Monday, 26 November 2012

Save Me - Chapter One

      I woke up to the usual 9.00 o’clock morning light. The sun ray shone down through the window and into my eyes. I got up as I rubbed my sleepy eyes. I stripped down my night clothes and got into the shower. As I turned on the shower, it made this troubling sound that made you think something awful was going to explode. After four minutes and twenty seconds precisely, cool running water showered down on top of my head. I let it run through my hair, behind my ear and down my body. Once I realized I had stayed in there for more than ten minutes, I quickly took a towel and wrapped it around my wet naked body.
      Five minutes later I got dress into my rip jeans and tank top with a red cardigan over me. I got down and saw Aunt Lucida squeezing the juices out of the oranges and into a jug. She then poured the freshly squeezed orange juice into a glass to quench her thirst.

‘Hey, Aunt Lucida. Aren’t you going to work today?’  I asked her as I took a bite of my marmalade toast. She shook her head slightly, ‘I’m on vacation, just so you know I’ll be going to the Bahamas for a time off’.
 She then placed her glass into the sink. ‘Oh, so who I’m I going to stay with?’ I asked curiously. ‘Anybody, as long you won’t have a party in this house.’  I rolled my eyes.
‘Yeah, yeah, how come I can’t come along?’ I sat down at the table and sink my eyes into the magazine.
‘Because,’ she echoed ‘it’s for adults only Jess.’
She dodged my head with her bony finger and walked to the living room. I rubbed my sore forehead as I followed her.
      ‘I’m I not considered as a perfectly capable adult?’
She looked at me as if I was a lunatic and laughed. ‘Jess, Jess, Jess. I think it is better you stay home. And anyways, don’t you have that competition to get ready too?’ she switched on the television where her favourite cooking show was on.
Yeah, I almost forgot. I’m not really looking forward to it. It’s not that the competition is in England was the problem, but the person who was going and competing too was the guy who thought covering me with T.P was fun, frogs in my shoes were a gift; glue stuck to my hair was hilarious to him for the age of nine. He never changed though, of habit, but he’s physical looks did. From the kid who had uneven bucked teeth turned out being the guy who had the perfectly set of white dentures, OK fine, Tom Cruise set of teeth. Wimpy arms and thighs became bulging muscles that made his cloths looked too tight to wear. And there was the time he had a bad day of acne and by the age of 17, viola, he suddenly looked like Brad Pitt. What a miracle hey? Well don’t find yourself thinking I’m giddy for him. More likely, I wished all the girls who are all over him knew how juvenile he was back then.
 Urgh, goose bumps were all over me now, the fine hairs were all stiff and straight.
      I snapped out of thinking about him. The sound of his name made me want to puke on his face.
‘Anyhow, you’re not going. Just have a sleep over at your friends place. No harm done right?’ She said, eyes glued onto the screen.  My whole body suddenly zoned out. I don’t have many friends. ‘What if I just stay here?’ I asked hopefully. Aunt Lucida murmured for a minute.
‘Ok, that’s fine with me. But- no messing up this place,’ Aunt Lucida warned me.
‘When are you going?’ I watched the screen then to the magazine.
‘This Monday’
‘Oh,’ I said quietly as I turned down the magazine about the fall trends.
‘Come on Jess, it’s not like you’re not used to be alone. Pretend it’s like I’m working on a very long midnight shift ok?
‘But who’s going to send me to the airport?’
Aunt Lucida looked at me and winked. ‘Don’t worry, I asked Raina from the salon to take you there on Wednesday. She doesn’t mind, and I handed her money for her to give it to you at the airport for the five days budget ok?’
‘Why not give the money now?’ I asked.
‘Oh Jess;  sweet, beautiful  Jess, do you actually expect me to give the money to you now and then you call me the minute you reach the airport asking for more because you’ve spend it all? No, darling no.’ Aunt Lucida sinful smile spooked my spines, and without any further questions I excused myself to go out the front door.
Before I walked out, Aunt Lucida stopped me. ‘Buy milk!’ she raised her hand.
‘Anything else?’ I replied, getting annoyed.
‘Nope, that will do’ she answered.
I close the door behind me, and by the minute there was only an inch left to the closing, she shouted ‘oh, and bread too!’
Ok, Aunt Lucida, milk and bread on the unplanned shopping list.

