Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Uncertain - Chapter One

The mornings were always the worst. It’s hard enough to wake up to a dream that’s so beautiful you wished that your brain could record it. It’s been a habit recently; sleeping at four in the morning and then have to wake up in the wee hours of the day to your morning job. Your head aches because of the lack of sleep, it’s just impossible to slightly open your eyes and the thing that makes getting up from bed practically annoying was that you’re currently in a state where it’s warm underneath the blankets and your surrounding is just freaking cold.
And I know if I was to talk myself into sleeping another extra ten minutes, I would end up waking within the next four hours or so. 

I dragged my lifeless body out of my bed and snoozed the alarm that had been going off for the past twenty minutes. Unaware that my study table was right beside my bed, I pricked the corners of it against my waist, “sh- shit” as I rubbed my sore waist. I took my towel and got myself a basin of warm water to wash my face with.
Urgh, the circles were just getting darker by day; looking at my reflection into the mirror of my bathroom. There were fine lines near my eyes. I looked older than my age and people get me confused to how old I am.
I’m nineteen for crying out loud! I continued washing my face with the facial cleanser package my sister got me for my seventeenth birthday and then flushed it with cold water. After I got myself freshened; I got into my Bell Pepper uniform and tied my hair up into a tight ponytail.
I looked at my watch, 7.15 am. Surely Emily was there already. I took my bag pack and check throughout my apartment for any lights, fans or taps that were on. Luckily, there was none and shut the grail; locked it, shut the door; locked it.

As I made a second check for the securities of my locks, Drew came out in a suit so fine that I was in utter shock.

      “It’s the day already?” I asked him, Drew who didn’t seem to realized my presence behind him jumped a little by fright and I giggled softly.

      “Darn it Hadley. You’ve gotten rebellious now days; frightening the shit out of people.” He gave his most charming smile as he tried to fix his tie.

      “Interview at the Ekans, nervous as hell right now” he let go of his hand as I helped out with the tie.
      “You’ll do fine, I’m sure they’ll love your comics more than Garfield.” He smiled at me “well, who doesn’t love a lasagne loving orange cat anyways?”
      “You bought the suit?” I patted his chest assigning him that he looked perfect.
      “No, I borrowed it from my old man. I have to go now , don’t want to be late for the interview” he kissed my cheeks and went down.

      “Good Luck Drew!” I shouted down,

      “Thank you Hadley” He shouted back, and I could hear him say his mornings to Stan the door man and walked out.

I walked out of the building and there was a flush of cold breeze against my rosy cheeks. The autumn wind has arrived and soon it will be Halloween. I pulled in my jacket just a little just so I won’t catch a cold. The people that were out and about right now were busy getting to their work place, having a morning breakfast and taking their kids to school.

Bell Peppers was just six blocks away and the walk to my work place was always nice. Having fresh air every morning and picking up my favorite salted pretzels just a couple blocks away from Bell Pepper.

I ordered my usual, and paid two dollars when I heard a voice calling my name.
      “Hadley? It’s that you? Oh God, Hadley is it really you?” I turned around I recalled a face. For one moment I wanted to run away but then my mind freeze. He looked at me with those that used to terrify me. His cheeks were glowing red from due to the cold weather and his hands came around me and I received a hug.
      “You do remember me right? Ethan Blyth; it’s me, Ethan!” He hugged me again and smiled like he never smiled before.
Oh, I remembered him well.   
The bully that made me drop out of school.

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