Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Kite Is Always Free- Chap 4

‘What do you know?’ I asked him when I was about to leave and head home. He hasn’t stop following me since this morning nor did he ever for the past four years.
         ‘Alright, to be honest with you, I’ve been doing a little research on you…’
I gave him an eyeful, stern and furious. ‘Hey, don’t blame the crazy passion I have for you’ he lifted both hands as if to defend himself. I rolled my eyes and stopped down to tie my shoelace. ‘Don’t… even think’
‘Ok, ok, ok’ he was looking at me, my behind. ‘Ok, I’ve found out that your dad was involved with this dude, what was his name… Jater, Mater, Kater…’
‘Sater?’ I asked. He snapped his fingers, ‘Yeah, him, what is it that you know about him?’ He jogged a little further in front of me. ‘He’s my uncle, why?’ I was confused to where he was heading to,
‘One kiss for an answer,’ he tapped his lips, I punched him hard. ‘Ouch! Cheek?’ My fist was about to punch him again till he hold them tightly, ‘ok ok geez, you’re so difficult.’ He scratched his forehead, and let go off a sigh. ‘Sater Varner was part of a black market, he was the head there, people called him the Scorpion, I have no idea why’ he continued.
‘What does he hold in the black market?’
‘I don’t know, but I know that it was far bigger than crack or money. It was said he was doing a business of trading, God knows what he was trading, it was big and he was needed to be stopped.’
‘So, you think my dad is too involved in this trading business which you have no idea in? And, what does this have to do with my mother’s death?’
He smiled, ‘well you see, your mother hold a very dark secret between her and The Scorpion. There had been reports of your dad and Sater having a jolt down Fays Old Chinese Takeout but it was never found true. So they let it be, and many said that your mom would sell herself, like some sort of bribe to the cops in distracting them, so Sater could move his headquarters to somewhere else fast.’
I was stunned with the information, but not one second I believed that my mother was involved.
‘Well?’ Jason looked at me, waving a hand. ‘You’re lying, my mother won’t even do such thing, look at them, my mom hated my dad, my dad had been beating shit out of her for years. This had been nothing but a waste of time. Jason, if you are just going to badmouth about my family, I don’t care whether you are talking about my dad, my uncle or even my mom, you don’t deserve to even be near to me. Get lost!,’ I shouted at him, all my guts were already out and smothered in his face.
      ‘Well yeah, you can’t handle the truth. You don’t even know what your mom really did eight years ago, nor was that your dad far from a jerk.  You didn’t even know that they were like that, all you did was waste your time on your mom, and hey, she end up DEAD. And all you do is act as if nothing matters, like nothing ever did happen!’
Then I shut him up. My hand had already learned to slap somebody. I slapped Jason right on his face and he stood stunned.
‘You want to know the truth eh? I’ve been living my life wishing that a day from now, life would be perfect, normal. And every day, I’m having my  hopes high, that my dad and my mom would stop fighting, that he would come back to us as a father, my mom not wanting to take her life because of him’ my eyes started to water, and one by one they fall to the ground ‘and all I could do was watch. WATCH. What was the point in actually doing something, my dad was broke and he was out somewhere bummed around, my mom had practically gone mad, she talks to herself, aha she even made a new friend last Sunday night! Yeah, shit happens and we have to deal with it. It doesn’t matter now, she’s gone, my life had gone easier, my dad is nowhere to be seen. And all I have to deal now is people like you who just can’t stop getting on people nerves! Don’t you think that life doesn’t matter to me, life is all I have now,’ I’m not going to cry anymore in front of him, I took out an ointment from my bag and handed it to him. ‘Don’t bother to return it to me,’ I hated him, what was it that made me special to him? I ran away, faster than I had ever been before, and then I cried again, I was losing my breath as I sat down on the beautifully carved bench I once sat on eight years ago. I covered my eyes; I didn’t want to see the world anymore. I didn’t want to breathe Earth’s air. I wanted to be dead, I wanted to be next to my mother again, I wanted to lie on her lap that I used to when I was very little. Now she’s gone, who I’m I suppose to lay my head on? There was no one. No one I could go to. Everything was dead to me. My soul was dead.
    And then he came to me, he gave me a tissue. I took it without hesitation. He had been a nice presence, and I wanted him to stay.
‘What have you been doing?’ he asked me.
‘Crying, you?’ I wiped my nose.
‘Looking at you, Sadie.’ He gave me a reassure smile which made me smile a little.
‘Oh, can you sit next to me?’ I asked him.
‘Sure, it’s nice here. It’s nicer to be near to you,’ he sat down and handed me another tissue from his pocket.
‘Um…’ I stutter,
‘What?’ he lift a brow which looked funny.
‘You don’t seem to have an English accent.’ I smiled.
He laughed and scratched his forehead then touched his bangs.
 ‘Well, that’s because I’m not from the UK.’ He winked at me and I nod, applying that I understood.
‘Can I ask you something?’ I whispered softly.
‘What,’ he lipped.
‘Can I lay my head on your shoulder? Please…’ I wasn’t sure of it but I needed it.
‘Sure thing,’ he whispered back. He came closer to me so I was able to place my head on his broad shoulders.
I smiled and touched his forehead. Then I pushed aside his bang. There was a scar. No wonder he was covering his eyes. Then he went to touch them, ‘Don’t…’ I pushed his hand away.
‘Your eyes, they’re gorgeous. Don’t let the scar bother you Eden.’ I smiled again and he smiled back.
‘Shouldn’t you be placing your head on my shoulder?’ he teased. I punched him a little and finally placed my sore headache on him. I felt better, I needed somebody besides Jason.
‘Thank you,’ I whispered softly to his ears.
We stayed there till the ducks were gone and the sun was down. We just sat on the the bench next to the green bin. Nothing was needed to be said. We just let Mother Nature do the talking.

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