Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Never, NEVER judge a book by it's cover.

Assalamualaikum and hey guys :)

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, you guys might know the reason why, some may, some don't and some might not even care.
5 months till PMR. Part of me I'm nervous, scarred and overwhelm that time moved so fast. Listen, I'm fifteen now and in a blink of an eye I'll be fifty.
Debate competition was my first ever experience in a intense competition. Gosh. But we did well, made it to the semi's. Great job guys, we did superb! :3

See the title? There's a reason for it. I want people to know a little bit of my biodata before they can say crazy shit about me. I always tell my sister to judge a book by it's cover, crazy right, but I say it just for fun anyways.

Don't get shock on some things you didn't know. Be prepared. If you knew already, thank you for caring :)

My name?
Simple, Nurshafiqah Amira binti Shamharir. Most people think that my name is just Shafiqah Amira, but it isn't. I care about my name, the way it is spelled, aligned, and especially my dad's name to be pronounced accurately.


I'm not fifteen yet, still fourteen. Just wait till 7 July 2013 and it's official.

Colour - I love blue and green, less likely to go with yellow.
Food- I love anything as long it is good but I always crave ice-cream, get me one and you're hooked!
Drink- Tea :)
Animals- I still have a thing for Orang Utans, crazy animal choice but I just love them. But I'm kind of obsessed with cats since my cat gave birth to four kittens.
Book choice- Anything with comedy, a little bit of romance and friendship.

Alright that's the basic. Then it's the personal things.

I love people that are nice, friendly, not cocky and always willing to talk. If you have those characteristic then you're my people. I'm always willing to help in anything, just don't use me. I hate being lied and used on. I'll never lie a person that I care for. I love my friends. Young or old, I'll love you if you respect me. Respect what I am and I won't give a damn of what flaws you have.
I like writing, singing, playing and baking.
I'm hardworking, really I am. I'm not trying to show off, but when it comes with a task I want it to be done and perfect.
But, I'm hardworking when it comes with school, but at home I'm just a lazy sloth. It's because I've worked hard at school and I just need my rest at home. It's been a tiring month. I can tell. I lack of sleep. I eat more than ever and I drink less.
I'm a shoulder to cry on. If there is something going on, just tell me. I'll be there even though we're close or not.
Now a days I smile till my cheeks burn. My cheeks go up so much like a ball, I just noticed that since my friends pointed it out. I love to smile. Yeah I do. If I don't, I'll look ugly.
I'm crazy at times, then I'll be focused. I'll be so happy and then I'll be quiet and low. My mood changes throughout the environment around me.

I talk a lot. Too much. Maybe just way out of line at times. But, that's when I'm comfortable with someone. If I knew you, I'm on my finest behavior :3 I easily get pissed off. Mess with me, steal my stuff, talk shit behind me and you're cursed. If I do nothing wrong with you, don't try to get on my nerves. But I always try to hold it back. Sometimes I'll let it go pass me. But if the whole day have been upside down, then I'm gonna lose it. I have a bad habit. I hate loud chewing. It gets on my nerves. I REALLY HATE IT. I don't get it how something so soft ends up sounding like cat's nailing on a black board.
When I'm focused on something, I hate being disturbed like while learning, watching a movie, reading etc. I have asthma, so It's painful enough when I have disease following me around and especially when I'm in the body of a hippo.
I dislike frogs, anime shows (it freaks the hell out of me) and guests. I just don't like people coming into my house, I mean by people I don't know and feel so uncomfortable with.

I don't like it when guys are creepy and gets annoying. NO.
My current relationship status: Taken ...by friends. I don't believe in dating and I think it's stupid for such a young age. No offense. I respect you whoever or whatever you're with. Just me, I prefer being loved by God, my family and friends. It's enough :)

I love myself and I love you. Understand me and I'll understand you. Don't judge a person by what they look like. It's God little magic, he stores the truth inside the heart  and the trick for us to see :)Long live guys xoxo

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