Sunday, 2 June 2013

Leap - Chapter Five

“What was that?” Nia freaked out. “What was what?” I said, we slowly walked towards the school canteen. “Him! That Eden guy, did he just commented on your cuts?” Nia shook her head.
She looked at me, “Yeah, he was right about it. Anyways, he’s new?” I asked back. Nia face was like ‘are you kidding me girl?’ at the moment. We finally reached the school canteen.

“What?” I asked her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“You know why.”
We took our trays and lined up. “I’m okay with it. He didn’t act all weird about the scars. Like it didn’t bother him at all” I said.
“Okay, suits you” she smirked. When we paid up our lunch, Nia decided to take the lunch out of the canteen. “And how are we supposed to do so? Put them in our pants?” I asked, like that could ever happen. She lifted her eyebrows and pointed out a finger. She placed her hands behind her back pocket and took out a plastic bag.
I rolled my eyes to this. “Always come in handy,” she said and placed in the wrapped up food in it. “What about my burger? And fries?” I asked as I watched her placing everything carefully in it. I was afraid that the students in the canteen would be staring, what the heck are they doing?
I shouldn’t have asked that. Nia came pulling out a zip lock bag and placing the burgers and fries in them. I laughed so hard that it paid other students attention. I noticed Danny was too, but he looked back down after a moment later, eating up his burger.
“You’ve been carrying plastic bags with you every day?” I said, watching Nia finally zipping the bags up and smiling proudly to what she cleverly thought out.
“Just today”
“What made you bring plastic bags today? Out of all the days?”
“I saw them on the counter, so I took my chance.” She said.
“Did you see your dad’s cigarettes and took that chance too?”
“I would if he didn’t hid them,” we both laughed as we kept away our trays and head out of the canteen.
We found a spot, a really nice view of the school fountain and also the view of the girl’s toilet. Good enough.
 Nia unpacked the food, unzipping the bags, eating my fries along with it and growling at any student that was glaring at us.
“Why eat at the boring old canteen, filled with dimwits when we can eat here? Let’s see which girl has a small bladder” Nia stared at the girl’s toilet  that was  right in front of us, laughing at those that went into the toilet more than twice. She finished her burger up quickly even before Masey Ann did her fifth attempt.
“This is nice, eating here. We should do it often.” I said, stuffing my mouth with the fries then the juice.
“Well, I don’t think it’ll happen again babe. School rules and regulations. No eating outside of the school canteen.” She stared at me, slipping every drop of her juice as possibly, once the carton was all air, she scrunch it up and threw it on the ground.
“Hey, aren’t you going to pick that up? Litter Bug!” I yelled.
Nia frowned, I laughed. “Jerk, say it again.”
“Litter. Bug.” I teased.
“Danny,” She whispered.
“Baboon” I whispered back.
“No Danny,” she whispered again.
“Gumball?” I smirked.
“No, Danny. Six o’clock”
I turned around, he was walking towards us. What did he want?
I wiped my hands and fixed my hair. Nia just took my burger and ate it without guilt.

“Hey, Lucy.” Danny approached.
“Hello Danny boy” Nia answered.
“Hi,” I said back, glaring at Nia. She rolled her eyes and stuffed her mouth in more of my burger.
“Lucy can I have a private talk with you? Just a sec okay.” Danny had his hands slipped into his pocket.
I looked at Nia for permission; she didn’t say anything just grunted. In her words, ‘yeah you may go’.
I stood up, and we walked together to the tree nearby our school’s old storage shack.

“Hey, look. Lucy you do know what is happening on this Friday?” He looked at me, his eyes were tiresome.
“Your mom’s anniversary… “ I said slowly.
I looked around. Some people were staring. “Yeah, well my dad wants me to invite you over for the small anniversary thing. He said it would be nice having you over.”
“Oh sure. It’s like we are family, right?” I cheered up a bit.
“Yeah…” he said awkwardly. He kicked a pebble and looked away. “This Friday, 8 at night.”
“I’ll be there.”  I smiled. Danny smiled a bit, but then gave out a fake cough.
“Okay, see you later?” he said.
“Later,” I said back. Then we walked our separate ways. I went back to Nia and he went back with Andrew and Max.

Later isn’t always happening.

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