Sunday, 3 March 2013


Rain. Rezeki Allah, don't complain. :)

Assalamualaikum, and hello~ ♥

Exam just passed a few days ago, ahh :D
But the thing that makes me nervous is all the competitors in my class. Everybody seems so much cleverer, and I feel so stupid at some point.
I know I'm not, but they are much better than me. Anis, Azzeni, Muna, Afini, Syafini, Aisyah, and one dude which I will never name are just, you know, can knock my socks off anytime :/
So far I have 4 A's 1 B and 1 C.  C is KH. I SUCK AT KH. WHY IS KH SO HARD? WHY DID I CHOOSE ERT INSTEAD OF TEKNIKAL? I don't know.

Merentas desa. It's this Wednesday. Everytime the teacher says there would be a pre-merentas desa it would rain. RAIN. Allah loves us more than the teacher, He made the day rain, everybody is happy, the teachers are annoyed muahahaha XD

This year I'm gonna run. 7 kilometres. I might faint half way through but at this I'm giving it a go.

Serendipity chapter 2 maybe would be up soon. I'm almost finish, besides I'm busy now, school tuition, after school tuition, stay back and latihan rumah sukan and so on so on. Be patient please :3

SEVEN MONTHS LEFT TILL PMR. Gosh. Time is moving fast. I'm scared. I don't think I'm worth 8A's, not when I'm online updating a blog post. I can do it, I know I could. But, it's just that I don't see myself as a 8A's achiever. I don't know, I'm not hoping much. If I do, it might not turn out the way I want it to be. :(

I love my friends. I want them to know that. I love my parents. I really do even though I bicker and get obnoxious. I love everybody who never looked down on me, whether you're a dude or a gal, I love you ♥
I love my sisters, though I make fun of them. They mean the world to me, though I don't show it. They are like my friends, at times I hate them, at times I want to go crazy with them. I don't know. It's what I see.

I'm still praying for the best in PMR. I pray for everybody out there. I guaranty that I would burst out crying when the results come out. Argh malunya ><

Bye Xx.

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