. I had a best friend there, many other friends, my one and only crush lived there; my life lived there. And then things happen, I got messed up and we had the move.
 Mum and Dad thought it was the best thing is to move from New York to Seattle. Andrew loved moving around. He said it was the best way to have ‘new experience’. Urgh, puh-leez, it’s not like he’s getting smarter or anything. And the other thing that bugs the hell out of me is LORRAINE.  Lorraine Sage is my real name and I just hate it so much. Why can’t I have a simple name like Andrew’s (by the way, Andrew’s name is Drew Calton; he preferred Andrew more since it was somewhat classy to him; but the whole family calls him Andrew because it has been used for a long time already and mum and dad feels fine with it. Weird)
 or maybe Missy’s name, my best friend. It would be nice if it was Annie Sage or Kara Sage, but nooo, it’s Lorraine, and I have no idea where the heck that name came from. I once asked dad that I wanted to change my name to something more modern and nicer, but he disagrees with this whole name changing thing and mum was continuously saying how ‘your name is as beautiful as you Lorraine, we took so much effort in finding the perfect name for you’ and blah blah blah.
I bet it was raining by the time I was trying so hard to get out from mom’s stomach and then a lorry passed by and pop! There I was out and held in mum’s hand, cradling me, and wondering what name should be given to this baby and dad was like ‘I know, let’s call her Lorraine Sage!’
 My head hurts from all this thinking and mixed emotions. I’m just tired with crying and pleading not to come here. They won’t budge. It’s like I’m a useless antique that no one wants to take care of.
 My head is spinning around. It’s all over the place. My head felt heavy. Eventually, my eyes started to get sleepy. I lay down on the seat. And once I awoken, Andrew was there re-arranging my stuff.  He smiled at me.
 “Hey there moody girl. So where do you want me to keep this?” He pulled up one of my under garments from the box. I came to a shock and took it away from him. He just laughs and continued to take cloths from the box.
 “Give me that” I scowled and pulled the box away from him. “Just let me do this. And how on earth did I get in here?”
  "You slept, dad carried you up" he said, lifting his brows. "humm, can you please leave me alone in this room" I asked him in the nicest way possible. "Yeah sure," he said sighing, "oh and, tomorrow's school kiddo" he left the room smiling rather broadly. OK, what?!
 “Why are you sulking? Stop it before your face starts to age” mum told me while keeping her eyes on the wheel. “Yeah, you look older than me” Andrew bluffed. I punched him in the arm and rolled my eyes. “So? What if? I wouldn’t be sulking like this if it weren’t for this damn move!” I raised my voice.
“Hey, watch your language miss” mum scowled. She sighed as she massaged her temples. “We wouldn’t be moving if it wasn’t for you Lorraine, just deal with it and move on. I’m hoping for a new you once you go to this school,” mum continued talking. “Yeah, don’t worry kiddo. I’m here for you” he said still rubbing on his sore arm, “like always” he mumbled.
 I wanted to talk back, but I couldn’t. Because I knew every single word she said was true. The fact that I’m sitting in a car to another school was all because of me. The fact we had to move after 48 hours of my ill-minded move.
 It was all because of me, and it’s just too late to make it okay. It’s too late to turn back. I was just late, like always.  Andrew was in the 12th Grade while I was in the 10th grade. From my past knowledge of him, he was a popular kid.
 The kid whom everyone wanted to hang out with. The guy which every girl would have a crush on. The dude which every guy wanted to be friends with. He was out going with everyone, never fail to crack a smile or laugh at lame jokes. He was handsome too, had light brownish eyes, and dark hair. His smiles are always broad, which you can see perfect set of white teeth.
 On the other hand, I’m that girl who doesn’t want to be around anyone, only Missy.  I’m always moody and sulking. An ‘Emo’, teens would call nowadays. Can’t even bother to smile or laugh at extremely funny jokes. I’m the exact opposite of Andrew. Some didn’t even know I was his little sister. I was the invisible girl. The one nobody wanted to go near with because of bad temper and all such.
Still, my looks almost looked similar to Andrew’s, but I will never have that perfect smile of his.
 It’s funny how he has everything on him, but doesn’t fall madly in love with a girl. He said that life should be filled with fun first, and then we go to the serious thing on earth, looking after a girl’s heart. 

