Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sleepy like Z z z z

Assalamualaikum and hello :B

I haven't been updating for quite a long time, so, sorry guys :/

Anyways, ever since I've been in form three I barely have enough sleep. I constantly feel like slapping myself so that my eyes won't completely shut. My schedule is really busy.
I have tuition on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Homework is ALOT. I have sukan on Wednesday, at 4 till 6 and then head to extra class at 8 till 10. Plus, being a prefect is tiring too. I have to go for my duty everyday. I'm stopping taekwando lessons just for this year, so I won't be that hard on myself. Anyhow, I'm constantly joining competitions, you know being involve in stuff as much as I can.

So, I've join up for tilawah al-Quran which I'm looking for. Definitely, I'm joining the coral speaking too and more things ahead off me.

Plus, siting next to a girl who constantly whines, and a bunch of boys who can't communicate except for this one person who talks a lot. At night after tuition I'll do my homework and sleep at 1 am and wake up at 5.50. Yeah, life is good.


You remember when I told you guys that I have to get 8A's in PMR and get out of that school??? Well, I had a mini conversation with my dad about PMR , the studies and everything. I stated out that I don't feel like I'm worth 8A's and if I do I don't want to leave my school. GUESS WHAT?? My dad said that I can stay in that school until form 5 with one and only term. Get 8A'S.


It should look like this in my slip :-


Bahasa Melayu - A
Bahasa Inggeris- A
Science- A
Mathematics- A
Sejarah- A
Geografi- A
Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu- A
Pindidikan Agama- A


YA ALLAH I'm hoping to get that. AMIN... :)

My dad said if I get 7A's is also considered good, but I want 8A's no matter what!
So I promised that I'll get 8A's in PMR and SPM and go to a very excellent university, hahahaha I'm so happy right now :D


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