Monday, 16 April 2012

A touch of Light - chapter 3

Liam’s POV

“Man, you’re totally wasted. Jeez, how many bottles did you drink?” Mason was lying there; head on one arm while the other was holding his fourth bottle of beer. His face was pale and his eyes were teary. He was still strong and hasn’t puked up yet. His young face turned old right after he gotten out of school. There was something up, something terribly wrong; as if he just saw a ghost.
 He wouldn’t budge, he just stayed there moaning and every now and then, shedding a tear. It looked kind of pathetic, but I’ve knew him far longer than George. Since we were just eight years old and he was new to the neighbourhood. 
“My mum is gonna kill me if she finds out Sarah is pregnant” he groaned, and took another sip of his medicine. “What? Whoa, I didn’t think you’ll get to that part. Just do an abortion.” I simply said. It wasn’t a shock to me, since Sarah looked like whore anyway. What does he see in that girl? He knew she was on dope since she’s been seeing Erik Seeth.
 That dude was in the black market and not one teacher knew. He’s been selling cheap drugs in the old school’s garage after school to kids who were having trouble with their lives, and Sarah was one of them. Mason knew all this but he just loved her too much.
“The problem is Liam, I’ve never even made her pregnant. We didn’t even do it! You know that I’m keeping clean till I’m married. It’s what my family does” He moaned again.
“Maybe I did, but.. no, she can’t have gotten me high. I barely saw her for two months.”
Then he was already down his fourth bottle. The fifth one was coming up and I took it away.
“I told you, do an abortion. You’re family is loaded.” He gave me a stare, the look that said ‘shut up with your stupid ideas’. I sighed. I wasn’t a great friend at that moment. I’m a dude for crying out loud, and he was being winy.
“Then dump her, it’s not like she’s worth being with” I keep the beer in the box and pushed it underneath the table.
“I can’t dump her, what about the freakin’ baby?” He was wasted and he was putting much effort in being focus.
“Then? You said you didn’t even touch her, who knows what she might have been doing for that past two months! She might be ‘doing it’ with every jackass in this school!” I was angry. Mason was so blinded with Sarah, and he feels at pity at her for what she had been doing to him?
Mason cried, I expected him to go other pissed around me, but instead he cried. I sighed; right he was tired with all this.
The popularity, the teacher’s pet, every girl dream guy and all that, and now he has to deal with a whore. “Ok, dude. I’m sorry. You and Sarah will figure it out somehow. Do you still love her?” I asked him in the nicest way a bro could ask another bro.
“I, I don’t know. Not anymore I guess. The baby thing just made me hate myself more. My mum and dad will soon find out. And, and you’re right. She was trouble from the beginning. She was so nice and well kept before this, but then it all changed. I didn’t have the heart to dump her, cause she needed me.”
 He got up, trying to be stable on his feet. “I’m going out. I’m getting myself cleaned up before my mum finds me reek of four boozes. Thanks bro” He patted my shoulder, and walked out of my dad’s garage.
 Later, George came in. He just came back from football practice, and my place was always the place we would hang out. 
“What’s up with him? He looks like he’s gonna vomit or something.” He looked at the four empty bottles of beer on the floor.
“Right, boozes” He continued.
 “Sarah’s pregnant. He has no idea what to do.” I picked up the bottles and put them in the bin where my dad place them behind the house.  “What? How did that happen? How long was she pregnant?” He voices seem to trail off.
 “I don’t know. Trying asking that b****. Want a beer?” I offered him the last one. He declined the offer and washed his face.
“I think it’s that Cameron guy. He and Sarah used to go out, and he never seemed to have enough.” George said.
 “Maybe, but this ain’t my problem.  Let the guy be. He wasn’t playing safe”
 “Yeah. By the way, gave me one of that” I gave him one bottle and we drank just one till we had enough talking about them. 
“Hey, that Lorraine girl is hot,” he said, suddenly changing the subject. I shrugged. “I don’t know. Yeah, she’s pretty cool, but she’s not my type.” I felt uneasy. “Man, just pretty? I’m thinking of asking her out” He sneered. “That fast uh? She hasn’t even seen what you are anyway” I said smiling.
“Whatever, there aren’t many chicks like her nowadays. Why are you being like that?” H pushed me on the arm with his bottle.
 “Like what? Being normal?”
 “You’re being uncomfortable talking about her. I thought you liked her since we met her at lunch”, I did, but Andrew was someone that seemed protective about his sister, and I had many problems dating a guy’s sister. “She’s just not my type. Maybe that Erin girl is someone that reaches out my taste.” I said.
“Well whatever dude, I’m asking her out” he said, and walked threw his beer in the bin and walked away. I sure didn’t meet her at lunch. More at an awkward moment. I mean, I just met this girl today. Yeah, honestly, she was beautiful and a great sense of humour. I’m not ready to another girl’s heart.
Lorraine’s POV  

“I don’t get it, Mason seems so nice but he has that type of bad boy look. He’s smart in class, that’s what every teachers being saying and he is smart. And he’s girlfriend, not to mention she calling me a, you know what.” I said to Liam as we walked to music class.
Liam and I had been really close even for the first day since after that little incident earlier this morning. I was busy tying my hair since it gotten in my face in the girls bathroom. I washed all my makeup of because it was becoming oily. As I shut my eyes and pulled my hair up, I heard footsteps walked in. I opened my eyes, there I saw a guy with blond hair with a bit of curls on the bangs. His eyes were green and those beautiful eyes widen once he saw me. I opened my mouth to scream and before I even knew what was going on, he covered my nose with his vanilla butter cream scented hand.
“Shh, don’t scream” he whispered. I nodded, and he let go. “Thank God no other chicks where in here. Hey, are you new? “he asked me while looking around. “ye- yeah, but, why are you in here?” he shh-ed me, which was rather rude, “quiet down, I better get out of here before somehow catches me. Liam by the way, yours?”
“Lorraine, my brother is Andrew.” “Sweet name, right, right, Andrew, he’s cool. Quiet a great guy by the way.” He said scratching his forehead. Well, I didn’t know Andre would be popular already on the first day of school. “Wow, you’re pretty without makeup” he said looking closely at me. I blushed but kept the redness maintained.
“Well, you better get out cause I got some business to do”   I said giving out a fake smile. “right right, girls. See you at lunch? I think you’ve met Mason already since I’ve already met your brother.” I asked, “I don’t know, but I think you better get out before some other girl gets in here”
“Oh, good idea” Liam quickly got out of the girl’s toilet. “Okay, it was nice meeting yah, awkward actually. But hey, I’m your first friend here right?” He said, folding his arms and giving out a cheeky grin. “Haha, yeah. I think so. What was your name again?”
“Liam Kennels, just Liam not in the Kennel” He chuckled and I giggled softly.

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