Thursday, 10 October 2013

Reaching Felicity - Chapter 1

After we visited Mom, I realized that Dad was awfully quiet on our way back home. He was quieter than the usual visits we had every month. I guessed he felt lonely. The radio played some solemn songs that swayed our emotions so vividly that I too felt like crying. Sometimes I wonder how on Earth they get the songs to fit in the right time of situation. The song fitted the situation so well; it almost felt like I was in a music video. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to make things worse for Dad. He sniffed a little and I recognize that kind of sniff. Things had been hell for us since Mom passed away because of cancer. Dad faced bankruptcy a few months after and we were almost on the edge of being homeless. But the Flynn’s been nice to us and helped us a lot. Mr Flynn gave Dad a job in his store where Mercury works too. Natasha had been an awesome support and best friend .Mrs Flynn would make us dinner from time to time.
 I couldn’t ask for much. If I did, it would mean I was being self-centered because the Flynn’s needed to live too.
We weren’t poor; we were just trying to get back on our feet.
 Dad parked into our driveway and shut the engine. He looked at me and smiled.
 “Get in first kiddo. Pasta’s in the fridge. Heat it up and we could have dinner,” Dad said to me. I nodded and went out of the car. “Need some time alone Dad?” I said to him before shutting the door. Dad nodded and I knew he was going to cry once I left him alone.
“I miss Mom too,” I told him. I gave him an assuring smile because I didn’t want to cry. I was tired of crying.
Dad nodded and smiled, but I knew it wasn’t real. His heart was more fragile than mine. I know him well to tell.
I left Dad alone for him to get things cleared out of his mind. I took the pasta that Mrs Flynn prepared for us. Sometimes I wished it was Mom that made the pasta. It’s never the same. But it would mean that I wasn’t grateful enough that somebody was willing to feed us. I preheated the pasta in the microwave, added some extra sauce to make sure it wouldn’t dry out and grated some Parmesan that was left in the fridge. I laid out two plates, one for me and one for Dad.
I brewed coffee for Dad because he loves coffee after every meal while I made myself a cup of caramel tea. Like I said; we weren’t poor, just living life with what was given.
Dad finally came back in. I knew he cried hard because his eyes were swollen. I went up to him and gave a hug. “Let’s have dinner,” I said to him and pulled him to his chair. Dad just followed from behind and sat down once he got to the table.
I served him a portion of the pasta and placed his coffee next to it. Then I sat down in front of him with my portion already plated. While we were eating the pasta that Mrs Flynn kindly prepared for us, Dad cried again.
And I cried; because it was harder to see Dad crying than Mom not being with us anymore. We cried together while eating our pasta. And the rest of the night was silent. We know what was best. Let Mom’s spirit be felt within the silent. We missed her very much. Dad stopped crying soon after. He kissed me goodnight on the forehead and went to bed. I knew he cried himself to sleep that night because I heard sniffs while I was getting ready to sleep. That night we both cried ourselves to sleep because we just miss her a lot. Life had been tough. It’s been hell for us.

The next day of school, things didn’t turn out great. Tasha asked me whether I cried last night because it was obvious I did. My eyes were swollen the moment I woke up this morning. She asked me whether I went to visit Mom yesterday and I nodded. She understood by then the reason why my eyes were puffy.
A moment later before we entered class Mercury came to us. He brought along a friend.
“Okay guys, so we were given a project on how to raise charity for the disabled and Mrs Jenkins said it would be a good idea if we had other people to help in.” Mercury had this hopeful looked in his brown eyes. It was as if he was desperately promoting something to us.
“Let me guess, you want us to help in with your ‘project’” Tasha said sarcastically. She didn’t enjoy being involved with anything that her brother does. She preferred to be alone.

“Oh common, you have a good look that blind people would want to chip in some money. Aren’t I right Cindy?” Mercury chuckled as he turned at me.
“It’s mean to say that blind people can’t recognize how pretty Tasha is” I said back to him smiling. Mercury had a thing to make me happy. His friend on the other hand just looked at us. He wasn’t smiling nor chuckling. He was emotionless.
“Justin here is going to help, his dad knows a great place where we could raise funds for the charity” Mercury patted Justin on his back and smiled like a goof.

“You’re a dork sometimes Mercury” Tasha snarled at him.
I was amused by this sibling love-hatred towards each other.
“Who said I wasn’t. I’m a hot dork that the ladies can’t resist” he was proud of that. I knew by his expression. Justin smiled and said “Well you guys figure it out and if you need anything ask me okay?” he left us three as he walked to the other side of the hallway.

“Where did you find him?” Tasha folded her arms.
“Why? Do you like him or something” Mercury raised an eyebrow. He looked at me and gave me a wink.
“I just asked where did you find him and you accused me of liking him? Cindy, please don’t ever fall for my brother. He’s not worth it” Tasha huffed as she pushed Mercury on the shoulders. He just laughed and I knew it was a brotherly kind of laugh. I didn’t have siblings, so I didn’t know how it felt like to be loved by someone who lives with you every day of your life. Tasha folded her arms; she didn’t appreciate being accused of liking Justin Templar.
All I could do was raise my eyebrows, “Shouldn’t you get people who are the same grade as you?” I asked Mercury as Tasha and I got ready to enter class. Mercury just groaned and made a face.
“Why is it so hard to get people’s help nowadays? Not even my little sister would want to help or her highly beautiful best friend!” he threw his arms in the air with frustration. I blushed a little to his compliment on how ‘beautiful’ I was but in fact I was rather average actually.

“Stop whining and find somebody else. We’re not interested, right Cindy?” Tasha looked at me for approval. Honestly, it was intruding to raise charity for the disabled. And with the offer given by Tasha’s big brother, who could resist?
“Cindy?” Tasha made a look. And she had already given up on hope because she knew my answer to it.
“Why not?” I said quietly, and looked at both of their expressions. Tasha was disappointed with my choice, while on the other hand; Mercury started screaming in the hallway “She said ‘Why not’!” repeatedly and everybody started staring.
Mercury was pumped. He started to sweat after running around the hallway when I agreed. He finally stop when Mrs Jenkins passed by.
“Life savior” he whispered to me and ran off because obviously he was late for class.
Tasha palmed her face, giving out a long deep sigh.
I looked at her and wondered whether joining in the project was a very bad idea.

“Oh God, just because he…” Tasha said to herself while shaking her head continuously.
“What? Just because Mercury what?” I asked, I wanted to know. I had to admit, Mercury was a little off today. He never really asked for me to join in anything nor has he ever called me beautiful before. I guessed he was just in a happy mood.
But after class, nobody was in a happy mood. Mercury wasn’t happy anymore. Tasha looked much unhappy than before.
They had a fight after school. Tasha started it. I saw it but I didn’t know the reason for the fight to happen.
In the end, Tasha came screaming at Mercury “Go home on your own, I have the keys. Find somebody else so you could BEG to have a car ride home!” she stormed and pulled my arm.
We’re neighbors and we came to school together.

Mercury started flipping off and cussing everywhere to Tasha.

I realized when you don’t have siblings; you don’t ever get into a fight. Because this was one of the worst fights I’ve seen between them two.
I swear; Tasha never had been this brutal before.

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