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I'm writing this story and I'm only going to post this chapter only because I'm not sure whether I should continue it. I really want to finish the whole thing. All I want to know is your opinion. I would really appreciate it if you help me out on this. If you guys don't like it, I'll won't be writing any more chapter of this so I won't be wasting time writing a boring story. Thank you <3

                      She’s so beautiful. She got the best features. If only I have that and her personality.


There was pretty much nothing to watch on the television nowadays. Its same old recaps and lame boring shows. Nothing seems amusing, everything around me starts growing duller and gloomier day by day. If Kayla was still with us, she’ll make the dullest shows into something entertaining and worth watching all over again. It was her charm, making use at things. At this point of the day, though the world outside the window is blooming with pouring rain; Kayla and I would be bursting with laughter and tears in our eyes. Mom doesn’t see how doing nothing would be so much fun. But now, she knows why.
     Mom realizes that Kayla was worth keeping, and now that she’s gone; Mum had lost one of the most precious treasures she had ever owned. Actually we both lost it without knowing soon it’s was going to be missing.
   Kayla never told us. She was always alive and full of spirit; that was what she used to cover up everything that burdens her. She fooled us with the charm and good quality personality. It was me whom she fooled the most. And I hate her for that.

12 July 2010


 I could hear her voice whisper through my ears. She knew that the sound of someone’s whisper into my ears irritated me because of that feel when a cat nails upon the door pleading to be let in.
“Ally, wake up.” Beside of shaking me softly to wake me up, she pulled my covers instead. Kayla then screamed as soon the covers were off me. My eyes shot open by the loud scream. I look over at Kayla; who was at the foot of the bed.
“What!” I demanded, and soon Kayla started to laugh historically. She bent down and picked up the covers and walked to me. She flung it up, so it would spread and lay it on top of me. I was confused to where this was going. First she whispered into my delicate ears, then she pulled the covers which made me shiver with cold, she screams all of the sudden, somewhat started the laugh like a maniac soon after and then put the covers on me. I looked directly at Kayla whom won’t stop smiling.
“Are you mad Kayla? What’s with the screaming and laughing?” I asked her as she continued to tuck me in. Kayla shook her head but her face was burning red.
Seconds later she was done. She patted my head and I thought that she must have gone totally insane. Kayla walked to the door of the guest room I was staying in for almost a week now. Then turned around, her face was blooming red, almost tears in her eyes. I look at her, confused and angry of her strange behavior.
“Get a shower okay Al? Breakfast is getting cold.” She turned the handle as she gave herself a little giggle. She was out already, and shut the door behind her.
I dropped my body down on the bed, feeling exhausted for somewhat reason. I slowly close my eyes, wanting to sleep for another one or two hours more, its summer and the heat make me sleepy. Then I hear a knock on the door. Slowly a handle turns and the door opens. There pops out the same brunette girl that pulled my covers fifteen minutes ago.
“What do you want Kayla? I’m tired you know; give me some time to sleep a bit more okay?” I pulled the covers over my face, wanting to drift into my beauty sleep.
“Well, I’m sorry Ally for disturbing your precious sleep. I just came in again to give you a small compliment.” I hear her though the covers. I pulled it down and looked over her again. Yet again, her face was red.
“Hurry up then, you’re wasting time Kayla” I sighed.
“Well…” Kayla started softly. “I just want to say that…” She drifts off again.
I grunted, “Urgh, common. Get on with it. Time’s ticking and there’s not much left.”
Kayla burst out laughing and slapped herself on the face.
“You have nice boobs,”
Kayla shut the door and I could hear her laughing hysterically through the hallways.
Nice boobs… what? I look under the covers and screamed the hell out of me. How could I forget? It was blazing hot last night so I stripped off everything. Oh gosh, my face turned extra redder than Kayla’s. It was the first time Kayla has ever seen me naked since the hormones kicked in. All my bulging bits, was like a museum display.
I banged my head on the wall. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

 I took my towel that I hung on the wall, and quickly took a cool shower. I wore my favorite tee I bought on our trip in Greece and slid in some lose pants. I didn’t bother to comb my hair; instead I took the towel and cover my head, and my boobs. I walked down the hallway, feeling so embarrass for what had happen and the secret parts Kayla had seen.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

 Mom was at the stove with Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth was flipping the pancakes while Mom was making another batch of the batter. Cousin Cody and little Emma were at the table, spreading butter on the pancakes that had cooled down. Kayla sat between them. “Looked at the cow that just woke up,” Cody said, taking a bite of his pancake. “Oh shut up,” I said, as I pulled the chair out and slumped into it next to him. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Emma repeated. She’s just five, she knows nothing. Aunt Beth scolded Emma and hushed her up. I gave Emma a little wink and took three pancakes, then dumping on some maple syrup and strawberries. I look at Kayla, her face was still red. She hasn’t deleted any memories from that previous, horrifying incident.
Mom came back from the stove and sat down. She looks exhausted, maybe she hasn’t eaten yet. She took about five or six pancakes, smearing them all with a fair amount of butter and maple syrup.
“What’s with all the screaming Allison?” Mom suddenly said. I stopped shoving the pancakes into my mouth and looked up at Kayla again. She started to open them and then said “Oh, I saw Ally…”
“She saw a caterpillar, whose name is also Ally. You know Mom how much Kayla hates caterpillars… right Kayla?”
Mom, Cody, Emma and I stared at Kayla. She nodded, “Yup, Ally the Caterpillar, oh how much I hate them.” Kayla said and I gave out a big sigh of relief.
“Well, that’s a waste of time listening” Cody grunted, shoved a forkful of pancakes into his mouth. Mom didn’t seem bothered that the statement was silly and Emma, same as usual; knows nothing. Kayla smiled at me, looking deeply into my eyes. “Shut it,” I mouthed at her. “Okay, okay” she mouthed back. I sighed, and was happy now that I could forget that ever did happened.

