Friday, 29 March 2013

Leaning Against The Wall (1)

Hey guys! This is just kind of a story I did out of boredom. I'm still working on Leap Chapter Two. Please enjoy! Xx

My name is Louise Carmela Blue. Dad chose Carmela for my middle name. It’s lovely, I guess. He had always admired such name from the beginning since Mum bought loads of books such as Parental Guidance 101 and Knock off Names for Your Baby. I don’t understand why she would go picking out that second book. It’s the book where Dad found my middle name.
Carmela, Carmela, Carmela.

Try chanting it all over again.
 Dad said it meant golden and sweet. As years pass, golden and sweet sound like a gooey topping on ice-cream.

Caramel, Caramel, Caramel.

That’s the reason why I tend not to write my full name on the test papers.

Louise C. Blue. That seems nicer enough. But, kids would always try to find the joke out of everything.
 “Louise, what colour do you ‘C’?”
 “Are you blind? Of course it’s blue!”
 Stupid I suppose. You get what I’m trying to explain here right? So let’s start from the beginning.

Hello, my name is Louise. Just call me Louise. I am thirteen, another six month tops I would be fourteen. I can’t wait actually. Mum said she would throw me a party, but a party isn’t my kind of thing. This year I’m planning on something else. Something big, huge, EXTRAVAGANT!
 I’m over reacting. But, just wait until another six month and it would be the most memorable moment you’ll never forget.


Mum fell sick this morning. She said she had just a minor flu. I came creeping in her room. The drapes were drawn together, no natural sunlight could enter. Mum was on her usual three stacks of pillow underneath her head, a box of tissues right beside her. She was holding a used up tissue in her right hand, blowing and sniffing as she watched her favourite soap opera.

     Usual she’ll cracked up on something that tickles her heart, but the virus and bacteria had conquered her sense of humour; making her weak and vulnerable , just allowing her to only smile at the best comedy parts.
 “Oh, come on in Louise. Aunt Verda just stopped by at the Devlins and everything is turning into a mess,” Mom said as she turned up the volume with the remote she had keep really close to her.
 “Are you going to be fine Mum?” I asked as I slowly got onto the bed and snuggled into the covers with her. It was warm and Mum even let down a pillow for me.
 “Why are you getting all worried? Of course I’m going to be fine. Just a small flu. Maybe chicken soup would do the trick uh?”

“You want me to make some Mum?”

Mum nodded, I wasn’t all that great of a cook; but Mum always appreciates what I do for her.

I got down of the bed and headed to the kitchen. An hour later, I brought up the tray that contained a bowlful of hot steamy chicken soup, green tea and muffins. I bent down to lay it on the ground, so I could open the master bedroom door with complicating things. When I opened up the door, I found Mum sound asleep. The tissue that she used fell onto the ground and the 57th episode of Downtown Abby had ended. I picked up the tray and brought it into the room. I placed it besides the drawers and I straight away turned off the telly. I went over to Mum, pulled up the covers up to her chest. Then one by one I picked up the tissues and discarded them.
 I went over to Mum, I watched how she breathed. So humble. I loved Mum's rosy cheeks and long shiny hair. She looked as if she belonged in a fairytale story.

She should be named Carmela. Golden and sweet like caramel. I kissed her forehead and prayed to God she would be just fine.

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