Linda waited for me underneath the deck at Kelsey Harbour. I leaned my bike against the graffiti wall nearby it. I put on my hoodie as the wind current started to get stronger, not wanting the wind to ruffle my hair all over my face.
Linda’s my best friend from the moment she stole my peanut butter and jelly sandwich back in second grade. It’s an unusual story how we became instant BFF from that incident. I’ll get on to that later.
‘Excited?’ she asked as I sat down beside her. ‘Not really,’ I said, looking out to the sea.
‘Why? Is it because of Luke?’ she shoved my arm, I looked at her face, giving an unsure smile in between of hell yeah and I don’t really know.
‘Luke had always been a problem Lee, you know that. I’m not excited to be neither the competition nor him. You know it sucks having him to compete with to, and having to be with him for five days.’ I looked back at the sea.
‘Ah, you’ll kick his fine ass and the competition too.’ Linda, my beautiful half Asian and half American friend who has one of the top gorgeous hazel eyes any girl would die for; smiled at me with full sincerity.
‘I don’t know; I got to admit, for a guy as juvenile like Luke, he’s pretty talented.’ I looked down, then picking up a pebble; throwing it to the sea.
‘Oh common Jess,’ Linda said, ‘I know you. You are a beautiful, awesome, super talented friend anyone can have. Luke? He’s nothing without his charm. He got no talent. Believe me Jess; you got this one in the bag.’
I looked into Linda eyes. It was great to have such nice things to be said by someone, especially when it came from a friend. I held back my tears and hugged Linda, whom didn’t saw it coming.
‘You’ll win, I know it for sure’ Linda whispered as I sniffed the tears.
‘Thanks Lee. I mean, I would expect these things from my parent or siblings but not from you if I still have one’ I said to her. ‘Ah, they’ll be rooting for you. I bet so Jess that they are watching you down from heaven praying all the best. I too, you know’ Linda looked down at her watch. It was still early, not even close to evening yet. ‘Oh, have you tried the new gelato shop downtown? Damn they’re good, wanna go and get some?’ She asked me. I nodded, so I put my helmet on and got onto my bike. Linda rode on her orange scooter her dad gave for her fifteenth birthday. Her family’s super rich; they have a tennis court, swimming pool and everything. It wasn’t all that fancy to Linda, but it was what she wanted.
Minutes later we finally made it to Nana’s Gelato Shop. I parked my bike beside it, where there was an ally in between Nana’s Gelato Shop and Sunny Sunshine Flower Shop. It was new, the gelato place. Before there was even a gelato shop, it used to be a butcher shop but the business wasn’t all that successful when they had Little Chime’s Butcher just around the corner selling better meat than theirs. The thing was, Little Chime was a small; very small town. So if you want to start a business, don’t hold one up near to the place that sold the same stuff as yours.

Linda pushed the door open and I could hear chimes of bells as one man looked over at us. He smiled, then continued scooping out more of that creamy chocolate almond gelato for a boy, looked like a seven year old and then handing it down to him with a sweet gesture. It was chilly in here, as it was cool and breezy outside. The place looked cleaned and well organized. They had booths at the sides and small round tables in the centre with a pathway in between them. There wasn’t that many of a people so far at that moment, maybe due the weather was already cold enough to handle. Linda pulled my armed and pointed at the menu that was hung on the ceiling.
‘Look,’ she said ‘Mint Pistachio…it’s your favourite Jess’ she continued saying with a melodic tune. ‘So, are you going to treat me… gelato?’ I pulled out those puppy eyes. Honestly, I didn’t have much money in me because I’ll need to buy milk and bread for Aunt Lucida. Linda agreed since she had that it-might-be-my-last-time-ever-to-taste-brilliant-gelato-ever-again phase.
      As Linda waited in line, she told me to save a seat; which I thought it was particularly unnecessary since there wasn’t any people in here, but I did anyways. I sat patiently, Linda was up next and it turned out that Mint Pistachio was already running out so she had to wait a little longer in line for another batch of it. I tapped my fingers lightly on the table while humming I’m Glad You Came by The Wanted. I looked around then my eyes were looking out of the glass window, the sky had turned clear and there were no more depressing grey clouds to be seen.
‘Oh,’  I said to myself. So maybe there might be more customers coming in since the weather had turned from Depressing Dave into Smiley Stan; a phrase Aunt Lucida would always say. And my prediction was right; little by little more people did come in. Some were young goofy couples to share their love for gelato, while others simply just want to eat. Far out under the scorching sun I saw three people, walking down the lane goofing around and laughing hysterically for a reason I don’t know why. It was an eye sore to see one of them among the three, it disgusted me. Luke was wearing hot item girls loved to see, tight grey tee and shorts. Michael, his good buddy who was no different from Luke walked beside him face turning burning red from great amount of humour and then there was Lillian, Michael’s petite girlfriend who wasn’t enjoying much of the fun the two guys were having, instead she walked with them, eyes fixed to her phone. They were walking down the lane, and I prayed that these doofuses weren’t coming to Nana’s Gelato Shop.
      Minutes later, Linda came with my cone of mint pistachio while she licked her bubble gum cherry gelato. ‘I’m sorry it took a while, mint pistachio isn’t quick to make Jess’ she said as she took another lick of her gelato. ‘It’s fine, anyways it's not my money on the line’ I smiled sinfully at her. Linda rolled her eyes and flared her nostrils. ‘Ok um Lee…’ I walked slowly ‘can we go out now?
I mean-‘My eyes were looking at her, I walked slowly towards the door, my gelato in my right hand while my left hand was moving about.
 ‘I saw Luke down the lane just now and I just-‘
‘Jess…’ Linda interrupted
‘-I just don’t want to bump into him, you know Lee…’ I continued.
‘Jessica…’ Linda interrupted again, ‘Linda, I don’t want to run into Luke and Michael, he’ll make situation bad to-‘ I was getting impatient with Linda’s interrupting.
‘Jess!’ Linda squealed,
‘What?!’ I shrieked, I flung my arms up, my body slammed into something solid like a brick and my mint pistachio flew out of my hand. I turned around, oh gosh I was praying hard.
I gulped when I saw my gelato on his face then slowly ran down his body. His face turned red, he gritted his teeth, fist were clenched tightly- in another word, he was furious.
‘Luke…’ I said softly, my face had turned red with embarrassment, my body started the quiver.
‘Happy to see you here’ he replied, his tone was gloomy, dark and full of revenge.
For one thing noted, I’ll NEVER EVER  sing I’m Glad You Came by The Wanted.

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