Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lucky One - Chapter Two

Within five minutes we finally reached school property.
“Mom, I think it’s about time I get my driving license,” I said sternly at her. Within seconds, Mom burst out laughing, tearing as well. I huffed. It’s not funny. Just because it was a once in a lifetime mistake back when I was fifteen, it doesn’t mean I’ll do it again. Okay, what if I did kind of ran over Mr Jenin’s car while having my first go and almost made my parents cover up the cost, yet nearly squished his cat, (Why on earth would a cat be posing in the middle of the road anyways?) but I was young and immature despite I was fifteen then. Now I’m seventeen, I need my chance. I can’t handle being sent off to school by my parents. It’s like I’m out of date or something because technically about 70% of the students here knows how to ride a vehicle.
“Fat chance Amelia, dream again and tell me when you can actually handle a steering” Mom wiped the tears of her eyes.
“Maybe if you let me have another go now, I’ll be roaming the streets already,” I scoffed, folding in my arms and sulking into the car seat.
“Don’t sulk, you can’t even ride a bicycle right. What make you think you can drive a car?” Her sarcasm kills me. Mom laughed again. Great, now I’m the one being teased off.
Okay, fine. It’s not like I can’t ride a bike, I just don’t know how… there’s a big difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘don’t know’.

“I’m seventeen, Mom! SE-VEN-TEEN!” I rose up my hands in frustration.
“Now, now. Go on to your trip, and tell me how riding a bus goes okay?” Mom cracked up again. I rolled my eyes. Har, har very funny.
The great thing about my parents was that they were super friendly and treats you like a friend rather than a parent and a child concept. But, even though they could be your dream parents, they can be quite unfair in many aspects.
“Okay,” I mumbled.
I got out of the car and took out the baggage and other bags.
“Do you need help?” I heard a voice from behind me.
“No, no I’m fine. Thanks by the way.” I said, struggling to pull up my bags from the bonnet.
“Here, let me help” a hand took hold of my bags and pulled them up from the bonnet and then swung them over his shoulders. He smiled. I wasn’t impressed with his help. I didn’t need any.

“Amelia, is everything out? I need to get some eggs afterwards” Mom shouted from the car.
“Yeah Mom, go buy your eggs. Say hi to Bobby for me as well!” I shut the bonnet. Slammed the car and Mom drove off.
“Take care sweetie!” Mom waved, I could see her smiling from the rear view mirror.

 I unlocked my phone.

Mom, 7.55 am:
Don’t get lost in the Bahamas okay? Have fun. Sorry for rushing. I need to catch up with Bobby Flay.
I rolled my eyes, Mom. I turned around. Why is he still here?
“You may let go off my bags,” I said to him.
“You sure? It’s really heavy. What do you have in here anyways?” He started weighing my bags up and down.
“None of your concern” I scolded. I took hold of my bag. I got to admit, it was kind of heavy. His help would have been useful. But I’m independent. I don’t need some help from a total stranger that came popping in to help.
“Now, if you may. Can you scoff just a little bit away so I can go to the bus” I pointed my finger at the bus that was a couple of steps away.

“Amelia, is that you? Hurry now, you don’t want to be left behind!” Mrs Ferry Black shouted from the bus. Ding it, this is embarrassing.
The boy just chuckled. I gave him a long glare and quickly ran to the bus with all my heavy bags. What did I pack anyways? Did I bring Trent with me along?

I huffed and sweated. Mrs Ferry Black raised her eyebrows, tapping on the attendance sheet.
“Ms Hamptons, no one likes to wait a slow coach. Thank God Ms Dennis reminded me about you. If not we would be a long run away from here.” She said sternly.
“I’m sorry” I mumbled.
“Now, leave your bags here. It will be taken care off. Now get on the bus.” I dropped my bags down, phew it was really heavy. I got to check what I packed in it later, something is misplaced.

