Thursday, 10 May 2012

More Than A Beautiful Colour- Chapter One

     “Between you and I; what are the differences?” Harold Soulman asked his only child, Louis, at the dining table. Louis shrugged and asked for another serving of beetroot salad. His mother passed the bowl and took a quick glimpse at her husband who had already gone grey at the tip of his bangs at the age of 48.
      Most people would had completely gone grey, majority at the back and the sides at that age, but Harold was a healthy man and was fond with his hair. He looked impatient, tapping the table softly, trying to catch Louis attention.
     “Well? Tell me what is lacking between you and I?” his voice had gotten deep, like there was something stuck in his throat. Louis shrugged, not wanting to answer; he finished up quickly and left the table. Watching his son leave in a rather annoying way, he gripped upon his fork. Clearing his throat, he finally said, “We haven’t even gotten to the main course. Where are you going son?” Carol took hold of his hand, but he moved it away.
Louis stopped at the step of the stairs. “I’m going to my room, where else? I’m not even hungry.” He walked upstairs and the slammed of his bedroom door was loud enough for the entire house to vibrate.
     “Damn it Carol, what on earth has gotten into him lately?” He looked irritated, having no appetite to eat. “Let him be dear. Maybe he’s stressing out at school.”
    “Are you trying to bluff? Look at how many reports were sent from the Principle. It’s outrageous! Since when did he start smoking? It was that Nathan kid. He’s the problem!” Now, Harold wasn’t going to have another bite anymore.
    “I know you’re worried about him. So I’m I. Maybe the problem is us. We were the one who was too busy to be around here. There is you and your patients, me and my clients; maybe that’s why.”
Carol rubbed his shoulders softly, trying to sooth him down.
     Louis Soulman was the heart of Riverview Eagle High, the bad boy, the so call popular kid.  He’s the son of a doctor and the President of the clothing industry. His hair was in between of black and brown and bangs covering his left eye. His best friend, Nathan, had him going rebellious at the age of fourteen. Three years had already gone by and he was used to cigars, boozes and weeds. The money wasn’t a problem. His parents had it all.
     They, especially his father, were strict on alcohol and drugs. Cigarettes were also considered a type of ‘drug’ to them.

     They lived a healthy lifestyle but Louis was ruining himself. Sure, all those negative activities would had darken his insides, but it hasn’t affect his personality. He liked to be alone. Alone was all he ever wanted. He could get any girl he wanted just by the snap of his fingers without even bothering his parents.
      They knew it all but they’re just too busy, another reason why he’s just used to being ‘alone’ and not wanting to deal the world.
     There are things parents misled to their children, and the main thing is that they just don’t want to understand them; or they just don’t want to try because every grown up has gone through the first steps, or their first words.
     To Louis, that was what was going on in his so call cool life. Having rich parents living in a multimillionaire mansion wasn’t a thrill to him.
     Every kid wants to make their parents proud and then one day they’ll work hard to make money so they could spend on their parents, but for Louis, he doesn’t have to try. Ok, he did admit that he’s not heavy on drugs and alcohol, but the cigars just ease him out. Stressful enough that his dad pressures him so that his son could be just like him? Or that his mom is just too soft on him because she got other important things to deal with?
 Neither, actually. Louis just hates having them around.
     It’s not like they’re paying attention to what he really does after school. He’s 17, didn’t even bother to have a Sweet Sixteen party bash. Friends were looking forward to that, since he’s from a super rich family, thinking that there will be an ultimate party of the century, but high hopes never get fulfil.  It’s just sad.
     Louis took out his Iphone out from the beneath of his pillow. Zee texted him, “R U coming or not?”  He sighed and flung it on the floor. He was tired going out to night clubs, showing his fake ID. For once, he just wanted to stay in. Maybe another cigarette would do. He had a handful of them in the drawer, but the maid was being nosey and told him off to his dad.
     He cursed her underneath his breath and rolled over. Another text was given by Zee. “So? Everybody’s waiting! Text back, ASAP!”   He read it out loud and sighed deeply.
    “On my way babe” he texted back and added a smiley face to go along with it. “Argh, can’t she tell that I’m too tired?” He stood up and search into his closet for his best cloths. Rip jeans and a red tee, cool enough maybe. Fixing his hair, he looked at himself. His scar was showing, so he covered it up his bangs. It wasn’t longs, the scar, but it was just too ugly for him.
    “Damn, I look old.” He chuckled to himself, knowing that he’s not, just for amusement for himself. His white flesh and perfect set of teeth were all good to him. His gums weren’t black, still pinkish red.
     Despite of his smoking habits, he cut them to two sticks per week, since his dad his keeping an eyeful on him. And he’s been visiting to dentist for medical checkups so that other students won’t have a hint on him that he’s on smoking. He stopped drugs, but his parents still thought he’s still on them.
     And booze? Only at times when he really needs it. Wine isn’t his thing. He rushed down stairs, not wanting to make Zee wait for him. His dad was in the living room, reading his daily paper with his lemon tea besides him.
     “Where are you going?” He said, making Louis stutter. Louis breathed in deeply,    “Somewhere” and he shut the door behind him.                                                                      Harold gritted his teeth, Carol; who was just nearby, went up and said “Just let him be dear”.
     “Just let him be? Just let him be?! What are you, fairy god mother and he’s Cinderella? You know where he’s going. He’s meeting up with that troublesome kid and his girlfriend, who I think, in fact, will never, ever have a future!” He was at rage.
     “Calm down Harold! For goodness sake, we’ll work it out. The boy will one day learn that life is too precious. You’ll see, there will be a change in him.” She sighed.
     “Damn it Harold, I need some aspirin.” So she left the room and headed to the kitchen.
      Harold rubbed his sore temples and took his cloak. “I’m going out for some air. Maybe to the hospital, you know, to check up on Mrs. Dent.” So he left, with his Ford out of the mansion.

