Saturday, 29 September 2012

Following Footsteps - chapter one

I pack in the final items that I’ll need. My dad is shipping me off to the Great Britain, a dream come true. We had bickering and I-don’t-even-know-you phases before in the past, but lately, our relationship had gone very well. Until, one fine afternoon he comes rushing in, lights lit his eyes for the first time, perfect teeth shown broadly and one hand came with an delicate looking envelope. He hugged me, I was stunned. He then gave me the envelope, as he whispered ‘Go on, Stephanie. Dreams are finally happening’ softly into my ear.
        The envelope had a misty scent to it, the address were hand-written beautiful in authentic ink and sure enough it was for me. As I slowly tear the envelope, afraid I would damage the inside contents. As I read it, my final chance of hope God gave me is shining through the dark insides that once was cold but now warm and loved.



        Ms Stephanie Ray Jefferson.

      I would proudly say that you have been chosen to attend Garden Wings Academy  here in London with full scholarship.

     Just so you know, as a chosen student to be part of Garden Wings Academy, be the best to make us proud. The video you have sent shows us that you could show more of your gift of talented music and expand it here in Garden Wings Academy.

    Your school uniform will be place in your dorm room and class schedule is with Ms Alison Brown. The first term for school opening is on the 25th of July, so please be fully prepared with the following items on the slip B and registration is a week before.

 It is a pleasure to have you here, and I’ll be looking forward to meet you.

 GOOD Talent COMES from gift, GREAT TALENT COMES FROM the pure soul


My heart skips a beat. It's like a once in a life time opportunity and I'm going for it.

‘Are you ready for this?’ Dad stroke my hair.
‘More than anything’ I say back. Dad hugs me, tightly into his well build arm.
‘Aren’t you going with me, Dad?’ Dad shakes his head slightly, he then kiss my forehead. ‘When I have the money, I’ll come to you in London, ok sweetheart?’ I nod my head, and hug my dear father for the final time.
The airport makes it chime, and my flight is going to departure soon.
‘Promise me you’ll be there. I’m scared, Dad’ I say to him. My nerves are heating up, my hands starts to tremble.
‘Don’t be, Stephanie. You’ll do fine, Mom will be proud of you like…’
‘like she’s watching upon me, ‘ I continue. Dad gives me an assuring smile. He kisses me on the cheek, and for somewhat reason, I start to tear up.
‘Bye Dad, I’m going to miss you’ as I pick my bag. I couldn’t help myself to hug him again. ‘I’ll miss you too, darling’ he strokes my hair again and then we depart from one another.

After hours of flight, the plane makes its landing. ‘I’m here, I am really here’ I whisper to myself.  Once I take my luggage, I gotten out from London International Airport. London was what I’ve imagine it to be, beautiful, joy and hopes of dreams fluttering everywhere.
       I stop a hackney carriage; it was small, black and an English old-fashioned taxi. My heart giggled as I enter the taxi.
‘Hello Miss. Where do you want me to drop you off?’ a scruffy bald man with a tiny moustache ask me.
‘Um, Garden Wings Academy? Take me there please.’ I answer back.
‘Right around the corner,’ he  says, and the hackney carriage starts to move.
There was an awkward silence for the past ten minutes. ‘New here?’ he asks me.
‘Yes, just an hour ago,’ I reply. ‘Garden Wings Academy, uh. Fancy school to go to. Rich kids mostly. Where are you from?’ I’m starting to feel  really, really uncomfortable.
‘America,’ I answer simply and shortly.
‘Oh, well then, welcome to London. I’m Johnson Wright, call me John, if you may.’
‘Stephanie, just call me Stephanie,’ I smile. John starts to laugh in a comfortable way. ‘Ok then Stephanie, I’m sure you’re going to love it here.  The food is great, the
shopping is great, the folks here are nice chaps.’
‘I can’t wait,’ I say back to him. London, give me everything you got.
As John pulls over, he says we were here. I look out and I was stunned. There it is again, the butterflies in your stomach moments and I’m having one right now. This couldn’t be it, it’s unbelievable.
‘So, are you just going to sit there and stare or get out to your school?’ John bluffs.
I smiled sweetly at him and gotten out. I put my hand into my pockets trying to find money to pay for the taxi fee, but John stops me.
‘For you, it’s free Miss, get going, it was a pleasure meeting a young girl as lovely as you were Stephanie.’
I shake his hand and say my thanks for his kindness. Then the scruffy bald man whose name is Johnson Wright drives off away.
Now it was just leaving me and this building. What stood before me is the place where my mother used to attend to. And now, I’m following each of her footsteps. Now I wonder, did she have this feeling where your heart pounds loudly, or your stomach churns up? But one thing for sure, her dreams started from here, and so will mine.
It’s Garden Wings Academy, where dreams are made of.

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