What if I was the girl who always smile and crack a joke?
 Maybe I’ll still be in New York.
What if I was outgoing with everyone and wanted to be everyone’s friend?
 Maybe I’ll still be in New York.
 What if I stayed cool and asked to go out with Mark Willis?
 Maybe I’ll still be in New York.
 What if I didn’t start the whole mishap and injured some other girl’s face?
 I’ll definitely still be in New York

“Bye mum,” Andrew waved goodbye to mum. “Yeah, bye” I mumbled under my breath. “Bye honey, I’ll pick you guys up at 5!” Mum said, waving goodbye.
 “What?  5? Why so late?” I asked desperately. But mum was already gone, nowhere to be seen. Andrew placed his arm around my shoulders.
“Mum and dad have work to do till five, don’t worry, we’ll just stay at the school library.” He smiled as he continued to walk with his arm over my shoulders. I pushed them off but he kept placing them over my neck.
“Stop it, what if people think we are a couple or something?” I said softly but strictly. “LOL, so what?” he just continue to smile, like  always, and I just continue to roll my eyes.   As we got in, the hall was packed with students. How many people are they?
It was true, the hall was packed with human beings but no one seemed to rush in going anywhere. They all seem relaxed. Relaxed, something I barely find at my old school. They all took their time. Talking to each other like there was endless time, couples meeting, teachers sipping their coffee and geeks focus in a good soduku.
I finally gotten Andrew’s hands off my shoulders. I was focused on looking at complete strangers till I realized Andrew was out of sight. I came to a startle since I don’t know what to do at some place which I’m unfamiliar too. And the next thing I knew, people were staring at me. Whispering and glancing at every inch of my body.
I took a deep breath and let it go. What about a change this time? Maybe I can be a whole new person. The opposite of moody and sulking Lorraine to cheerful and smiling Lorraine would be nice, right?  I gave out my best smile. Honestly it was really hard to just give a simple smile, because I am inexperience. I walked through the middle of the hall, people stand back so I could walked pass them. Yet, another thing I barely find at my former school, and I felt quite pleased. As soon as I reached at the end of the hall, I felt a tugged on my sleeved. It was Andrew and he pulled me next to him.
“This is my sis, Lorraine. She’s kinda being a sour puss at the moment.” He said to a guy, almost as tall as him. “That’s not nice,” the gorgeous voice replied. “Well, she is. Isn’t that right Lorraine?” He glanced back at me. “Um, not at the moment” I blushed with embarrassment. “There’s no need to be sour here in Harbour Cost High. Everyone here is nice and friendly.” He replied back. He gave out a beautiful smile, far better than Andrew’s. His eyes glowed as he speaks.
“Oh my god, how rude of me.” He chuckled and shook my hands without hesitation. “I’m Mason Alexander. Drew’s pen pal.”  He let go of my hand, still giving out a cute smile with no sign of teeth.
“What? So you guess had been ‘keeping in touch’? So was it you who persuade mum and dad in coming to this school?” I demanded an answer from Andrew.
“No, not really. It was coincidence. I told him that we were moving to Seattle and going to this school and he told me that he goes to this place. He was really keen in meeting you. I didn’t knew he looked like this” He smiled to Mason and gave out a knuckle punch.
I looked at him clearly. He had a good figure to him. He had black brownish type of hair that covered his forehead. He had great jaw lines and his lips were perfect. His eyes were medium with sky blue coloured eyes. And he had a small little mole on his neck. He was gorgeous. He seemed like a celebrity.
“Ah, I see, you’re in?” I asked curiously, “10th grade, which means your brother, is my senior.”He said.
“That’s right. Which mean you two got to respect me as your own senior, and I’ll be watching out you juniors” He did an eye to eye type of thing with his fingers.  As the bell rang, signalling the start of class.
“What’s your first period?” Mason asked me, which made me startled. “Art, you?” I replied. “Same, come I show you to class” then he smiled as he lead me to Art class, and I followed, smiling. I felt good. It was something I never felt in my life before. I felt relaxed.

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