Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hrmm, pfft -,-

Assalamualaikum, and Hellllloooooo :)

Exam is coming up, next week, I guess. Hrmmm, not in the mood for another test. It's not like I would be making the school proud or anything. And, ermm, taking that crown for number one isn't something I should put my hopes high anyway :/
Hahaha, to think back the past is always funny, don't yah think?
I mean I always thought I wouldn't be as good as anybody else around me. Everybody is good, or I would say *special and unique* in their way. I still don't know what is my talent nor do I know what I really want to be when I grow up. I still remember the first day of school when I was in UK. TERRIFYING. >.<
I didn't know the language, nor was I able to communicate with others. It was difficult, but later on, I got my ways. I made friends, best friends and then leave them, and not keeping in touch.
They don't know me anymore, but, hey, it's okay.
And to here, Malaysia.
I got to admit. I'm not great in making friends. It took time to adjust. Sure I made best friends back in Primary school, but our relationship had gotten , hmm what should I say? Desserted.
And then in Year 5, there was this girl. I sat at the same table, but we didn't talk. We didn't really made eye contact until one left that table and moved to New Zealand.
And then, there was a spark. hahah #retarded much?
We were like instant besties. We sat together for two years behind the same two boys. We all four were close, even though we fought and badmouthed each other, (between the boys and us girls)
we all wanted to go to same school. But after the UPSR results, only one was able to go to SBPI, and the others went to SMJ. I stayed there for only three months. Honestly I loved learning there but I just hated staying in the hostel.
I became braver to talk with others and made alot of friends back there. My relationships with the other girls from primary school had gone closer, but It didn't last long.
So, I moved here, Sintok, and went to SMKBBS.
There is alot of positives and of course negatives.
And then it went back to shy and quiet me plus moody, angry and some other stuff.
I started to change, and  I believe that I improve myself in being friendlier among others.
I finally had bestfriends, and good friends.
Boys? nah, not my thing. Being friends with them is fine with me.
And the teachers? I love them. All nice and friendly people.
But, hmphh, When I'm form four, I was told NOT to continue in that school. Move out. Better education. Which means, 8A's
I just don't want too.
I honestly love that school more than any other schools. I love the seniors and juniors. I especially love the teachers, and how I could understand better than SMJ.
Pftt, I'm just not sure. 

And I'm going to share my dream job #actress#, wink wink, like that's ever going to happen :/
When I'm with my friends I'm so retarded and stuff, but with my family, I'm just annoying and keep things to myself.
I just don't know.

Well, let the world be racist free and at peace. Bye guys. :*

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