     Ms. Lionel, one of the eldest maids of the house was busy wiping of the stains from the stove. She moaned as it was rather hard and it made her arm ache. She tried almost three types of expensive chemicals but it was no use.
     “What had Rory been cooking now days?” She muttered, still trying to get rid of the stubborn stain. The Soulman had three maids, Cara and the twins, Stacey and Sarah. There’s also a personal chef, Rory and the butler, John.
     They all live together, since it was a family of three and they were all at peace, they didn’t bicker nor had any envy among any of them. It was harmony in the house, Harold and Carol love having them around the house. Even though they were workers being paid, they were family to them. And if it wasn’t for Stacey, for calling of Louis with his stacks of cigarettes under a pile of neatly fold underwear, Louis won’t hate every one of them.
     But, where on earth did Stacey get the idea of searching things in Louis’s undergarments drawer?
    Anyhow, he still hated them, even though it was just Stacey’s fault for telling Harold. Cara and Sarah kept their distance, since they want no business with him and Rory had his own perfection to do, preparing and cooking the family meals.
     As for John, a 56 year old man, widowed and has no children has never once spoken to Louis, just friendly with everyone else. He loved Harold’s strong laugh and Carol’s singing voice. They seldom have all that around the house as Mr. and Mrs Soulman were occupied at their workplace.
     Even though they weren’t at home at all times; everybody made sure the house was kept and organized.
     “Harold’s at it again.” Carol walked in with her hand gripping on her forehead. “Mr. Soulman must have more problems with your son I guess” Cara said. At last, she was finally able to remove to stubborn stain after two hours of trying. “Oh Cara, he’s just not patient. You know Louis. He’s just doesn’t want to cope with my husband.” She sat down on the stool at the marble counter.
     “Well, he’s a teenager. And you know that teens now days are getting weirder and weirder.” Cara said while rinsing of the cloth and then placing it into the laundry bucket. She sat down next to Carol, placing her hand on her lap. “I remember when my son started acting up, wanting to leave the house. Oh, how tragic. Now look at him, he’s wasting his life away instead of making money.” She shook her head and then looked into Mrs. Soulman eyes.
     “I’m just worried. I’m worried about Louis, and I’m especially worried about Harold. Urgh, where’s the aspirin?” she groaned, still holding on her forehead. “I’ll take it for you miss.” Cara took out the pills from the drawer and hand them out to her with a glass of cold water.
“So, what are you going to do about it?” She said.
     The Jasper’s was heating up. The song was pumping ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ and everybody’s on the dance floor. Louis was sitting in the booth, eating the salted nuts from the small container. Nathan was wasted on the dance floor and Zee was ordering more drinks.
    “You’re not going to be like this for the whole night, aren’t you babe?” Zee touched him, placing her head on his shoulders. “I’m tired.” He said, pushing her away softly.
    “You can’t be tired already, come on let’s dance” she pulled him of the seat. He stood up, and instead of partying like the other animals in the club, he went off to the men’s toilet. The loud music was everywhere in his head. Every now and then, some random guy would bump into him. The smile of reeking alcohol in their mouth for way to much drinking made him light headed.
Zee shrugged looking at her boyfriend. What’s up with him? She thought to herself.

     Lois washed his face with the cold running water. His eyes were baggy and his system was aching. Tomorrow’s school, he feels like skipping it for the twentieth time. It’s just the first semester and his attendance has been poor. Nathan came in. He was dizzy and talking nonsense.
     “The night still young bro, come on. Don’t tell me that you’re already given up with this whole thing?” Nathan patted him on the back. His face has gotten pale. He finally threw up in the urinal.
     “No,” Louis sighed “I need a cigarette.” Nathan hand him one from his back pocket. “Lighter?” he offered. Louis nodded and Nathan lighted it up for him.
     “Feel better now? Aha, need some of this?” Nathan pulled up a bag containing cocaine. “I’ll pass, for now.” He puffed out the smoke and smiled. Now he’s relaxed.
     “Awesome eh? I think your girlfriend is waiting for you down there.” Louis looked out; sure enough she had gotten herself occupied with somebody else.
    “I’m gonna dump her.” Louis said smoothly. He had already finished the cigarette and flushed it down the toilet. “What really? That quick? It’s only been three weeks between you guys. Who’s next?” He chuckled softly. Louis ruffled his hair and walked out the stench of puke.
 Zee was up high and wasted. “Had a great time?” Louis asked. She danced continuously, eyes shut. “Fabulous!” she said, putting arms around him. “Good, cause we’re through”. Louis walked out and got lost. Zee stopped dancing. It was all too fast for her. She doesn’t know what she was supposed to do? Cry? Get mad? Or continue dancing. All Zee doesn’t know was Louis was feeling lighter.

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