Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The third of the year.

Assalamualaikum and whats up lately? XD

It's been a while eh since I uploaded a post on my blogger. Life has been a roller coaster so far for the past three months. It's been going past very fast and it's scaring me like hell right now. OKay so, my life right now isn't all that stable at the moment but I'm keeping my cool. Being tough. I'm a grown girl right now so I can face stupidity of life and challenges. Though it's tough that people see me happy when really I'm just shaking in the inside. As for that reason of my instability due to my private life, I've gotten myself occupied with afterschool activities and entering as many competitions I can chew on. Yes, it will make me break down and cry in defeat, but I made this decision because what's going on in my life right now hurts me to the core and nobody really gets it. If they knew they will have a sense of pity on me but it's just no use because it's happening and I'm a victim.

I'm just that girl that faces so many bull shit and still gets more bull shit to pile on my truck load of crap. And yes, you're confused to what I'm trying to say and what is going on in my life, but let me just say this; 'shit happens, deal with it'.

To carry on, form four is just hard as eating five months old frozen chicken. Still, Add Math is super fun; yeah judge me; and physics and all those new subs are just killing me. But, being steady as I go, I'll manage myself.

So, FYI, I'm entering debate, drama and choir. And please pray for my success because I want to have a beautiful SPM Certificate that shows how active I am in academics and co curriculum so that after this I'll be gone out to world and away from this headache.

Headaches such as a love life, saying this as I stick my finger in my throat, headaches as to annoying ass people in my class, headaches to all the bull shit that is causing  me to have deep sighs of frustrations and abhorrence; this concludes why I want to succeed and be independent to travel far. 

Dear reader, I love you if you read this and accept all the foul words I've been using because I'm having horrible life full of challenges God has given me to test on. But I'm still smiling, with effort.

So to this, have a good day.

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