Friday, 28 June 2013

Lucky One - Chapter One

Hey guys, It's been awhile since I've update. Sorry ._.
I wrote this new story, and I've been thinking it through for a while. Technically, I wrote this down when I got a ticklish feeling in me. It's to take my mind off the thoughts. And it helped. So when I typed it down, everything that's been going through my mind was poured into it. There's a meaning to this story as it gets deeper into chapter. This chapter is rather raw. But I promise for more excitement in the next chapters. Hopefully! Enjoy :)


I woke up by the vibrating of my phone then the sound of a cute little ping; it brushed ever so lightly on my skin. Somehow I slightly pushed it away from me. My eyes were still tight shut, I’m not a morning person but when something that is occurring around me, I have the talent to respond to it. Not like some people who are as dead and stiff as a log. I fumble around my bed, trying to get reach of it. Again, my phone did it again.

 It got to be somewhere around, if only my eyes would open, just a little bit,

Let me slip my hands under my pillows, hold on is that it? No, no it’s just a notebook,
Where the hell is it? Oh is that it? Eureka!

I pull the covers over me, open my eyes just a wincey bit as I tried to unlock my phone. Damn password. When I finally got it unlocked, there was a miss call and four text messages. All of them were from Taylor;

Taylor Dennis; 7.15 am:
Where on earth are you? The bus is going to leave soon! 

Taylor Dennis; 7.17 am:
Hurry!!! No way I’m gonna sit next to a freak on this trip, common Alex with the afro is eyeing on me… :(

Taylor Dennis; 7.18 am:

Taylor Dennis; 7.20 am:

I cursed under my breath. How could I forget? Shit, out of all the days, I forgot about the one day where we were meant to have a little chill and relax. Chillax? I’m freaking out now. I shot out from the covers and pulled up my pants. Tied up my hair, and quickly ran to the bathroom to pick up my toothbrush. Okay, okay I can just brush my teeth at the road stop.
“Amelia! Aren’t you supposed to be going on the trip soon?” I heard Dad shouted from downstairs.
“I’ll be down in a minute Dad! Is Mom up yet?” I shouted back as I quickly made my bed, tucked in the covers neatly and swiftly. Though I’m in a hurry, there’s no exception on making sure your room is neat in order. 

Bags? Check. Camera? Check. Toothbrush? Holy shit, where’s my toothbrush? Oh, in my back pocket. Check.

I dragged down all my stuff down the steps, making sure that I won’t trip and fall, and in the meantime making a mental check that I do have everything. I’m not going to offer to miss out an item for this trip. As I finally got to the final steps, I saw Dad coolly drinking his coffee in the kitchen; Mom was still frying up some eggs.
“Mom, let’s go now. The bus will leave soon,” I shouted, dragging my baggage and other things to the front door.
“What’s the rush for?” Mom said. My mouth flung open, jaw dropped till the floor. 
“The trip! The bus is going to leave me behind any minute now!”

“Have you forgotten? It doesn’t leave not till eight” Dad took another sip of his coffee. I looked up on the clock, it was 7.30.
“What?” I trailed off for a second there, Taylor!
I dialled her number, frustrated.
A sweet voice answered my call.

“What the hell Taylor?! You made me flustered for making me believing that the bus is on the leave!” Irritation was all that is in my voice.
She giggled. “Well yeah…”

“You’re not a morning person aren’t you?” How dare she. I rolled my eyes, hoping that she knew what I was doing at the moment.
“I hate you…” I said softly. She giggled again. “Well, this made you woke up a little bit earlier right? You should thank me,” I’m imagining her looking at her nails, tapping her foot, hoping for the ‘you’re a genius Taylor, you’re right, I might be sleeping until next freaking December if it wasn’t for you to wake me up early for this trip!’ comment.
“Thanks,” I mumbled.
“So Alex isn’t really sitting next to you on the bus?” I asked. I heard a really long and deep sigh of frustration.
“I hope you’re happy Amelia Hamptons. Mrs Ferry Black assigned me to sit next to him during this entire journey to the Bahamas because she wants to know how many seats were available. “ She sighed again. I couldn’t help myself but to laugh at this small matter. Taylor and I planned to sit next to each other on the bus during the journey. Best friends never leave each other behind, we stick to each other. Well, maybe not this time.

“So you’re already on the bus? With Alex the Afro Toad?” I laughed harder. She sighed again.
“Apparently,” she mumbled. Alex doesn’t really have an afro. Taylor believes that he’ll look way better with an afro rather than his lame out of date haircut. Toad? He looked pretty decent to me.
“Just hurry okay? He wants to have a conversation with me. A freaking conversation with ME!” She sounded desperate.
“Okay! Right after I have my breakfast…” I pressed the declined button on my phone before she start whining. Taylor, you’re going to pay for waking me up this early and almost made me wet my pants. I went to take out the toothbrush that I placed behind my back pocket and went to bathroom. I’ll brush my teeth here instead.  

After I cleansed myself up, got myself completely refreshed, since if not I would be on the bus at the moment sitting beside a person I may or may not be satisfied of. But even though Taylor did made me freak out this morning, convincing me that I was actually late and the bus would leave me behind plus the payment fee that I did for the trip would just be all into a waste because I over slept, I got to thank her because she knows me well enough that I would be late on everything I do, at least that was what I was told by her.

“You ready?” Mom asked. She was waiting on the sofa, switching channels in between shows of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Prank My Mom. I guessed that she was bored because I’m pretty sure those were re-runs. I looked up on the wall; the clock was in the centre of the living room. It showed 7.45 am.
“It’s rather an odd time to be leaving for a trip at this time,” she stated out. Finally she made her choice and stayed on Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
“Well Mom, it’s rather odd how you prefer to spend time with Bobby Flay rather than Dad,” I chuckled. She just rolled her eyes at me, while watching Bobby Flay stir his pot. Mom has a crush on him despite she’s a married woman to an extremely handsome husband and had given birth to a beautiful baby and an Ogre. The Ogre is my brother, Trent. He’s twenty and in college, he wouldn’t be back till his summer break. So, to this, before summer comes, my school has arranged a trip to the Bahamas before the summer holidays. At least I could enjoy on something without being taunted by my overly annoying and believes that he’s a Greek God or somewhat brother. The trip.
“Okay Mom, I think it’s time we should go. Let’s go…”
“Just a sec…” now Bobby is searing his halibut.
“Dad!” I screamed out.
“Yeah honey?” I heard from the kitchen.
“Mom’s cheating on you!” I shouted.
Mom flew up from the sofa and quickly switched the television off.
“Hmmm?” Dad came popping into the living room.
“Bye honey, I’ll pick up more eggs on the way back” Mom kissed Dad goodbye, whilst I chuckled and kissed Dad a goodbye too.

We got into the car, all my things in the back. Dad stood on the lawn waving, “Have a good time dear! Don’t get lost okay Amelia?”
“Sure do Dad!” I waved back.
“Urm, Amanda?” Dad said, Mom’s had already drove the car off the lawn.
“Yeah honey?” Mom said, looking out from the window.
“If you see Bobby at the supermarket, make sure you tell him I said hi will you?” Dad laughed it off, still waving.
“I might as well ask him to marry me, Bye honey” Mom grunted. My cheeks were uncontrollably sore from the giggling as we both teased Mom.
Mom pressed down the gas pedal. The car made that sort of Formula one noise on the track. Somebody’s not happy being teased.

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