Monday, 2 July 2012


Assalamualaikum and HIIIIIIIIIIIIII:3
 Chapter two isn't done yet, don't worry I'm gonna post it. I just don't have the time lately, you know, paying back my fast, sports day rehearsal, getting home late, my mom suddenly had fallen ill, etc.
So at the moment things aren't stable. Don't worry, there's always light :")
So, I promise to post up chap two as soon as I can. The Kite Is Always Free. Do you guys want to know what the story is about?
Well, I ain't going to tell much. But this is it.
It's about the lives of two people, both feel lost, unsecure, and still searching the light that needs to lit up the candle. And then they meet each other, and the relationship starts to grow. More conflict awaits, challenges and stuff. And in the end, one will finally be free...that's why it's called, The Kite is Always Free. I bet you didn't get the last part'one will finally be free', well you just have to read, muahahahahaahahaha :P
ok, that's all I want you guys to know,
xoxo, Piqah.

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