Tuesday, 28 August 2012

So far

Assalamualaikum and hello mah friends:)
It's been long since I've update anything, the internet is freakin' sloooooow cuz my lil sis had been wasting them by watching foreign language barbie movies which OBVIOUSLY she can't understand. I mean, that kid is smart. She knows how to start the WiFi -_- and she's only three, wtf. OK, puasa dah lepas. Which means, I'm going to gain weight after a month of losing the bulging fat. Common, the food is awesome, the money is great, meeting my grandparents again is touching but *cough* *cough* I rather stay in mah bed :>
The third exam had pass, the marks aren't amusing but meh, I'm thankful I didn't fail.
Ok, I think I'm getting a bit too hyper and crazy at school. And I think it's the cause for bad scores. I mean, when I was quiet back in form one, I'll get piss whenever everybody gets noisy and I can't concentrate. But now, I listen, yeah, but my ears are more focus to something else and I join in the fun.My sisters aren't fun to 'play' with, that's the prob -_-
One thing for sure, next year is my last year in SMKBBS, I honestly love this school more than any other school. Oh well, it's for my Papa :/

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