Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Superman- chapter two

    “What makes you come back in here?”  Melanie sneered back as she did a final loop on her ponytail. I rolled my eyes and went up to my drawer to take out my towel. “I guess you are just worried what people would say about that stinky attitude of yours.” Melanie continued making fun of me, again, while laughing with her devilish, -weird, little voice. “Melanie, don’t you have any other important things to do? Like, hmm I don’t know, throw out yourself in the garbage??” I stomped my way to my –our bathroom to take a quick shower, so I won’t make Dave waiting for breakfast. Why couldn’t he just grab a sandwich and go relax till the holiday ends? And why can’t it be Melanie free for one week? I mean, going to the resort and having a complete package of manicures and pedicures is way better than staying in the academy. Jeez, she has a family.
    “Something about her tells me she’s just jealous” Melanie plucked her lips to put on her Avon cherry lip gloss. She stood up from her makeup table to check whether everything was perfect. Of course, to her, everything IS perfect.
Seconds later, there was soft knock on the door. “Urgh, what now?” Melanie opened the door without hesitations. “You know that I’m in the middle of-“
“Hi Melanie” Dev gorgeous face stoned Melanie. “Um, hi…Dave” Dave smiled, feeling what an awkward moment it was. “Oh, is Deena here? We were about to have breakfast, but since it’s near to noon, I think we’re going to have brunch.” He said, with both hands in the back of his pockets. “Well, um Deena’s taking a shower.” Melanie said softly while pulling back her bangs behind her ear. It was very uncomfortable situation, them face to face, not knowing what to say. “So, can I come in? If it is cool with you girls, I mean.” Dave asked to catch up the foggy air.
“Yeah, why not. Come in,” Melanie took a step back, making a entrance for Dave to walk in. “Wow, I’ve been friends with Deena for years and never gotten the chance to hang out in her dorm room. She’s always into mine.” Dave rest his back on Deena’s bed. “Oh really? So tell me, what is your relationship between you and Deena?” Melanie asked closely. “Our relationship? I guess we are just best friends” he stood back up again, looking at his watch.
I finally had myself clean for the day. As I stood out from the bathroom, all I could see was Melanie, blushing and chuckling with Dave. “Dave! What are you doing in here?” My eyebrows were connecting again. Dave looked ahead at me. They’re conversation ended. Dave gave me his usual lovely smile and stood up. “Breakfast has ended, brunch? I’m starving!” Dave said, with light in his eyes. “What are you doing in here Dave; you know how I don’t want you to come in here because I have things that are worth keeping away from you.” Without realizing, Dave hand was holding mine, “Come on Deena, I known your secrets, and you’ve known mine. Can’t we just go and eat or something?” Melanie sat there quietly, looking at me bicker with Dave, who in fact seemed to care more of food than interrupting his friend privacy. “I let him in, don’t blame him” Melanie stood up. “Well, it was nice talking to you Dave. I’m heading out now, to the mall, with my girlfriends.”
Her words meant to be directed at me. Melanie walked out in those extremely high heels. My hair was still wet, the water from my hair dripped on my shirt, making everything I’m wearing wet. Dave took my towel and covered my head. “Can we? Now? Please?”
 OK, it was a nice thing that Dave was considerate enough to put the towel on my hair so it could absorbed all the water, but hmmmph, food. “Ok, ok, but I got to put on a little makeup.” I said. Dave rolled his eyes. “You’re pretty already” Dave squealed. “No, just a bit!” I hesitated. Dave took the face powder that was from my hands, placed some on to his and wiped it on my face for me. “There!” I looked in the mirror and all I wanted to do was strangle him. “Dave! Come on, you said you were hungry. “  Dave laughed. He put both hands on my face and wiped of the excessive powder softly. “There, are you pleased now?” He said in a mild tone. I opened my eyes and looked at the mirror. “Ok lets go. But first…” I took the powder from the floor, and squeezed it out on his face, “Hahaha, ok. Let’s go.” “How dare you! Deena!” Before a spilt second, I was out from my dorm. Dave shut the door behind him and chased after me. It was all squeals and laughter. I lost him. He was somewhere, trying to find me for squeezing out the powder on his face. I looked left and right, he wasn’t there. Then there was a vibration. I took out my phone and there was SMS from Dave. –‘I’ve found you:P’
“Boo!” Dave grasped on my shoulders, making me trip over the plant that was behind me. He had time to catch me in his arms before I’d hit my head on the pot. It was awkward. His blue eyes met mine. Both deeply gazing as I tried to find suitable words. Well, I didn’t realised how lovely his eyes were… tilled now. I stood up and he let go.”You finally did, “ I smiled, trying to release a cough. “Um, yeah. Salvatore’s Deck is around the corner. Erm, why don’t we eat there?”  I brushed down my shirt, not wanting to hesitate in replying. “Ok, um, let’s go”
Dave lead and I followed. Every now and then, he would be scratching his forehead and coughing. Why was it now I see him differently? He looked like more than a best friend.

Dave’s POV

    “Hey Deena, why don’t you go in first  and order for me while I head to the restroom.” I told her. “Oh ok. What do you want?” She asked, checking her into her purse. “No, no, let it be. I’m buying remember? Just buy my favorites. You know right?” Deena eyes widen. “But it’s like lunch already, we’ve been wasting time playing chasing around.. and I said I would buy lunch.” She said, closing her purse and putting it right back into her pocket. “Well, today’s lunch is on me Deena,” I offered her a sincere smile. “Oh well, then. One extra large blueberry fizz and double chicken burger with no onions but extra mustard, and a side of onion rings, I’m I right Dave?”
I gave her a slight punch. “Yes, absolutely correct. And I guess you’ll have the same but in a smaller package?” I chuckled. Deena was the type that would eat anything that I would eat if she was ordering because it would be faster for them to prepare the same things instead of two complete different things. “Haha, ok, you know me to well.” She laughed.
“Well, nine years of friendship Deena. I still remember the day you cried to me because James placed a real life frog in your bag pack.” I said, still smiling. “Well, I still recall the time that you won’t go out and play at the playground because there was the ‘cooties disease’ for the whole two weeks Dave”. She said, with both hands on her waist. “Ok ok, you win.”I said, chuckling under my breath. “I’ll order and you do your business in the men’s toilet.” She said as she walked in the restaurant.
I made my way to the restroom. I opened the tap and let my hands run through the cold water. Taking one handful of it and rubbing it onto my face. I looked down at the sink. Was I, David Bullock, falling for Deena Knowles, my best friend for the first time in nine years?

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