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Unleash : Chapter One

 Sorry if there's spelling error or grammar or whatever is wrong with this story. I hope you guys love it! xoxo                                                                               ****

My alarm that I set on seven hours ago goes off with the sound of a rooster. At first it startled me so badly that I almost thought I was going to have a heart attack. Thank God that my heart continued pumping blood at several rechecks. I’ve always reminded myself to change the sound of my phone alarm but the constant nights of staying up late due to the activities that were going on made me have not the right amount of time to reset it. It was six in morning, awfully too early to wake up. School was in about another hour and a half. My eyes wouldn’t open; they were so sleepy and tired after long hours of labor on the midnight studying. Okay, I guess I shouldn’t really do the studying on the eleventh hour but hey, when your exams are coming up you got to find the time to study. But apparently all the time I have was late at night. I haven’t seen my favorite Vamps movie because of it. There was a rewind last night and I had to sacrifice.
I dug my face into my pillow, pulled up my duvet and snuggled in. It was so nice. Rewarding you the extra minutes of sleep it deserves. Ten minutes later, I was about to dream about being the queen of an isolated town but the blasted rooster did it again. I pressed the doze off button, hoping it won’t give me another heart attack.
“I’m tired as hell” I hissed at my phone and pushed it underneath my pillow case. As I was about to get comfortable again, the head of all the demons barged into my room with his ‘Morning Booster’ on. And to top it off, he switched on the lights.
“What are you doing? Get out you toad!” I threw my pillow at my seventeen year old brother forgetting that my phone was in it. He dodged the bullet and gave a grin.
“Put that smirk off Cory” I mumbled angrily as I get up to retrieve back my phone.
“Someone’s not in a good mood. Don’t tell me, you’re on your first day?” I could sense a chuckle. He finally volume down the music and sat on my bed.  I rolled my eyes at him.
“Shit Cory, why do you always do this to me? You know I’m tired and need my sleep” I growled at him as I check on my phone, making sure it was in a stable condition.
“What?” he said.
“What is what?” I said back at him angrily. He laughed and I pushed him off the bed. He stumbled down and groaned.
“Well Little Miss Grumpy, get up ready because we don’t have a ride to school” he said to me. I looked at him; he was in his school uniform. Why was he wearing his school uniform?
“What! What about the car that Dad let you borrowed?” I was about to panic. That meant we were going to go by bus. And the school’s bus always came an hour early.
“What’s wrong with you? You’re really cranked up on your period.  It is in the workshop; remember?” Cory explained to me as he fiddled with my phone out of my grasp.
I moaned. How could I forget? It’s been in the workshop two days ago. Mom and Dad were out of town to meet up with a relative. So we had to go by bus. I must have been really worked out to forget.
Cory stood up and flung my phone across my bed, “Hey,” I moaned at him. He looked at himself in the mirror and fixed his hair. I knew that look he gave to himself in the mirror, the one that he thought he was damn gorgeous.
“Fifteen minutes love and the bus leaves” he cracked up an evil laugh and went out.
Literally, fifteen minutes wasn’t enough. Cory need his hour time to get ready as partial of the time taken was looking at himself in the mirror, whilst I just have to get ready with my make-up on.
I quickly took my towel and got into my bathrobe.  As I went out of my room to go the bathroom I shared with Cory, I found it locked.
I bang on it, and could hear music blasting through the door.
“What the hell are you doing Cory?! I need to take my shower, quick!” I shouted and was no use either trying because I knew his response.
“Go to the one downstairs you tanned Twinkie” he said cooing. That wasn’t true. I was just a little bit more colored than he was. He just looked dead to me. I hated the bathroom downstairs. It had no heater on and the showers were freezing.
I had no point to argue with him because there was like only ten minutes left. I took my quick freezing shower and rushed up back upstairs. I slipped into my school uniform, had my tie on and just dabbed anything on my face.
“Three minutes Twinkie!” I heard Cory shouting from downstairs.
I took whatever hairband I could visibly see and tied my hair into a messy bun. The debate papers were on the table and just scrammed them into my bag with my notes and pencil case. My phone sets off again with the rooster alarm and I almost had a real heart attack.
“The bus is going to leave now!” Cory shouted again. I went out of my room, with no time to spare into preparing my bed which I normally do every day and ran downstairs.
When I got downstairs, I saw Cory relaxing on the couch with toast in his mouth.
“Are you ready love?” he smirked at me.
“What are doing? The bus is going to leave any second now.” I felt dumbfounded to the situation.
“Relax Twinkie, Drew’s giving us a lift” Cory took the TV remote and switched on the telly. My jaw dropped to the ground.
“What?!” I was furious. I slapped the toast out of his mouth and hit his face with a couch pillow.
“Don’t be harsh. I will tell Mom on you.” He picked up the toast and proceeded on eating it.
“What are you? Five?” I was breathing hard. I slumped into the couch next to him.
“Seventeen actually, do your calculations right” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes at him. “How could you Cory? How could you do such vile acts on your sister?” I wasn’t please but I knew Cory did it was to that I won’t get up late.
“Because you’re my delicious vanilla filling Twinkie” he did this horrible smooching face and I just slapped him hard.
“I have a name” I said back to him.
“Well your name isn’t that popular isn’t it Twinkie?”
“What’s wrong with Brooke? And shouldn't it be Twinkies” I asked him.
“Well Twinkies is a lot of Twinkies. You're the only one of the kind. I just prefer to call you Twinkie, okay Twinkie?” He smiled at me. I rolled my eyes.

