Monday, 9 July 2012

The Kite Is Always Free- chap 2

‘Mother, you can’t do this to me!’ I took hold of the gun and threw it across the room, my eyes looked at her, furious but yet confused. She was in tears, triple the amount than the last couple of months. She collapse on the floor, shaking her head continuously banging her head on the floor.
‘Stop, stop, stop! Don’t you ever, ever try to kill yourself,’ I clutched on her shoulders, her eyes were shut tightly but the tears continued flowing. And somehow, I don’t know why, I was crying too.
      ‘We should have run away,’ I whispered,
      ‘you should have agreed!’ I hit her on the lap till I had enough. My mother sat there, not moving an inch nor even trying to respond. She just sat there, shaking her head as if everything was a big mistake.
I wiped of the existing tears though there were more to come. I stood up, and coldly said ‘When I come back to school, I better not find you dead.’ I took my bag, straightened my hair and took off to school, leaving my mother messed up, giving her time to rethink. Just one more thing before I stepped out of the basement, I took the gun and slid it into my bag. ‘Don’t waste anymore of your life, you’ve , already wasted enough,’ the final words I wanted to give to her before I was already gone to school. As I walked past Fay’s Pond, I tried to remember when was it the last time I seen the ducks. The last time I gave them stale bread and the last time I watched the duckling grow. Eight years was that last time, and maybe there won’t be a next time. And then something caught my eye.
      He had dark hair, the bangs covering his eyes, quite a pale face. He wore ripped jeans and had a red tee on, and he was sitting on the same beautifully carved bench next to the green bin that I used to sit eight years ago, and he was too throwing bread into the pond.
      I’m not sure how long I was staring at him, but he finally saw me. His green eyes gazed long enough to make me uncomfortable, so I continued my journey to school. And on the way, I shed the tears I saved back at the basement for no freakin’ reason. Was it that I felt wasted like my mother? My father was probably bummed somewhere down an ally, his company had gone broke three years ago, but he’s still threatening my mother on their secret and that’s why he was able to be fed. Anyhow, I’m not going to continue my life like this, when my father is found dead somewhere and my mother began stabling her grounds, and then I’ll be free. And think again, it might not even happen. By the time I reached school, Dina was already waiting for me. Apparently, she waited for a long time enough for her to pull the face and continuously tapping her perfectly done manicure, indigo in shade.
      ‘What’s taking you so long Sadie? Remember, I still have my book report to be hand out today. You said you’ll help me but now I think it’s too late-‘she continued complaining and won’t stop. I already had enough drama happening back home, I’m not going to tire myself because of Dina. I unzipped my back and took out 23 pages of book report I had done late might yesterday which I neatly bind it with Dina Holmes name on it. I give it to her, almost slapping her chest and made her shut up. ‘Now you got something to put on Watchmen desk,’ I said with no mood on.
‘Can we go now?’ I asked.
Dina who was trying to find the word perfectly for me came out nothing but air. And moments later she slammed the paper in front of me. She looked at me in disgust.
‘What?’ I said.
‘Yeah, like you don’t know’ arms folded.
‘You know how I don’t want help from you to do this.’
‘Then why did you ask?’
‘I wanted you to teach me how to write a good book report. Obviously, you took pity on me.’
‘Why should I? It’s your fault for doing it at the last minute’
‘You know, if this is the way in showing how stupid I am, forget it. I don’t need you help anymore’ she stomped away, stepping on top of the book report.
‘And I never wanted to anyway,’ I whispered in my heart and picked up the 23 pages of hard work. I always knew our friendship was tumbling anyway. Lately, I didn’t seem to care. I walked down the hallway, my hair covering my face, books held tightly on my chest. I opened my locker, and pushed in the book report roughly into it. I slammed my locker and my eyes started to roll for the fifth time today.
‘What is it you want Josh?’ still with the no mood on. ‘oh you know, a date, you and I…’ his arms were over me and I had enough of it. ‘How many times should I say, I’m not interested. Now get out of my way.’ I pushed his arms off my locker and made an exit. ‘Oh come on Sadie.’ He lifted up both hands in frustration. ‘You’re like the hottest girl in school’ he continued saying out loud and I stopped walking. The entire student body was literally froze and eyed on us, especially me. Really? Now? I turned around, really annoyed with his presence. ‘Don’t you ever say that again Josh, and I don’t care what so ever, whether I’m hot or not, I’m never, ever going out with a jerk like you’ I stabbed my finger into his chest and he seemed to enjoy it. Then I left him.
       ‘OK, I’m now going to announce who will receive the biology test money. Farah Dickson and Sadie Varn…’ I had already snatched the money off his hands. Thank God, I really needed the money. To pay my school fee, the rent and to buy mother's medication. My mother’s medication first. The others I’ll pay later, my mother desperately need the money for some painkillers.
I quickly slip the money into my pocket and then zipped it, for the money’s safety. It’s too precious, especially at the time when people like me desperately needs it. ‘Well, class, every year the same people getting the money, what about the rest of you?..’  Mr Boyle continue saying and then I received a note passed from the back.
      I looked behind and surely enough, the note was from Jason. ‘Open it’ he lipped. And there was a small note written in his sloppy handwriting saying ‘date tonight, with that money.’ Oh my God, what was wrong with him? I already said no, so no then. I scribbled on the piece of paper and drew a face with the tongue stuck out and passed it back to him.
      From the corner of the room, I saw Dina, eyeing on me. I think the fact that I received a note from her crush wasn’t pleasing, but I don’t care. She started the drama; all of the sudden doesn’t want to be friends, and not wanting to cooperate properly. I didn’t want to place my eyes on her, so I placed them to someone else.
      ‘Good morning everyone, this is a new student. He had just moved here from England. Say hi to the class and your name.’ the principle came in with a new kid from another country. He hesitated at first but finally talked, ‘Hey… um, I’m Eden Williams,’ and then stood silent. ‘Any questions you want to ask about him?’ the principle looked around. I guess no one had any. The principle nodded and showed him to an empty seat next to Jason. ‘Be good,’ the principle said and then head out.
‘Ok then,’ Mr Boyle continued his daily lessons. Half of the class was already sleeping. Jason apparently made a new friend. Apparently, he was showing his ‘new friend’ the girl he had been working his butt off to impress.

     I took baby steps first; then I walked faster by every minute. Why hadn’t she picked up the phone? Beads of sweat started to form, nervous to what must have happened to her. I already warned her this morning, she must have store a backup gun somewhere. I was about twenty steps away from the door, I tripped and bruised myself. I lift myself up even though I was bleeding badly. I took the key from my purse and carelessly unlocked the door. My father wasn’t home yet, no signs of his wrecked car.  My eyes widen as I saw trails of blood from the kitchen to the basement. I ran to the basement, horror to find her lying as though dead on the ground. Her hands were covering her stomach. I pushed them aside and saw a kitchen knife stabbed deeply inside of her. Then I called 911.

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