Monday, 27 May 2013

Leap- Chapter four

If I’m not mistaken, I believed I woke half way through and then minutes later became unconscious. It wasn’t until then I felt so cold that my entire system quiver. I tried reaching out something, just anything to make me feel warmer at least. It was out of reach and I gave up instead. All I could feel was cold and the surrounding was airy; as light as a feather. And then I felt something, holding against me. It was dragged like, so forceful that it hurts around my chest. Soon later, my body was laid on something hard and solid, my chest being pushed hard; something is on me. Continuously, the pattern kept on going; press and let go, press and let go. And when the moment I thought it was all over, I felt warmth onto my lips. My heart started beating fast, my breathing is heavy, and I woke. I blurted out water, and gasped for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen combine.

“Are you out of your freaking mind? What were you thinking Lucy?!” Danny shouted.
“I don’t know, I don’t know, I just don’t know…” and I cried in front of him.
Danny just stared at me. I was wet, my hair was all tangled, and I just realized what had happened. What did happen?  I started crying, a lot worse than a six-year-old. It felt embarrassing. I look at Danny with my teary eyes; he was drenching wet, his chest moved upwards and inwards heavily.

“What on earth were you doing? How did you fall over the bridge? You’re careless as shit Lucy.” He said, moving his body and leaning against the tree.
“What am I supposed to do, huh Danny? Yeah, I’m stupid that I came here. I’m stupid that I thought back the past. I’m stupid to fell over. I’m stupid that I was even born – “
“– I never said you were stupid. Just careless” he interrupted.

I wiped off my tears and went over to the tree, slowly scoffing next to him, leaning against it and relieving a long deep sigh of being sick of everything.

“Why did you?” I asked.
“Did I what?”
“Be here. Why did you come here?”
He shrugged. “Just passing by, I guess.”
“Yeah I guess you were just passing by at two in the morning,”
“What were you thinking Lucy?” I was startled for a moment when he said that.
“Just me?” He asked.
“No,” I said back.
“Did it what made you fell over?”
“Us is what made me almost drowned.”
“Then stop. Stop thinking about us.”
“I can’t, I just can’t stop thinking. It’s hard.”
“It’s hard because you think too much.” Danny looked over at me. His eyes were glimmering. It has been a while since I saw that.
“You kissed me that night, remember? Here, this place” I turned my attention to him.
Danny looked away. “I guessed I did,” he said.
I looked at him hard. “Did you love me then?”
He turned around to my face. Blank expression was all I could see.
“Yeah, I did.”
“What about now?”
“I still do Lucy”
We were both drenching wet and cold but all we could do was look at the stars.

“You did what?” Nia was being excited.
“I fell over. It was like I was in another world.” I said back to her. We walked towards my locker as I needed to pick up some stuff.
“What did your parents say about all this?”
“They don’t know. I don’t even think they knew I was out.”
“So he still loves you huh?” Nia blocked my view.
“Just a friendly gesture I guessed.”
I shut my locker after taking the papers and documents for the next period. “How was it, to be at the same moment with the guy you haven’t interacted with for a decade or so?”  Nia was smiling, she was teasing me.
“Nice, it was just – nice.” I said it with a blushful smile.
Over the distance I saw Danny. He was with Andrew and Max. We made eye contact, but nothing was there. No hope of things are back to normal or the happy feeling that we may have something going on between us. Just nothing. I wasn’t hoping much of change anyways.
We walked past each other, pretending that the drowning and conversations never happened. Nia acted casual.  She knows what was slurring inside of me.

I felt like crying. I know it’s stupid to feel so. But I can’t resist the feeling when all the hoping and long period of determination doesn’t turned out the way I wanted it to. I felt it coming out, as I sniffed a little.
“It’s okay, Lucy hey. It will turn out alright” Nia hugged me. She’s not much of a hugger, but when a friend needs it, it’s always the best to do so.

“Excuse me? Umm, do you guys know where is…” We stopped hugging and paid attention to the person whom intruded into our moment of care and love. He was reading something out of a piece of ripped paper.
“…Miss Ear…ni…e…”
“You mean Miss Ernie?”
“I suppose so, you know where she is?”
“Miss Ernie is the head of our school library, she’s mostly there” I said.
“The library?” the guy was being confused.
“Don’t you not know where the library is?” Nia asked sarcastically.
“No, I don’t know where the Library is because, duh have you seen me around here before?”
“I guess you’ve been living in the lockers for the past years.” Nia was being rude. He was too.
“Nia.” I scolded.
“The library is just at the end of the hallway, to the right side opposite of the teacher lounge” I said.
“Awesome, I’m not lost anymore. Eden,” He gave out his hand.
“Lucy,” I shook his hand. Nia coughed for attention. “…And this is Nia, my best friend.”
Eden saw my arm; I continuously forget to cover them up.
“Nice cuts, especially that one. Must be a hell of a moment back then huh?” He smiled and walked away.

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