Sunday, 15 December 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello :)

It's been a while huh? My writings aren't done yet but I'll post them up soon when they're done. It has also been a while since I've post something besides my writings or Q/A, so I guessed it would be nice to talk about 2013. I wouldn't have time to this at the end of the year as I will be away for quite some time with my family.

My reflect on 2013.

If I could describe it in three words I would say the following,
Pure. Overwhelming. Beautiful.

Those were the words that popped up in my head and made me smile for a moment. I'm 15 this year, and next year I will be in upper form. It's overwhelming, years go by so fast and by the time your old, you get that sad feeling. You just want to go back, relive the moment, not do mistakes, take back the lost opportunities. Yes, they were regrets. But then, sometimes the regrets become a whole new experience.

There were a lot of phases in my life; moving to another country, coming back, switching schools, personal problems, trying to make friends and misunderstandings.
To be honest, I'm not the kind of person that opens up to people. I rarely do. I don't say much of what goes on in my life to my parents and sometimes your siblings could be hopeless. Even your closest friends you can't share the biggest secrets with because it's just better off without them knowing.

I have secrets too. Some that I'm insecure with. Sometimes the secret I share to, I regret even telling. But then, they would understand you better and accept who you are. 2013 was like that. I've never really changed actually. I may act different this year but actually I've always been like this throughout my life. It's just I don't show it. When I was in SMJ, I was rather outgoing with everybody in my class. But as soon I came to Sintok, I was quiet and didn't interact with much people. As from that, they judged me, I do mind but then I say to myself 'They don't know me'. Still they don't, but at least they can see a part of me. I have close friends this year, made new friends, became closer with people I barely talked to for the past two years.
I've never really been happier. I've gained to love my friends more, be more social but learn to communicate. It's a pure year. It's so innocent that it happens by itself. You didn't expect it to happen, so it became a beautiful surprise that I'll treasure.

I'm not ashamed anymore. I love my friends and they're like family. I love my teachers so much, they're like my second parents. I've became closer to my parents since my sisters went to boarding school and I don't lose my temper easily.

And, I've also regain friends that I thought we lost contact. It was really lovely to talk to them again and it was as if we talked to each other everyday. It made my day happy whenever I talk to them.

I want to thank the ones I've feel gained with.

My parents, I know it was hard for them to bring me to night tuition and pay for the fees, but I love them for encouraging me and trusting me xoxo

My sisters, thank you for praying for me for my exams. It's a tough year and sometime I'd cry at night because I'll get lonely and I would cry myself to sleep because I missed them so much. And whenever they're back, all I want to do is talk about life and what's been going on lately. xoxo

My friends, Aliah, Aisyah and Najihah. I'm really happy that you guys never doubt on me though I've changed a lot this year, always willing to spend time with me though of my busy schedule as a prefect and helping teachers out and trusting me. I love you guys to pieces xox

Ku, thank you for everything. I enjoyed every time we talk and how you get over protective of me. It really means a lot that you care for the little things and your advices are always encouraging xox

Geng librarian, there is too many of you but I love you guys always, encouraging me when I feel low in the dumps, helping me out and love me though I'm a prefect. You guys are funny and supportive xox

Faris, you little twerp haha sorry for teasing you a lot but it was always nice to chat with you and your unique taste in old music and unknown music. I hope your personal life goes well and I'm always supportive to what you do, no more secrets okay? Thank you for being my friend xo

Hafizi, there's been days I hated you and there's been days I've enjoyed. Our friendship was shaky at first but you're a decent person. I'm sorry for everything but I'll promise you a kitten okay? Don't worry about it, you'll have a new sibling! Thank you for being my friend xo

2013 just in three word, Pure, Overwhelming, Beautiful :)

P.S. My PMR results will come out on the 19th December, pray me the best okay!

Love, S.A xoxo

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