Saturday, 31 August 2013

35 facts about me!

1. I don't like eating because it makes me depress afterwards.
2. I sleep on my right because I'm afraid that sleeping on my left will crush my heart.
3. My favourite colour is blue but most of my items and clothes are red or pink.
4. When I talk much I tend to hate myself afterwards.
5. I would laugh at mostly anything because I find something amusing in anything.
6. The first guy to have a crush on me when I came back here was my dad's relative (same age as me).
7. I hate talking about boys. It makes me shiver, ticklish on my neck and sick to my stomach.
8. I enjoy reading about random stuff and forget about them and then reading about it again.
9. I personally enjoy making weird voices.
10. I need at least 12 hours of sleep. PERIOD.
11. I secretly like dancing in my room.
12. I wanted to be an actress once because of the many face personalities I could make but it ended because I'm lazy to dream the impossible.
13. I personally enjoy talking with guys instead of girls because they always seem to have the most interesting topic to talk about.
14. I feel like crying when my parents come late to pick me up on anything.
15. I don't keep my writing as the same font because I'm lazy to please somebody with a nice handwriting. If you look at any of my workbooks you could find at least 10 different handwriting!
16. I prefer to drink than to eat. I get so thirsty, and I need sugary drinks to stop my shivering.
17. I hate going anywhere. Like I hate going outside of the house because it makes me feel 'stale like a bread'.
18. I'm good at making people comfortable with me.
19. I enjoy talking. If you can find a simple topic to something damn interesting I would literally marry you. Example; topic about school, grades, facts and family.
20. I hate my body. I don't believe when people say I'm cute. That my eyes are beautiful or  that I have a bright smile. I'm just what I am.
21. My type on a person is not much. He must enjoy talking, listening, kind of weird in an interesting way, supportive and can open up any topic.
22. I love stories told by anyone. Even if you were to tell me about the position of a footballer on a field I'd love to know about it.
23. I tend to ask many stupid questions to make me feel satisfied on a topic.
24. I don't care much on how my scarf is at school.
25. I hate looking at myself in the mirror at public places. I have lack of self-esteem.
26. I had depression for 4 years, this year the depression has reduced.
27. When I'm bored, I get super helpful.
28. I love teachers.
29. I don't care if I get my clothes dirty.
30. I hate it when people use the word like 'negro', it's racism to me.
31. When I'm mad, I tend to talk gibberish and raise my voice.
32. My best birthday ever was when I was 6 or 7 in Scotland.
33. I'm a person who don't care on things much that is on social basis. But when it comes to school stuff, I freak out and cry.
34. I have lost 8 kg this year.
35. I like boys as my friends more than girls.

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