That later in the evening, Kayla and I planned for a bike ride alongside the beach. Cody was going to until his friends made plans for surfing. Cody is an excellent surfer, been doing it since eleven. He hasn’t been surfing lately since dating Joanna but now they broke up for an unknown reason, he’s free most of the time to do things Joanna doesn’t allow him to do. Surfing was one of them.
I gear up my safety pads, if not I would her some earful from Aunt Beth, Kayla got out of the house with her safety pads, sitting down on the front steps next to me. We look at each, imitating Aunt Beth’s ‘Safety comes first’ phrase and laughed at it. Cody came out in his tight surfers’ suit, applying sun screen on his face. “Hey that’s my mother you’re making fun of,” and all laughed because applying sun screen was also one of Aunt Beth’s concerns too, she doesn’t’ want us to look like toasted  cashew nuts. Cody have to deal with that for the rest of his life, but thankfully for us Mom doesn’t care about the little things like safety pads and sun screen. But since we were living under Aunt Beth’s roof, every rule must be obeyed.
Minutes later, Andrew and Elliot came passing by. Both of them in their suits and brought along their boards. They waved at us, only Kayla waved back.
“See you cows later okay?” Cody said placing the sun screen on the ground, and ran off with his board to Andrew and Elliot.
“Why does he always call us that?” I said to Kayla, frustrated.
“Because we ARE cows, he’s the cow’s manure Ally.” We laughed historically, and got up to our bikes.
We rode our bikes alongside the beach, we smelt the summer breeze and felt the heat of the summer heat. It was wonderful, a moment in the year where everything felt like pure happiness, a breakthrough for freedom. Kayla loved summer the most among any other occasions. I prefer New Year Eve’s, because it’s the day where you can actually make a fresh start. The reason with Kayla’s choice of holiday was still unknown to me. All she had ever said about summer was that it allows bringing the best of her. I believe so, even though she’s the best of the best all year round. We stopped at the little blue gazebo that we named after our father, Fredrick.
I dropped my bike onto the sandy ground, so did Kayla. I took out the packed sandwiches and little carton drinks from the basket. Kayla spread out the plaid cloth and thumped down with exhaustion. She closed her eyes as the summer breeze blew through her hair. I thumped down right next to her, handing her one of the chicken salad sandwiches. She shook her head, and asked for the juices instead.
We sat there, motionless. Kayla was sipping her juice as I munched away on the sandwich. We watched Cody surf in the heavy waves as the sun shone down his good looking figure. He wasn’t that far away and we could see the excitement he was having ever since for the past nine months with Joanna. Andrew and Elliot weren’t far behind from Cody. They were as good as him, but Cody shone like a northern star. 

 “He’s pretty awesome for a cow’s manure, isn’t he?” Kayla said, breaking the dead silent that was going on for the past ten minutes. “Yeah, it’s cool enough that we cows could get here on bike.” We both laughed, but it didn’t last long. “I’m sorry Ally,” Kayla said. I look at her, “for what had happened earlier, you know laughing at your bits. I didn’t know you were naked under the covers, I swear” she said. I nodded. “Well, I didn’t either. Its fine, as long you don’t mention it.” I warned her softly. Kayla nodded that she understood, “maybe I won’t even get the chance to Ally”. I looked over at her, thinking she was bluffing. Instead there wasn’t even a slight sign of joking. Her face was serious, gloomy like there was no more fun and joy inside of her.
“Are you okay Kayla? You look so serious. You’re never serious…” I started to lose my voice, somewhat by just looking at her all so stiff and gloomy made me sad. So, instead of feeling uncomfortable, I looked at the waves splashing in and out of the beach.
“Do you know why I like summer the most, Ally?” She asked me. Her beautiful green eyes that sparkled like an emerald ring, gazed into my boring blue eyes. I’ve always wanted those set of eyes that she got passed down by my father, but I’m thankful I have the features of the rest of my father’s except the eyes belong to Mom, her eyes are pretty too but not as dazzling as father's. Kayla had my father’s eyes but the lips and nose of Mom, that’s why she’s so beautiful. She got the best features. If only I have that and her personality.
“Summer is something where I could escape; from everything that burden’s me. Where I can just relax and forget the bad things. “She continued saying.
“Summer is to have fun and enjoy the moment,” I said to her. She nodded, still; she gazed through the atmosphere. “Well, not everything is for fun and enjoying every moment we go though. But yes, summer to me is living the moment. Sometimes I would just like to escape from everything…” she took a deep breath, “… I really do” she said almost in a whisper but I could just hear it.
“Then, what would you do if today’s the last day of your life and the end of your summer Kayla?” I asked as a random question.

Kayla laughed a bit and threw out a long deep sigh.

“To spent the very last minute and treasure every moment with you.” 

Kayla said, putting her arms around me and whispered in my ears “You’re the best sister anyone could ever have. I love you Ally, for the best and the worst.”
I let the irritation of someone’s whisper into my ear go. Its Kayla’s best words said to me. It’s also my last memorial moment with Kayla, if only I’ve known earlier.

Well that's it! I hope you like it and give me some suggestions or whatever. Your help would mean the world to me! <3 Xx

We survived the end of the world :)

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