Thursday, 14 June 2012

Soory Ya'll


I'm terribly sorry for not updating things for weeks now, so sorry eh? :>
Like I said last time, I had a Mid-Term Test and I think being second place in class would somehow,- probably be taken by someone else. Yes, I WAS STUPID IN THIS TEST. the IMPORTANT TEST. I some other friends did notice how my score went down, totally reach the bottom. SO far only 2A's, wtf..
So, I'm going to register for tuition. Yipee!..urgh :/ Less time downstairs on the computer and more on the books, probably. Well, I'm just hoping to get top five. Oh GOD, i'm so freakin' nervous. And hey, Anis? Congratulations on getting first prize again, I really mean it :D the results is not out yet but, we all know right who's getting number one? Hahah
k, then. That's all. Pretty short, but hey, at least I updated right?
Bye Earthlings :>

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