As I climbed in the bus, everybody was eyeing at me. I was the only one not on the bus yet. Some were glaring others were asleep. It was an early morning, a few might as well came early afraid being left behind and turned out they had to wait for a slow coach. I gave a sorrowful smile at them, I was embarrassed. All the seats were taken except for the last two at the back. As I walked up to the seats, I could hear somebody whispering my name.

“Amelia!” Taylor whispered desperately.
I turned around, and there I saw a small petite girl with beautiful honey blonde hair and big dark blue eyes. She looked annoyed, frustrated and about to breakdown crying.
“What?” I whispered back. Then I realized why she’s in a state of crumbling down like a fragile pastry.
She pointed her finger at a guy next to her, who was sleeping on her shoulders.
“The Toad is sleeping on me!” She wailed. I chuckled slightly under my breath.
Taylor turned her face at Alex, her face turned sour. “Toad saliva! Toad saliva!” she ranted, kicking her feet.
Alex woke up at sixes and seven. He wiped his mouth before retrieving back to his sleep. “Help me Amelia,” Taylor mouthed.
“Alright, everybody’s here?” Mrs Ferry Black announced.
“Sorry,” I mouthed back to Taylor. She looked like she’s going to scream and blow fire from her mouth. I went to the empty seats at the back. I’ll be sitting alone I guessed. My seat was three seats away from Taylor’s. I could see the frustration on her face, red and burning hot. I felt sorry for her, since it was entire fault for arriving late, but the amusement you get from her facial expression was undeniable.

Mrs Ferry Black went through a name list, calling out the names making sure everybody was on the bus.

“Peter Kenning?”
“Here,” a boy with beautiful curls raised his hand before scratching his head.

“Daniele Evens?”
“Present Mrs,” the class nerd said with her geeky voice of hers.

“Taylor Dennis?”
“Here,” she wailed. I chuckled again.

“Mercury Flynn?”

No answer. Mrs Ferry Black turned around, “ahh, here you are Mercury. Thanks for the helping out.”
The boy got up on the bus and flashed a smile. “My pleasure,” he walked passed Mrs Ferry Black, while she continued with the name call outs. He walked deeper into the bus. Almost closer where I was sitting. I prayed that he would go somewhere else. Please no, not here. Just somewhere else please.

He smiled at me, oh God how I would like to rip the smile off his pretty little face. He then thumped on the seat beside me, sighing as he tries to get comfortable. Not too comfortable please.

“Hey,” he said, beaming innocently.
I didn’t response. I only glared.  I felt disgusted. What if he just switched seats with Alex the Afro Toad and Taylor come to sit with me? Win-win situation here.

“Flynn,” he gave out his hand. It looked filthy. I can’t believe those hands helped took out the bags from Mom’s car.
“Right, Mercury. I’ve seen that we’ve already meet” I said sarcastically.
He pulled his hand back in since I won’t shake those dirty hands full of germs of all sort.
“I prefer being called Flynn, Mercury is a proud name my mother gave,” he said, scoffing a little into his seat.
“Well Mercury; be thankful that you actually have a name okay?” I said back to him. Mercury was kind of a funny name to give to a kid. He’s not red nor a type of liquid. His mom must be a unique person to ever think of such name.
“You’re Amelia right?” He raised his eyebrows at me.
“No,” I said back to him. I’m not going to introduce me to him.

“Amelia Hamptons?” Mrs Ferry Black called out. Damn it.
“Present” I raised my hand slowly. Mission back fired.

Mercury laughed. I gave him a sour glare, how dare he.
“What?” I scolded.
“Your Mom, remember? She called out your name before leaving. I was there holding your bags. You actually think I wouldn’t try to pick up your name when she said it?” He said, still laughing but softly this time.

I rolled my eyes. I rather sit next to The Toad rather than this stranger.  I folded my arms and huffed. He won’t stop laughing. What’s so funny about it?

This is going to be a long journey.

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