When Drew picked us up after fifteen minutes later, Cory went off with his friends and I went to find Sky. Sky was my debate partner. Though her name sounds like she’s a heck of a popular girl, she’s pretty normal and she preferred low-attention. 
The competition was within another two month and we had only been preparing ourselves for about two weeks now. It was exam week and from the look I received from Sky the moment I found her in the library was definitely great news.
“Guess what?” She jumped a little and squealed out excitement.
“What?” I’ve been saying ‘what’ a lot today since this morning and I wonder how many more will my ‘what’s’ continue on as this typical day proceeds.
“My mom said if I aced my French test she will bring me to the Ultra Science Exhibition in the fall!” she squealed again, a little bit more excited than before. I know that this was what we call great news for her, but honestly, I find it entertaining how she finds going to a science competition made her heart skip a beat.
“Well, like what Einstein said ‘You’ll be my rocket and I’ll be your astronaut’” I smiled at her whilst patting her back. “I don’t think Einstein ever quoted that” she squinted her eyes at me. “Exactly” I whispered at her and giggled. She shook her head at me, knowing that I really didn’t care at all that it was the Science Exhibition.
I placed my bag on the seat and then went to front desk where Ms Elisa was. She was our consultant on our preparations for the debate and as embarrassing as it might sound, she was like my second best friend besides Sky.

“Found the Cons on our topic?” She looked up at me from her perhaps fifth novel of the week. I nodded and handed her the file that I scrammed in my bag this morning due to ‘only ten minutes left before the bus leaves’ moment.  Sky came skipping towards us and gave her file on the pros.

Ms Elisa examined our files and nodded quietly. “I guess we might win it,” She smiled at us. “These points are great, especially the Cons on the effects of teen socialization. Sky, some of your Pros are exquisite too.”  I saw Sky blush a little. She tucked her bangs behind her ears and she pushed up her adorable glasses.
“We got everything need. Two months is the Regional Debate Competition and we need to get practicing now. It may sound like a long way to go, but trust me; all the hours are important and valuable.”
We nodded at her words. I’ve been in a debate competition before and I’ve done well. Sky was new to this, but she has great potential. We agreed to meet back at the hall after school.

When we were heading to our French class for our exam, I noticed Cory walking towards us.
“Twinkie!” he yelled from afar. Have I ever mentioned how embarrassing it was for him to call me that at school? I looked around and made sure no one knew it was me he was calling after.
“Brooke, you should give him a name too” Sky whispered to me as we walked towards Cory.
“I’m thinking of one, it’s hard when you have a brother that has nothing on him” I whispered back.
For the how-many-times-I-don’t-know, I looked at him in the eyes and said “what”. Cory did a jerk smile and pulled me in his arms.
“Vanilla Twinkie, meet Chocolate Twinkie” he showed me this guy. He didn’t look all so happy. In fact, he looked scared. And I was starting to get scared with these two flavors of a Twinkie situation.

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