Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hello earthlings :")

I have two sisters who are twins , obviously, and they are in Year Six, WHICH MEANS, UPSR is coming up in about one and a half days to go.
To to make the story short...
Dedicated to,
Shahirah and Shahidah,
Good luck! I wish for the best, though somebody, (Shahirah) says I'm a bad role modal for ending up at SMKBBS, which FYI sis, I ace the test perfectly fine and was able to attend SMJ thank you very much. XOXO anyway, make our family proud <3
Amira Savitri,
SR, SD, and you, a perfect triplet and one born by a different mother :P I wish the best of luck for you, you'll do perfectly fine :* XOXO
Aizat, mah weird, helpful, awesome cousin, ace the test will yah? terutamanya math, guna lah jari awak tuh, k? :D XOXO

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