Saturday, 12 April 2014

At the end of the day.

Today we hanged out; Jayshan, Afiq, Ku and I. We hanged out. It was awkward yeah, because mostly we do the crazy online chat but since we're back to reality, it became awkward. Yet, I had a good time. Slamming the bowling balls to the ground and watch it go into the drain. 

I was tired, but it was really nice to meet them again. We took selfies and did a collab video for LTS Latenight. If you guys are not aware, I'm in a fantasy talkshow LTS Latenight where it's just me, Jayshan and Afiq. We call ourselves Mango, Durian and Grape. After the bowling thing where I miraculously lost to Afiq (unbelievable) and Jayshan won the whole thing; well he is a pro anyways; we started debating on what to do blah blah blah and then we went for some froyo's. Ku was quiet the whole time, but I don't blame her, she felt as awkward as I was. But I promise next time I'll be all cuckoo.

So after we bid our goodbyes and see ya later, Ku and I went to buy more food so we ate what is shown above. Yum right?! It was good and I got full but I bought myself a gigantic cheese sausage to pass the time as we waited for my siblings and father to exit from the cinema. I was rather beat out to the core because as soon we dropped off my sister, I slept shamelessly beside Ku. But whatever, I was exhausted with all the smiling and laughing and talking random stuffs.

When we got home my father's side of the family came and my grandmother was there. I was super tired but I had my manners and greeted the guests.

The sad thing was, I had such a great day today it ended with something that broke my heart to million tiny particles.

My grandmother sat next to me as I was busy with my phone and she started asking me about Mum. I guessed she knew and I answered as honest I possible could. I guess I didn't noticed at first, but when I looked at her I felt sad and heartbroken.

Looking at my grandmother's face and see a tear rolling down her left eye.

If a tear first comes out and rolls down from the right, it indicates you are happy. If the tear comes down from the other; the left eye, it indicates you're in pain. And I know that is true because I've tested the theory millions of times whenever I cry. And when I cry it's always something that makes me sad and depress. And the first tear to come out was always from the right eye.

My grandmother was in pain and I guessed she loved my mother very much as her daughter-in-law. And maybe she felt sad for me and what I was facing through. I watched her. Tears rolled down but she kept questioning me about the relationship my parents had.

"Did your father do anything to make your mother asks for a divorce?" she asked me and I just answered the truth. Answering it was a pain to me and I tried my best not to choke out tears.

She wiped her tears and said it was already late and that it was time for her to head back to Perlis.

As she walked out, I helped with the bags. I walked behind her and went to my dad. I watched her again and she was still tearing. I felt really bad and I wanted to cry as much as she wanted to let it all out. But I wasn't close with my relatives and I felt awkward. But I wanted to wipe her tears. I really do.

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