Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hey there

Assalamualaikum, and hello :)

I'm back! I just came back last night from my 5 days and 4 nights trip, You guys know where right? haha, well I had a blast there. It was great, and I gained experience. We went shopping, ALOT of shopping. We walked around in the shopping complex, picking out clothes, looking around till our legs became jelly.
The hotel was wonderful, my sisters and I had gotten closer though we bicker at times, meh that's what siblings do :) We took pictures, went sight seeing, my dad had a special bond with our 4 days taxi driver... yeah we had a nice trip.

I just got home last night, our flight back to Kedah got delayed so we had to wait for another five hours till then.My dad booked a small hotel to pass the time. Any how, mum went to Langkawi this morning and shahidah followed. Honestly, I felt bummed out because I wanted to go also, but I'm turning 15 soon, so, so what? right? :P

Have I mentioned that today's my mum birthday?


My mum doesn't like me to reveal her age, she feels old. Last year I wrote down her age on the cover of the card then I gave it to her. She nailed it down on the wall, the contents was showing and not the front page. I asked her why and she said she felt 'malu' and that 'people will know she's old' -..-

LOL, so what? I look older for my age, that doesn't bother me... unless old people say so in my face. Honestly, nobody actually remembered her birthday, I remembered since two weeks ago, made a card and snuck down stairs to placed it in her handbag.

I asked Shahirah whether she remembered, yeah she remembered... not mum's but a korean celeb who I don't even know. And my dad, he forgot too.. tsk tsk, just rude.

Do you guys believe that it's going to be the end of the world. I don't but I'm just scared. Only Allah knows, and He's the one that can put the date for The Day where everything is just too late to look back. Those shitty nat geo programs about how people are getting ready and what we would face, ok, it scares me. I'm not ready yet, I'm full of sins. I want Allah to forgive me first before The Day comes.

Oh well, it's all in His hands.

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