Thursday, 24 April 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Five

My eyes followed the rotation of the ceiling fan. And then I got dizzy and my head stared hurting. Then I stopped following the movement of the fan and tossed my body to the left side of the room. What I saw was an opened window. No curtains or shade to block out the light. The wind from the world outside entered my room through the windows like an intruder. And I felt a gentle touch of the spring breeze on the bridge of my nose. I breathed in. And I breathed out. I felt as if the wind was swirling and twirling like a beautiful ballerina on her tip toes coming for me. Calling me to join in the fun of what was outside.
 I then tossed to the right. What was there to see was nothing. It was just a wall that divided me from the wonders of what was beyond. It was just an empty wall. And it was sad to look at. Bare and exposed, something that I would describe the wall. It was as dull and just at grief to even look at it for five seconds.

At last, I decided to toss my body back where it started; underneath the spinning fan. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and sighed it all out. I wondered, and I was curious, did Buttercup felt like the window on my left or the wall on my right?
Within the darkness she was in, could she see the light?
Or is it a paradise there than it was in the real world? I wouldn’t know, because now I’m thinking about Dad. He’s in a coma. And that I believe I can describe.

Dad was the wall on my right. Bare and exposed. Dull and at grief. And that was what I’ll set my mind with.
And I traced back what happened back at hospital. Elliot finished his reading about the Flicker and Buttercup got super excited once he was done and she said she’ll read more about other birds and share the information with me the next time we’ll meet again. And then Elliot went home, guiding Buttercup carefully to their mom that was waiting for them in the car. I went back to Dad and Elliot was right. Mom didn’t notice my disappearance as she fell asleep on Dad’s knee. I nudged her on the shoulders and she woke up with a startle.

“What time is it?” she asked. I looked at her face. Her eyes were blood shot red and puffy.
“Two in the afternoon,” I answered.
“Oh… okay.” And she turned to look at Dad who was resting calmly like there was nothing to worry.
“I –I think it’s best if you stayed at my place. I will send you back, so pack up all your things, everything and then you’ll live with me in the meantime as your father
becomes conscious” and I nodded. Nothing to argue back.
It was my third time coming to this house and it wasn’t big. Just well enough for a single woman like Mom. It had an extra room which Mom turned into a guest room. She said it will be my room and I can just do anything I want with it. But for the period of time that I’ll be staying here… I’ll just keep it as it is.
I opened back my eyes and picked up my phone. I swiped the screen to unlock it and looked at the time, it was 6 in the evening and the day was getting dark. I checked my contacts, and scrolled down past a few names until I stumbled upon his name.


“When an unknown number appears up on my phone, I’ll know it’s you calling. Because I don’t have your number… yet but I surely will” he said to me before he left.
“Why don’t you just ask for my number?” I said. My eyebrows furrowed to his weirdness.
“Well… I guess… I want it to be sincere. No second thoughts after. Not being sceptical. I just want you to call me because then I know you need me” and Elliot became quiet. He was being honest with his words and a little bit embarrassed but truthful to what he felt. And I didn’t see him as stranger that I just meet earlier in the day. I see him as a lost friend that just gotten reconnected.
And for sure there was a little bit in my cramped, messed up heart that I trusted him. He was different from what I’ve seen and it has gotten me intrigued to know him more. Was he a boy that has interest on winged animals? Or was he…

“Remember, I might be rapist.” And Elliot laughed softly.


I slept through the evening and I woke up at nine. I walked out of my room to check upon Mom. She was in the study room checking the analyses while sipping her favorite hazelnut mocha coffee.
I knocked on the door and Mom turned around,

“Hey, dinner is in the microwave. It got cold so you can just preheat it again.” She turned back and resumed her work.
In the study room, there was couch and I sat on it. I looked around; the walls had paintings hanged on them, pretty vases in the corner and a small aquarium in front of me.
As Mom sipped her coffee it made me think about the one I had this morning; delicious and mind-blowing.

“You know Mom, there is this coffee shop just by the other side of town near the housing area…”
“It’s great. It has this amazing croissant and coffee. The pair together is just one of the kind.”

 I smiled, and I felt the need to try it again.

“Well, let’s go there together huh and I’ll be the judge on how amazing it is” said Mom.

I could sense a smile in Mom’s face though she has her back on me. I stood up and walked out of the study room. I decided to go out and breathe in the fresh night’s air. The neighborhood Mom lived in was almost the same as the one I was living with Dad. But it was different by the aura it gave. Somewhat like a friendly place. It was small neighborhood and I believe I can fit well here.
I looked up at the sky. The sight was blurry at first so I squinted my eyes and I saw a perfect view of the glistening stars in the sky. It was breathtaking and it had been a while since I took a moment to appreciate God’s creation.
I see a car coming in the driveway at the other side of the fence. The car stopped and the driver turned the engine off. So then I decided to get back in as I don’t want to be seen by anyone because people might as well mistake me as Mom. I folded my arms in as I made my move to go back in.

“Amelia?” the voice called me. 

My eyes widen. God, please.

I didn’t want it to be the guy that gave his number.
I started rushing in and then he said, “Hey, Amelia." and I froze.

"The coffee was on me" he continued saying.

 And I turned slowly. The guy took out a five dollar bill from his pocket and hand it out. He was smiling and the light that reflected from the moon and stars made the smile much more charming.

Wait, how did he know my name?

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