Saturday, 7 April 2012

A touch of Light - chapter 2

The bell rang, signalling the end of the period. Lunch was next, and my stomach had been empty since last night. Mason sat behind of the class. He was answering mostly all of the questions and none of us could catch up. His bad boy looks looked nothing like his smart and noble personality. He’s is like one of the lucky types.

It was a disaster when it was art class. I’m a bad drawer and such, so no comment on that. The teacher didn’t even bother to introduce me to everyone, urgh just rude. Mason said it was okay, cause Mr. Henry Jordan was always liked that, snotty in his ability of art.
The fat man, nearly bald with a gay-ish mustache and a squeaky voice made me hate art more. It was a matter of time when I hated art completely when he sneered at my drawing, saying that my drawing was a curse to him. Hell yeah, it would be nice if it was.
 But, liked what I said earlier this morning, I promised myself to keep calm and have a change for once.     
      Everybody hurried out of the class before Mrs. Perrie  Alexander could say a word. Before I could even head to the school cafeteria; she stopped me.
“So, you are new here. Welcome. Have you made any friends here yet?” She asked me, sipping her coffee.
“Thanks, but not much. Just one so far. Mason, I think.” I said in small shy like voice. “Ah Mason, yeah he’s a great student. A  future to this school. Can’t believe he is popular too. It is rare for a nerd to be that popular” She said, placing down her mug.
Wow, this old teacher has a mind of a teenager. Maybe that was why people kept staring at me. I was the new kid who talked with the hottest student in school .Never cross in mind before.
 “Oh, he doesn’t look like a nerd to me. He seems normal.” I said, placing my bangs behind my right ear. “Well, you don’t know much like I do. He’s something alright. Off you go to lunch.”

 Mason POV
 Where was she? Damn it, she must had been pissed at me for talking to Lorraine. Man, Sarah was a hard one. Why did I date her in the beginning? Well, she had a cute personality and she’s gorgeous too. No guy could resist her. But, lately she’s been different. She won’t want to stay back after school. Go out to the movies, and every time I try to kiss her cheeks she’ll change the subject.
 Sarah hasn’t been to school for a couple of weeks now, and she made it today; but she didn’t talk to me.
 When Lorraine came along this morning, she was different. Her beautiful long brown hair with almond shaped hazel eyes and her curved lips where stunning. Giving me doubts about Sarah. People rumoured she was one dope, but I know her well enough. She’ll get fussy when people smokes in front of her, saying it will damage her health.
 The food was getting cold. Andrew was over talking with the other guys. Liam and George seemed to enjoy having him at their presence. He was like a big brother or a buddy. No guy would refer that but, yeah he was cool.
  “Hey Mason, let your girl be. You know she won’t show up.” Liam shouted as he threw me an apple. “Man, she’s tough. Get your ass down and eat lunch. Ours are almost empty.”
 It was true, George’s tray was empty, but he was a big eater, while Liam was almost there to the end. Andrew hasn’t touch his food till I eat.
“Sarah will show up. I’m worried about her.” I told them.
 “No she won’t. She ditched you last time” I ignored Liam’s saying. Okay, lately she had been missing. But, maybe she was busy or something.
 Minutes later, another beautiful angel went in the hall. Lorraine looked as if lost. Biting her nails, maybe searching for Andrew.
“Hey, Lorraine. Here.” I waved at her, showing her an empty seat next to George. She smiled and came to our table. Others stared at her as she walked. Some were starting a conversation. Typical. Can’t a new girl take a break? There was nothing to gossip about.
“Hey sis. Did you enjoy class?” Andrew asked her. She sat down next to him instead of George. “Okay, I guess, whatever. SO what is for lunch?” She glanced over at me.
 I had two trays. One for me and my lost girlfriend. She probably won’t show up anyway so I offered her Sarah’s tray.
 “Awesome, pizza and jelly. Hey, Mason. Eat up.” She lift up her pizza and took and humongous bite out of it. Why not?  I sat next to her and dig in.
 “So, have you met Liam and George yet?” I asked her, wanting to introduce her to my best friends. “Yeah, Liam. I’ve met him at the- “
 “Shh, um, yeah we met, this morning.” Liam said quickly, still giving out a smile. Lorraine blushed. It made her look even more beautiful. “Um, but not George.” George stood up and introduce himself in a humorous manner, making her laugh.  They all talked till forever while I just kept quite.. Somehow, she looked adorable form the side where I was sitting. I kept quiet till Andrew scared the shit out of me. “Dude, look at her.” He pointed at a blond girl, in a top and shorts. It was Sarah, and she looked rather messed up.
 “Man, she’s hot.” Andrew continued. “Yup, that’s Sarah.” I said.
 “That chick is your girlfriend?  Man, you’re a winner.” Lorraine smacked her brother on the arm. “Shh, why are you weird all of the sudden?” She scowled at him. “You have a girlfriend? She’s cute” she said politely.
Sarah came to our table. “Who the hell is this b****? So, you’ve been ignore me for this-“
She glared at Lorraine. “-Garbage”
 Lorraine was keeping it cool but her eyes looked furious.
“Hey, watch it. Don’t talk like that to her. She’s new here.” I told her, trying to calm her down. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I took hold of her hand and bring her into the Janitor room.
  “What the hell is going on? You’ve changed, you’ve been avoiding me.” I demanded for an answer. She bit her lips, not wanting to look me into the eyes.
 “Look at me! What is wrong with you?” later, she was streaming with tears. She hugged me tightly. It has been a long time since she hugged me like that.
“I’m, I’m sorry, Mason. This wasn’t meant to be, I’m so sorry.” She leaned on me. I was confused. “Why are you sorry? Tell me Sarah, it’s okay.” I try to comfort her.”I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she said. “Why are you sorry?” I was desperate. Tears somehow formed in my eyes, and I don’t know why.
 “I’m pregnant” she cried even more. “But how? We didn’t even do it” I was confused.
“I don’t know. I’m so sorry.” She cried on my shoulders, I was numb. We didn’t even do it...

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