Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Superman - Chap 1

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys :3
So this is my new story. And honstly I love writing this first chapter. So please read and enjoy!
Love, Shafiqah:)Amira.

    The sound of running water from the bathroom hasn’t stopped since twenty minutes ago, and it’s killing my sleep! To top up with loud shower water hitting hard on the moldy tiles and ear-aching singing from Melanie was that project from outside our window. Ian and Fred had been on that project for the past three weeks, using a mini chain saw and endless banging. Which means that I had no beauty sleep, or I would say, no dead-silent, long-lasting sleep for the past three weeks. If you haven’t been observing my face from that period of time, you would be surprise how I looked like I had aged 10 years older. Finally it had stopped, all those annoying sounds around me, had finally stopped. I smiled and continued my sleep, covering my face with the duvet and hugging my pillow. But, it didn’t last long. Ian had gone from chain sawing to hammering, while Melanie started singing another tune. I drag myself out from that warm and cozy duvet and looked out of the window.
    There, I could see Ian hammering the nails and took one from the nails that he placed in his mouth, while scratching his scalp covered with brownish blond curls and Fred helped him with the mounting board.
Melanie finally finished bathing; she wrapped her hair with the small gift towel and had worn her bathrobe.
“Hey, close the curtains. I’m like half naked here.” She panicked.
“You’re like fully covered Melanie” I said while pulling the violet curtains to the centre.
“Thank you, and if you would mind, please hide yourself in the closet or lock yourself in the bathroom while I change.”She said, while choosing today’s outfit from her enormous wardrobe; not even bothering to wait for my answer.
“I’ll just go out while you cover that big bum of yours” I smiled, sarcastically. I head out of my dorm room, and sighed. Okay, we were dorm mates, but not good mates.

It was my fourth year here at Southern York Academy. Before this, it was me and Liah, my ultimate best friend, but she moved to Australia because her uncle has a new job there. There. In Australia and not in the States. Liah parents died in an airplane crash to the Himalayas when she was five years old and was raised by her aunt and uncle from her mother’s side. In replace for Liah, Melanie was the lucky one. She was the daughter of the New York’s Today’s News news-reporter. So technically, she’s a rich kid. Our school is mainly about art and drama, and science and mathematics. Our school is complicated but this is a place for talented people who can find hope for the future. So I was lucky enough to get a scholarship here.  I’m taking Science course. Melanie’s taking drama and art. If you were in my position this morning, she has no hope in the singing career, but I must say, she’s a pretty good actress, an annoying one.
“Hai Deena, what’s up?” He startled me. Dave smiled by the startle look on my pale face. I punched him on his wimpy arm. Ok, he wasn’t wimpy, quite muscular but not as muscular as Evan’s damn hot arms. “Ouch! What was that for?” he scowled as he rubbed his pinkish arm. “That was for scaring me,” I said. “and, hello” I finally replied his greeting. He softly shook his head gave a weird stare. I smiled, because it just looked funny. He finally showed his perfect set of teeth and put his arm around me, “So what does my best friend wants to eat for breakfast?”
“Breakfast? Wait, isn’t it school today? Oh no” I started to panic. He pushed my forehead with his thumb.
”It’s the first day of the whole week holiday dummy.” He said back to me.
“Oh, right, no wonder Ian and Fred are on the project early in the morning.”, I said, twirling my hand. “That’s right, and I’m starving. Breakfast?” He said with big eyes and wonderful smile. “Why not, you’re buying?” I asked eagerly. “Fine, since you are my best friend, and you’ll by me lunch today, deal.”
He replied raised his thumb.
 “Deal, what… fine, I’ll buy you lunch. Where’s Rolan? “ As I pressed down his thumb in agreeing in buying him lunch.
 “He’s at the workshop with Garmina. And he’s on diet. His belly has to slim down someday.” He said while we walked down the hall full of other dorms. Rolan was my other best friend and Garmina was his girlfriend and also a good friend.
    “So, how much did you bring?” I looked down at his wallet from his back pocket. He took it out and checked it. “Enough to feed you,” He laughed under his breath. I rolled my eyes and continued walking.  As we were like ten feet away from the sandwich parlor, people passing me started looking at me and once they pass by me, they’ll start to whisper and giggle. What’s their problem?
Then suddenly I screamed. Dave was at startle, like he was going to have a heart attack. Beady eyes looked at us.”What? What’s going on Deena?” His eyes widen as he grasped on my shoulders. I punched him hard, harder this time on both arms. “Oww! What was that for?!” He gave me that dumb look, “You’ll see for yourself Dave!”I turned my back and walked hurriedly to my dorm room, not wanting to embarrass myself even further. And I could tell that Dave was also laughing hysterically behind my back.

Dave’s P.O.V

 As Deena turned around and walked to the direction to her dorm made me feel like bursting out laughing. Honestly, she looked good enough in those green bunnies’ pajamas and fluffy Angry Birds slippers. I hold me breath, trying not to make a peep in laughing. The fact that I didn’t realize how ridiculous she looked didn’t surprise me because I had already seen her goofy and quirky side. And the only thing I saw was one thing. She looked beautiful, she always looked marvelous. Even in those clown pajamas.  

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