Wednesday, 16 October 2013

So far.

Assalamualaikum and haiya guys :)

I can't remember when was the last time I've ever did a post about the casual things I go through. It's been a while, maybe forever. Mostly I would post up my stories and questions that I answer but maybe I would like to do a post today about what had been going on so far.
Honestly, I know some of my friends don't read this because it's in English so I bet up to this they stop reading as it's tiring to read something that can give you a headache (same goes to me whenever I read things that are in Malay, I feel so slow and confused at most of the times). So I would like to start from the beginning of the year till now.

Let's start with a picture.
I remember this moment, it was Prize Giving Ceremony day and my parents couldn't show up for it. Honestly I was bummed when they couldn't attend but I acted casual. I didn't want to spoil my day anyways. Afyfah gave me a container of moist chocolate cake which was absolute delicious. I forgot to bring along my blazer which all prefects must wear because I didn't know. I freaked out and the teacher told me not to worry, I was so flustered when I got on stage. Yeah and I took the ugliest photo which I have somewhere in the house -.- After that, I went to eat with Afyfah and Aisyah. I spilled my tea and Afyfah took a picture of it, while my mouth was still full of rice.
Anyhow, after that we took pictures with my other friends and I promised my mum to get out of the school at a certain time. I went out and I saw my mum got out of the school too. She told me that the meeting got cancelled and she rushed here for the ceremony but it ended already. A part of me was happy and sad at the same time. She said it was just a small thing and she would definitely go for the one next year where I'll get a prize for my 8A's, (insyaAllah).

The next picture:
So this year I've been into two types of competition, English Debate and Drama competition. Honestly, when I entered the debate competition I had no intention into entering. But If I never did joined, I would never be in the drama competition and I wouldn't have made closer friends with some of the people up there.
So it started out like this, Ikha and Adni wanted to join in the debate competition. I didn't have the interest of anyhow. But a friend of my mine encouraged me to give a go, but technically I went to just 'have a look'. The teacher asked for my help to give an announcement of some sort and I did and afterwards I ended up doing some kind of test of whom will enter the debate competition. Honestly, I didn't bother to talk with anybody who joined to compete. We didn't know each other so why bother? I did my go and I was really nervous. I talked on a topic which I just related to something I've read online. This girl, Acha said I did good and she didn't expected me to come up with such good pints. After the tryouts, Amreet came to me and asked whether I was interested to be a narrator for the next upcoming drama competition and I said sure. So for the next week of practicing for the debate competition I've made very close friends with the people in it and I've came to love them so much. We've became good friends until now and I'm very happy about it. We only made it to the semi-finals but it was a very good achievement for first timers.

So the drama competition, I guess from this, the new friendship I've gained is with Faris and the seniors. If I hadn't forced him to join I strongly believe he will still be stuck in his shell. From the beginning of the year, throughout the weeks and until now we've became closer and I've finally get to see something that my other friends don't get to see. I treat him like a little brother, (I'm embarrass if he finds out this) but I'm happy we're friends though it was an awkward start and I hope the friendship lasts. With my seniors, I gained to love them more and appreciate them. They're the nicest people so far and I'm always praying for the best for them as they've been awfully nice to me especially Kak Sue and Chipmunk.

You see the pic up there? It was scorching hot, we took pictures under the blazing sun but it was the greatest time yet :)

Next pic:

Weeks before PMR, during the break time we would take pictures I really love this picture the most. 
Nothing to say much but though we we were having fun with the pictures we were also stressing out because PMR was getting closer.

Anything else to say about it? Nothing :) I'm a free bird now until the next two years!! (SPM next argh!)

So I guess overall it has been an overwhelming year for me.
I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I tried to go through the stress and pain.
Though I don't show most of the negativity to others, I try my best to let it pass. I have friends that was there for me when I cried about the deep things, I have my teachers support and love, my parents did give my a hard time but you know I'll love them always.
I've made new friends and closer friends.
New friends like Aliff and Faris are awesome to laugh and be around with though at times I could be kinda tough of them, sorry, I have to man them up -,-. People like Hafizi which gotten on a rough start from the beginning since form one but now we're okay, I enjoy his company and our friendship is going great. Close friends like Aisyah, Aliah and Najihah, I love them till death. People I adore such as Pipit, Finie, Ninie, Cik Nin, Ku, Sush, G Baser, Anis and the rest are really supportive and I love them so much too.

In conclusion, it was a tough year for me, new things, surprising secrets, good times, and whole lot of friendship and love; I would say it was one of the most memorable years of my life. And I'm hoping for the same for the coming years and I hope this friendship would last. I want to see what have come to us, what they work as, who they get married to (hahaha) and you know what their future would be. I can't wait what my future holds, but for now I'm going to cherish every moment of it.

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