Tuesday, 13 March 2012

almost there - chapter 1

I wanted to be a singer. What a great way to start this story right? I bet almost everybody in this universe once thought of being a singer; some take it seriously while others didn’t.  It’s my dream. It has been the only thing going on my mind since at the age of nine. Now I’m 16. Sweet sixteen right?  If you guys look at this show, My Sweet Sixteen, it shows rich teenagers holding up a party with all those fancy stuff, dancing around like party animals packed around with boozes and celebrity rappers. Funny right, how the age of sixteen is so important to all teenagers, a symbol stating that they are old enough to do what they want to do.
My sweet sixteen, there is no need for ‘sweet’. When I’m sixteen, I’m going to be a singer. When I’m sixteen, I’m going all over to country and sing my very own song about my life. About what it is like to be someone who dream so high and achieving it. Maybe, that’s the problem; not all dreams come true.
My name is Scarlett Hart, a typical high school-er in Boston.  I don’t have my parents with me right now, nor will they ever be with me. They died, three years ago. I was foolish then, dreaming too much. I ran away, trying to be rebellious at the age of thirteen. They went searching for me, and I was well hidden underneath the bridge near my neighborhood area.  No one would think I would be hiding in such place, I was used to it. 400 dollars in my pocket and a pen knife.
I thought they would be happier with me gone, I was wrong. They were worried sick. And I was happier back then, without them going all protective over me. That day, I was wandering around in a CD store and they saw me. I wanted to get away from them as much as I could. So I ran, and that was the biggest mistake I ever made.  I crossed that road; it was busy in that evening. Dad called out for me, I made my ears deaf by closing them. And once I uncovered my ears, I heard one of the unforgettable sounds there was. A bus honking as much as it could and a woman's voice screaming.  It made my heart sank. I didn’t know whether they were o.k or it was something else. I stopped from running. I looked over my shoulders. Blood started to flow. An arm went motionless....

That hand, it was my mom’s. It had the same ring that dad gave to her on their fifteenth anniversary.  It didn’t move, not one finger moved an inch. And on top of that beautiful body of hers was a stern but gentle man. It shivered me, how they lied near the bus. Dad was hugging mum, and mum was gripping on his shirt. I ran towards them, feeling so guilty inside. I didn’t mean this to all happen. I just wanted to get them out of my sight, that’s all. The bus driver gotten out of his vehicle and almost came to a shock. He didn’t know what to do. He went all sweaty like a pig. Strangers just stood there, whispering and not even calling for help. They were all clueless. 
    “Call for the ambulance! Can’t you see, they are hurt … they’re bleeding and it’s my fault” I started crying and shouting at the same time. A man in his 30’s started to take out his phone and called for 911.  A woman took out her phone too to take a picture of my bleeding parents. It made my upset even more. How could they just stand there and stare? I cried even louder, screaming like I had hysteria.
I started hitting dad on his chest. “Wake up dad, wake up. I’m not going to run anymore. I’ll be a good girl. I promise…I’ll be a good girl” I sobbed on top his blooded soaked shirt. “I’ll be a good girl,” I whispered. A man took hold of me and hugged me. “They’re dead sweetheart” he said in a soothing voice. “No, they just had an injury that’s all, they’ll be okay, right?” I told him, not believing every word he just said. “No honey, they’re –“
“No!” I pushed the stranger and hugged my mom and dad. “Daddy, when you come back from the hospital tonight, I’ll make you lentil soup, just the way you like. And mom, I’ll help clean the dishes, you know, the ones that I didn’t do last week.”
     Minutes later, sirens could be heard miles away. I continued to talk to them and our conversation was stopped when a man dragged their body out from the bus. “No! We haven’t finish talking yet, let me finish!” I demanded while crying at the same time. 

“Shh shh, sweetheart, it’s going to be okay. They’re in heaven now.” A woman hugged me and rubbed my forehead gently. She placed my head on her shoulders saying “It’s going to be fine; don’t worry”. My mind was blank. It went all wrong. Wasn’t they not going to come back home after the trip to the hospital?
    “Officer, I found this in the victim’s hands; I think it’s for-“he glance at me.  The officer lady took at and thanked him. She took a look at it and smiled to me.
    “Miss, this might be for you…” she handed me  something that was like a piece of rectangular shaped paper. It made me shiver and all my guilt started to swirl inside of me again.  It reads Maykela Sparks; Live Saturday Night; in Boston.

 Oh my God, how did they know? I never once told them about her. How did they know I was dreading to go to her show? It didn’t make sense. Did they know all along? But…
As I turned the ticket, there was a small note written on topped of it.
Scarlett, this is for you. Maybe it’ll be a one step further to your dream. It’s not much, but we tried very hard. We love you Scarlett, we never stopped loving you. Let your dream fly high,
 Xx Mom and Dad
I thought they hated me. I thought that they never had the faith in me. It’s too late now, they’re gone. I didn’t get the chance to say sorry.
“I didn’t get the chance to say sorry… I’m, I’m just too late.  They’ll never forgive me. They’re dead now, and I’m just-“ My voice started to drift. I was out of words. My tears overcame me. My anger was all that was left. “They’ll never forgive me… “ I sobbed on the lady’s shoulders. “
She seemed to understand what I said. She soothed me, rubbed my back while letting me lay my head on her fragrances shoulders. “Do you have anybody besides them? Any aunts? Grandparents?” she asked me, as she wiped away my tears.
“Just them, now it's just me.” I came flooded with tears again. “I’ll take care of you,-“
“Scarlett, dad calls me Scarlett”

“I’ll take care of you, Scarlett. I’m alone too Scarlett. But, now I won’t be alone anymore. Nor will you… I promise” She hugged me once more. I just nodded and followed her to her car. “Stay here, okay? Don’t go anywhere,” I won’t, I will never. It’s the first and last time I’ll ever run away.

I looked outside of the car, and there I saw two black bags, containing my dead mom and dad. I let my tears flow once more and cried myself to sleep.
And that’s how I’m living under the roof of Sarah Knight, the deputy officer of Boston. She kept that promise. She never let me feel alone anymore, she took care of me like I was her own child. She said she never regretted tacking care of a dead parent’s daughter. I’m thankful, still, I haven’t got the chance to say sorry to them. Forgive me mom, forgive me dad, ..forgive me God…I'll be a good girl, just like what you wanted.

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