Friday, 5 October 2012

Following Footsteps- chapter two

I got to stop myself with this habit, or else my nails will completely fall off. So, I sit on top of my hands to prevent further chewing. I wait anxiously for Headmistress Garcia Mc’Callum on one of the most comfy chairs I ever sit on, with my guitar besides me.
          The Waiting Room was beautifully decorated; it was painted with vibrant colours and music notes too. On the ceiling has glitter stars hang on them, when the glitter hits the ceiling lights, the whole place sparkles with enchantment. Nearby, there is a huge window in between Garcia Mc’Callum’s office and the Waiting Room; I stood up to see what lies before it.
There, in my fascination, was the whole school. You could see everything here. No wonder her office is place her, she could see what the whole student body does. Near the fountain was a group of girls strumming the guitar, while a whole lots of spectators stay by to enjoy the performance. And not far from the east, was a girl, small with thick glasses, scribbling something into a note pad. And then, a group of guys, and another girl, this one blonde, slim with long legs, approach her and …

‘Ms Jefferson, have you waited long?’ the voice of a sweet accent startle me,
‘Um, no, not that long’ I stutter a bit.
She raises one eyebrow and plucks her lips. ‘Well then, don’t you mind come in?’ then she walks into her office,  I pick up my guitar and  follow her after.
‘Did you prepare the form?’ she ask me, while I was about to sit. I hand her the filled in form that I kept carefully in my bag pack.
She takes a while to review what I wrote down.
‘Well then, Ms Stephanie Ray Jefferson how was the trip?’ she smiles at me. I somehow feel so dumb that I couldn’t answer her question. Maybe it’s the nerves.
‘Um, well, I guess, tiring since I just arrive a couple of hours ago’ I was so unsure, did I sound like bragging?
‘Ok, well, I only want to ask that, the rest is taken care of. You may go now Ms Jefferson,’ she says.
Our meeting was short, very brief and again, short. And I waited quiet long to know everything about this school, where is my dorm room? Who’s Ms Alison Brown? Where to go actually?
It was like as if she could read my mind when she said, ‘Nathan Holmes will guide you to everything around here. You’ll get everything answered from him, there’s no need to worry. You may wait outside, Ms Jefferson.’ She didn’t take a glance of my confused face. So I walk out, and sat down on to one of the ’comfiest chairs’ that I stated earlier, I kind of regret that.
I tap my feet, waiting, and waiting and this Nathan guy still isn’t here to give me a tour guide. I then start to bite my nails till another voice startles me for the second time today.
‘Hungry? There’s always the cafeteria.’ He then chuckles.
I wipe my hands, gosh this is embarrassing. Then, I lift my head to find a tall guy, light brown hair with a wave on the front, hazel eyes and dimples. And, I have no idea how my eyes caught this, he has a small birthmark or whatever on his neck nearby his chest area. Oh God, my eyes.
His eyes widen, he shows perfect set of teeth and says ‘Hello, I am Nathan Holmes at your service’. I giggle under my breath when his British accent somehow tickles me.
‘And you are Stephanie Ray? I’m I right Stephanie?’ there it is again, I can’t stop giggling. I nod, confirming it was correct and then shake his hands.
‘Alright then, you must be exhausted, let me take you to your dorm room alright? Let’s go.’
I follow him through the halls and the twist and turns.
‘It’s a good thing this school has an elevator, great amount of time are save’ he says. When the elevator stops, we reached to Angels. The girls all stay in this level, level seven, eight and nine. It’s a rule, which is what Nathan says. As we walk pass the halls of Angels, it was almost like the Big Brother house. And every now and then, some girls start to flirt with Nathan and give an eyeful at me.
‘Don’t bother about them; they are not used to foreigner’ he says.
‘How do they know where I’m from?’ I ask.
‘Well, we know everything before Mc’Callum tells us. It’s a tradition around here, we are like a family. The school is big, but not many could come here. You are one of the few lucky people Stephanie.’
We finally reach to my room. I’ve been told I’ll share a room with two other girls and I can’t wait to start making new British friends from London.
‘I’ll drop you off here. Here is the card which allows access to only your room. Don’t lose it, there’s no other spare.’ He hands me a small card that has my face on it and my name. Behind, it states what dorm I am in what level. And, on the edge is what allows access to my room.
‘So, I’ll come soon for lunch ok?’ he says. I nod in agreement and he smiles back at me. Then he walks off away.
As I slid the card in the slot, I slowly open the door. There I could see my luggage, and a girl comforting another girl who’s crying and breathing hard.
‘She’s just so mean Lea,’ the girl sobs.
‘Don’t worry, stop crying Megan, we’ll show her who’s the better and greater around here.’ I stop at the door and saw that crying girl face.
It was that small girl, with thick glasses who was shoved off to the ground by that blonde slim girl.

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