Sunday, 19 January 2014

Uncertain - Chapter three

     “I don’t know what funny business you’re trying to pull, but I swear to God I would kill you” Noah huffed against his skin, hot steam as he glared into his eyes.  He let go of Ethan’s shirt, shoving him a little making him tumble on the pavement floor.
I just stood there with the tape in my hand. At one point, Noah did seemed cool doing that to Ethan. He managed to build up confidence to defend us. But then, I felt a little bad for Ethan and a little angry at Noah. Sure he did deserve it for all the things he had done to us, but what was his reason to show up here?

     “Let’s go” Noah pulled my hand and we walked into the store.  He locked the door behind us and I could see Ethan standing up slowly, wiping his butt. He took out a cigarette from a packet he stored in his back pocket and lit it up. He smoked in twice and then burnt it out on the cold pavement.  And then he walked away, flustered and angry.

We both watch him walking away and I could hear Noah whisper “Thank God” and sighed in relief.
When Ethan was finally gone, Noah looked at me smiling and hugged the hell out of me.
     “It felt nice,” he said.
     “What was?” I smiled at him. I knew the reason anyways.
     “To threat him, to push him, to make him angry” he said and he couldn’t stop smiling. We walked into the kitchen and Emily had already gotten half the prep done. “Oh okay I get this now, I do all your dirty work and you still get paid” Emily pointed the knife at us, and we just laughed. I shook it off and helped her with the rest of the prep. Noah continued with the tables, arranging them accordingly to what Big Bell instructed. And then the phone rang, I picked it up instead.

     “Hello, this is Hadley from Bell Pepper”
     “Hadley! Why are the doors shut?” Big Bell voice almost shook my system. I apologize in advance and went to open up the doors that we locked after the little commotion with Ethan.

     “What have I told you? Get everything ready for the interview session. You can’t even open up the doors” Big Bell walked in his Bell Pepper attire and his white cowboy hat. He sat down on his chair at the table Noah had arranged.
     “Noah,” Big Bell said as he checked his phone. Noah came rushing from the kitchen, wiping his hand with the white cloth.
    “Yes Sir?”
    “Call them in, I asked them to stay out for a while before the interview”
    “Yes Sir”
    “And Hadley, please get three glasses of water”
   “Yes Sir,” I said and went back in the kitchen.
Noah called them in as Big Bell asked them to take a seat and show him their resume. Minutes later, Noah came back in the kitchen looking upset. He sighed and went out to the back door, taking a fresh air.
     “What’s up with him?” Emily asked while filling the containers with the prep ingredients.  “Beats me,” I picked up the tray with the water Big Bell ordered me to and brought them out. Walking to the table, Big Bell had started to interview them. I smirked a little. The same questions he interview me with. I placed the water carefully on the table, while listening to Big Bell asking them the exact same thing he asked me two years ago.
    “Where are you from?” “Indiana” My hometown too.
    “So you were born on the 7 of July 1994 and a graduate?“ “Yes sir,” This person is 19 also?
“And what is your dedication into being part of the Bell Pepper family?” “Everything I got sir,”
I looked up, the person who was answering the interviews. My eyes widen and I was in disbelief. All three of the stood up and shook hands. “One of you got the job. I will inform you in the next hour”. And then the interview was over. Big Bell called for all of us to gather up at the front.
Noah had an unpleasant expression. Emily did her ‘I don’t care’ look and I was nervous.
     “Noah, Emily, Hadley, there will be a new worker here. Treat him like family. Show him around, give him small tasks at first and then inform me how his progress is. It starts tomorrow okay? Now open up the shop.” We didn’t say a word when Big Bell left. Customers went piling in; the regulars and the new comers. And when the day had turn from dawn to dusk, Noah came at me while I was shutting the front door.

“Let’s quit,”
“What?” I was confused.
“Let’s quit, you heard me. Let’s work at somewhere else.” Noah said.
“Are you mad? Why, what for?”
“Ethan is the one getting the job tomorrow. Can you stand up for it? Dealing with him all over again?”
“How would you know that he got the job?”
“I overheard.”
“What do you mean,”
“I overheard Big Bell calling for Ethan and congratulating for the job.”
I stared at Noah; he didn’t look the same as he was this morning. He looked almost scared. Was he scared it might happen again?

I hugged him, and he accepted it. “How about we show Ethan who’s the boss here huh? Reverse psychology I would say,” I gave him a warm smile. I know his insecurities behind his good looks. Noah nodded and I said my goodbyes, the see you tomorrow.

I walked out from the back door and there he was, Ethan standing outside. He stopped smoking as he turned around seeing it was me. He burnt it out and huffed out the extra smoke. His eyes looked dead as he stared at me.

“Are you okay?” he said to me.

I stared at him, not sure whether I should reply. I wasn’t afraid for some reason than I was this morning.

He had enough of the silence from me and took my hand. He pulled me, and I shoved forward following him. As I opened my mouth to tell him that he was out of his mind and that he should let go off me instantly, Ethan said “Hadley, give me a chance”.

I shut up, walked with him by the manner of him pulling me to somewhere. Oh no.

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